Monday, 28 July 2008

The Man In Me!

If I believed in previous lives I would of definitely believed that I was a man. Even though I'm out and about these days but still my mind is somewhere else. Usually this happens when a bunch of us are together, everyone would be talking about so and so but when the conversation takes a turn to football or cars I tend to snap out of my haze and start stating my opinions like there is no tomorrow. Most of the dudes tend to shut up and just stare. Shinooo ya3nii just cause I'm a damn woman I'm not supposed to know these things!!

Dude(to his buddie): The kings (Real Madrid) are taking the champions league next season
FourMe (comes back to life): Like hell they are!!
Dude : haha what you like football now? (in such a sarcastic tone that I wanted to smack him)
FourMe: As a matter of a fact I do.
Girl: (points to me) She's a fanatic.
Dude: Bullshit!! You just like how they look. All of you girls say that but in fact you only like the men in shorts and tight shirts.
FourMe: *smile while hiding my rage* Trust me its not about the shorts its about the game!
Dude: Who do you support?
FourMe: X team!
Dude: Name 10 of their players
FourMe:*While Smiling* I name 11 main players, 4 usual subs, transfers from past seasons, key players from the past and couple of key games! and threw in some additional info.
Dude: (Silence)!! .. Plus 4 other dudes in shock who just heard me recite the bloody startup line..

As well a similar conversation about cars with the same result.

Yes I am a woman. Yes I am interested in cars. Yes I am MADLY and INSANELY in LOVE with football. I watch Top Gear and I watch Football matches, I go insane when my team wins and my heart flutters when a I hear the roar of a high powered engine. I might not know so many details about cars but I know enough to shut any man up. As for football I say Bring It ON !

Best combination EVER a footballer & a hottie aka (Bugatti)..

To you boys who doubt my knowledge I say piss the fuck off!


G h a d o o r said...

really, why is the football considered as a man thing ;\

i use to play football with my cousins
lma 9ar 3umri 15 my older brother decides to lecture me for playing with boys ;p

gemt azareg my clothes eli al3ab fehm yom el zwara .. o a6la3 el7oosh men el bab eli wara just to play football !! tali 6a7 3lay o 9ar shay ma yser ;p

GOD I MISS THOSE DAYS, now ba6a o mako layaqa moleya ;p

bs i still love football :D

K.D said...
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K.D said...

wow.. i loved the ad!!
Best combination EVER a footballer & a hottie aka (Bugatti)...
that actually made me tremble a lil!! :p

and for your interests.. there's nothin shockin bout it..
it's just like when you find a man who's interested in girl stuff!!
in fact i've been watching the uefa final in a girls's house for the last 3 years!!.. she bought a 60 inch LCD tv.. she says it makes it a lil bit more real when she yells at the players just like the old days at the ol’ trafford.. "pass it you moron!!".. "he's OFFSIDE stevie wonder!!".. “who’s that pass for?!.. you mother” :D

so I’m kinda used to girls like you!! :p
just make sure you are a man unt fan.. or keep it for yourself!!

Big Pearls said...

wow..I am not into football but that sounds amazing!

Shoush said...

Football is not a man's game. It's a sport, 7ala 7al any other sport. It just happens to be that men, in general, are more interested in it than women. That does not make it a man's game. It's just a sport. You run. You kick a ball. Wat's so manly about that that a woman can't do? And if you don't play, you watch. You cheer. You memorize names of team members. How is that a masculine thing and not a feminine one? Easy. It's not.

Hasan.B said...

"If I believed in previous lives I would of definitely believed that I was a man" I would certainly agree with you on that. Ronaldo is a complete arsehole, lets hope he goes somewhere away from england! The buggati on the hand is fabulous. How much does it coast again?

Fashionated said...

yyyy story of my life! i hate it when guys don't take me seriously about football o when i mention that i play and i was part of an actual team they roll their eyes..then they see me in action and their jaw drops :P

i don't know much about cars except they roar and are pretyy :P

Squirreliya said...

shsalfitich weya el jowaty *tikrimeeen* ..kel yoom 7a6atli wa7id a7la mn il thani :p

i know nothing about football/ cars :p

Delicately Realistic said...

Im not very interested in cars or football...but i know i was a man in my past life


i need my space
i dont talk about my problems
i forget
i ignore ppl
i retreat into my cave
im great with a map and with directions
i hate talking about my feelings with my significant other
lets just go with the flow why donchya !!

Yara said...

aywaaa way to go fourme! zain tsaween fehom .. ana ba3ad i loooooove top gear

Anonymous said...

esh fee

FourMe said...

Honestly I don't know maybe because its mostly watched by men.. hehheh ya7lailich that's so adorable, sneaking to play football. Ok I officially love you.. In my case it was watching matches with my cousins and uncles while all the girls were off playing girli games..

It has to be one of the BEST ads ever made! I loved it..

That man is usually branded as gay by other man. Taught my ex all about fashion and women topics and his buddies would take the piss out of him because of what he knows!

Ok I so love her passion for the game.. hehhe that sounds about right, I shout similar stuff with an addition to swearing at them and their ancestors :/


I swear its a form of discrimination! Every time I say I love football I get the 3rd degree and have to recite my clubs history but when a man says he likes football no one asks him to recite shit!

There are women football leagues and are just as competitive as the mens league but one one ever pays attention to them because its assumed that they're crap..

lol you're supposed to say no you were definitely a woman :p I agree the twat ga3id eytdalaa3 ezyadaa 3an el lzoom I hope he goes to Real and gets benched like a fucking bitch..

More than you and I can ever afford :D

Eulalia said...

i love top gear!

FourMe said...

I know it pisses me off! Shino ya3niiiiiiiii why must I be explain myself every bloody time!! Nicee you go girl ;)

oh how some are so so pretty they make me wanna live in them..

hehheh my third love is shoes..

I'm like you except for the last 2, that's when the woman in me kicks in..

hehe 7athreen :p don't you just LOVE Clarkson and his weird sense of humor..


wanaa agoool laish a7ebich :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

im not into football wayed, bs i loooooooooove basketball! :)
playing and watching :)

oh oh oh, and i would give up one of my kids (if i ever get any) for a car. i got out of my car once and CRIED in the street cz i nearly reversed into a bentley. the guy came out of his car just to comfort me looooool

G h a d o o r said...

LOL, I love you too ;p
7asafa we're not cousins chan 2azarna ba3ath ;p

desertpalms said...

omggg My first and only love are CARS akhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dream of drivingg a bugatti one day. and i love top gear, hamster is cutee and clarkson always has me laughing. I saw him in london marra driving a Jaguar XJR. I talked to him across the car window and told him i love him =P he lookd slightly suprised lool

i love football as rougher than the boys ahaha. they decide to go easy on me and i end up kicking their shins in!

when a big match comes on, ag3ed broo7i in my room and lock the door. ive got all my snacks ready on the table so i dont have to get up and the volume on the highest. Everyone is used to the shouts and swearing that comes from the room by now! Its funny if we have visitors though...hehehe

When it ends, theres always something broken in the room. the remote control, a picture framee..papers thrown about on the floor hehehe . i can really relate to this post oof i hate misconceptions!

FourMe said...

Go awaaaaay shino basketball! la omi entay ghair football mako :p

loool fashaltenaa.. Hell I'd give up the husband and kids just to meet my favourite footballer for an hour.. man I'de rape him a7eeeeebaa amoooot feeeeeeh :p

heheh 7adaa.. all my girl aquientances aren't into football its so annoying they don't get it :/

NOOOO WAAY! I would love to meet Clarkson.. I'm on a bloody twoyear waiting list to get tickets to go to the show :/ hamster is adorable you just wanna squash him :p

Ohh get this once I was watching Champions league semi-finals and it was an amazing match but unfortunately gettin beaten.. I do NOT know how but as we kept on losing I kept on slamming my right arm on the side of the bed (wooden base) and managed to get it all bruised and had to be put in a sling for almost 2 weeks plus it was during my finals.. I couldn't right anything for my last exam :/

Doc said couple more slams and I would of broken it :D

Grey said...

Why its a big a deal if a girl knows about sports and man knows about 'Soaps'...

FourMe said...

honestly grey I have no idea why its a big deal but apparently it is.. Gender discrimination on both sides..

Fa6ma said...

I wish I knew that much about cars and football, just for the sake of being different from every other girl =D .. I am NOT! ..
High five!

FourMe said...

Its not just for the sake of being different you must really love it to be able to enjoy it..
*High Fives*