Friday, 11 July 2008

Me is OuT!

Talking to you people will cost me my life LITERALLY! So the following will happen; I shall be away for an undisclosed period of time. I know I will get the itch to talk but I shall restrain myself, I might reply to comments but no more than that! No commenting on blogs, No posting, and certainly NO moments of insanity because by now we (Soul & Anonymous & I) know that I am quite capable of losing it like a madwoman..

I shall miss each and every single one of you people..

Till then..

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." ~Pericles

FourMe Over & Out..


sourire said...

Noo :(

Delicately Realistic said...

Affaaa !

Silver said...

awwww laaish?

miss u already:"(

Squirreliya said...

will miss ya!

sim3ay that song w tethakereeny :$

good luck

Amethyst said...


Anonymous said...


ayshay .. laish shino shlon!

7asaal eeeeeeeeeeeeeh men embare7!

:\ al7een etyebeni o ero7eeen





Soul said...

U will be missed ya limla7li7a ;p

I will never fotget last night madri morning lool :***

I am happy because u decided to go! I want u to go a9lan! and finish ur 3 chapters! I'm not gonna be selfesh and ask u to stay here, because I want u to get ur Masters, which is more important than gerger with us! la7geeeen 3al ganging malna ;p

I wish u the best sis, in shallah allah eysahel omoorech o eynawer mo5ech o et5al9eenha :)

waiting FourYou!

salam :* tc

Anonymous said...

soul ya3ni u're trying to be the good one weya wayhech :@ ;p

u're still not going to tell me shino ya3ni mo :P

she's leaving 3ashan etkamel el chapters? .. makent adre :P



Anonymous said...

wala last night was a blast!

thank you guys;*

Ansam said...

buhbye :-( will wait for your comeback

ZaMaHReeR said...

ay shay!
u will be missed :/
all the best woman.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...



shino hatha!!

mally she'3l la2, you cant go!!


okay okay, eli fehamta mn soul's comment ena ur falling behind in ur masters,
i allow you to go till u finish them, then you COME BACK!!


ill miss you wallah...i know it may sound stupid cz i dont even know you and been barely reading ur blog, bs wallah i will :'(

mo t6awleen, ok??

o good luck sis! wish u all the best!

Soul said...


LOOOOOOOL sohailaaaaa bent sohail hahahahahaaa ;***

ee 5aleeha etroo7 etjabel mostaqbalhaaaa o la7ga 3lainaa o 3la sohaila ;p

7adda kan blast! a9lan men el the7ek chenni emsawya 800 tamreen me3da eb mokani hehehe!

Grey said...


zwena said...

good for u :)

likeairillrise said...

That's too bad. You shall be missed.

Âme said...

The fabric is complete.
Remember, happiness is inside you.

Good tides to you.

~ Soul

Big Pearls said...

hey you! come back here!

..::Amu::.. said...

mmmm come back soon...

FourMe said...

My brain is still asleep so I'll reply to comments..

sourire, del Real, silver:
:/ ones got to do what ones got to do..

3afastny alah yhdach bil song f9alt 3alaiha :p


ro7my omi o t3lmay how to talk bdoon badleyat lol.. sweetheart this place is a danger zone its the biggest distraction of all!

thaaank you sweetheart :*

thank you dear..

thanx man..

FourMe said...

hopefully I won't be long, thanx hun.

me too..

zwena, iRise:
thank you ladies :)

I doubt its completion.
happiness is no where near to be found.. thank you..

pearly, amu:
won't be long fingers crossed..

Eulalia said...

FOURME NOOOOOOO!!!! ill be waiting! no seriously like sitting-in-a-dark room-chanting-ur-name waiting :p plz cum back :'(

eshda3wa said...


u better be back soon

im serious !

take a vacation oo reday again!

gna miss yaw :(

Ruby Woo said...

every time someone decides to take a break, that break turns to forever.


Ms. D said...

t3weren galbe :( ur the kind of person who gives 1000% of themselves for others.. STOP!!!

Hasan.B said...

Its not the same without you. At least tell us when are you coming back!?

Delicately Realistic said...

I thought ud miss us by now !!

Shoush said...

This is unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE I SAY!!

Oranjina fadidra said...

I second shoush!!

jesterat314 said...

'moments of insanity' No? Really? No!
you're gonna be missed.. good luck..

PaLoMiNo said...

miss u already:(

Anonymous said...

*looks around*

*brings her cover and sleep in the corver waitng for FouMe to come back*