Sunday, 27 July 2008

KK- Killer Ka3ab!

  • Youm aswad youm ekhtar3aw shay esma ka3ab! Whoever created it has an unbelievable hatred towards women!! All day long labsa ka3aab w a7oos min mokan laih mokan, bamoot min elalam, my feet are squashed, ruined, destroyed, 7asby alaah 3alaik min ka3aab 7ashaa ta3theeb mo ka3ab! And I was one who wears heels more than 15 hours a day now mani gadra at7mal cham sa3aa.. sh7lailatny ams labsa flat w ahaayil eb hal showari3 wla ta3aabt, elyoum raza 3omry w labsa hal ka3ab kesar thahri alah yaksir thahraa.. bdoon neqaaash bacher flat la w zanooba ba3aad.. akhh ya rwailaaaty :(
  • Ya jema3aa amoot 3ala shay esma Saudi accent! Especially ely min Riyadh and especially especially on men (I never use this term bs) 7ada its a turn on :p I always loooooved the bedouin accent and felt that it makes a man sound so much more masculine bs la laa el saudi accent ey3awir elgaaaaalb..
  • I forgot how much fun I can be and that I actually have a sense of humour!


K.D said...

why do you wear them?!
i never get that in girls.. you always complain bout HH!.. have you ever thought bout not wearing them?!.. sounds like a very practical idea if you asked me!!

saudi bedouin accent is sexy!!.. you and I my lady.. have a very different idea bout what's sexy!!
ble5 ble5!
how does it make men masculine?!
what happened to mustache and chest hair.. and actual muscle!!.. you know the word that word came from in the first place.. or sexy calm voice.. or whatever you girls like these days!!

you are fun.. you don't know what sexy is.. but you are fun!! :p

Anonymous said...

isn't it !!! bt cnt live wthout them "el ka3ab"!! i love love ka3ab bt whn i travel i always wear flat.. i used 2 love the saudi accent hehe loved it on khalid el fai9al 7aaddddhaaaaa it is sooo masculan bt my taste changed nowadays well u knw they say ur taste change every 10 years ;p ,, glad u discoverd that u had one :D its good 4 ur soul;) wish u happiness:)

Squirreliya said...

that ka3ab is nice ;$ ..ana i3tizalt el ka3ab mn zman w nefs 7altich magdar 3alaih anymore.. although 7adhum a7la mn el flats :( *singing-w bafakaraaak en kont naasi*

Ms. D said...

shoes loving fourme!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

please let her stay here longer !!! plz plz! maby elmat3ooosa :(

Ms. D said...

by the way.. heels were invented awal shy for louis the 14th ;p

so basically ka3ab kan 7ag elreyayeeeel ;p

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! what a visual!
em3ayed ow ghetra ow sakba ow rel 3ala rel wala the newest snake lethear choos decorating his perfectly square shaped toes with sporadic hairs here n there on the knuckles!

zwena said...

i love bedouin accent <3


Eschew Obfuscation said...

Bedouin: check! .... Saudi: check! .... Male? *looks down*, check!

Big Pearls said...

I used to be able to wear heels for going out, shopping, walking, anywhere, anytime...not anymore..I only wear heels now when I know I won't be doing long walks.

Fashionated said...

i HEART heels..i don't wear them but i heart them they just make ur legs look so damn sexy

as for the accent: no on the bedouin yes on the saudi..yes yes yes

A Journal Entry said...

this summer i bought 4 heels.. 2 of them still unworn! i ove how they look on .. but they hurt like hell! why did i buy them? that i don't know..

i'm a flats fan! even though i'm not tall but i don't care!

f7ee7eely said...

The Saudi accent varies geographically -- I wonder if you'd have the same sentiments for a najrani accent or a ge9eemy accent

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

and you wonder about your back pain!!

i have one word for you: DUHHHHHHHHH!!

i only wear heels in monasabat!! ONLY!
and im forced to do so by my mother
"oh no youre not going to your cousins wedding with ballerina shoes honey"

(sigh) mothers!

oh and i agree with KD:
"you are fun.. you don't know what sexy is.. but you are fun!! :p"

Coconut said...

i never wear heals.. NEVER! i cant walk properly, which explains the idiotic walk i have wen im going to weddings ( i end up takin it off anyway :P.. aham shay barefoot at weddings)
and yes i do agree.. that saudi accent is just.. umm madrii 3ajeeba!

G h a d o o r said...

ka3ab !! sha5bari ;p

ana 9ert ma albes ka3ab ella men 3ers lai 3ers bs
la o ba3ad etha 3ers nas nmon 3lehm a9aye3ha o age6a, atem 7afya ;p ma ybayen 5o el badla etgha6i ;p

el ka3ab 7lo, 7ta lma tamshen feh t7esen onothtech tzeed o mashyetech et9er tharba ;p

bs eb loyat halayam el wath3 kelesh mo mal ka3ab

ya 7lo el flat walla ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

Nafs il7ala !!!
Wain zman awal ili adawim jam3at ilq8 ib ka3ab....o amshi min mabna lay mabna ib ka3ab.....?!??!

La o ili thabi7ni salfat ina ryoli kila tbagi3 il7en!!!!! Awal 7ata itha 3awrni ma y6la3 shay, il7en alwan ilqoz qoza7 !

Delicately Realistic said...

i luuuuuuuuv that accent !!

7ata on flirtatious !

jesterat314 said...

i'm not a fan of girlie posts.. so...


FourMe said...

yala 9ba7 khair!
1.Because I LOVE heels.
2.They elongate the body hence giving a woman a statuesque figure.
3.They give a certain poise to a woman.
4.Wearing heels makes a woman carry her self in a ladylike manner gha9ban 3alaiha, making her walk in a certain way and straighten her back and carry herself in a manner that all women should carry themselves.

Enough reasons for you wila taby ba3ad?

As for my taste which your insulting.. well Physical appearances do contribute to a man's masculinity but vocals are quite important as well. For example, Beckham looks like a flippin model and most women go googoo gaga over him but the second he speaks with his squeaky voice POOF his charm is gone cuz he sounds like Donald the Duck.

The voice attributes to a persons overall package, just imagine those girls these days that do the ohhh and ahhh additions to every word and how it makes them look. She could be the prettiest of all pretties and the second she starts talking that way you wanna punch her in the face.

Ok I'm going off course, ako mathaal bs nesaita ygoolik "lw mat3dadat elathwaaq la barat elbaraat eslaa3 bil aswaaq".
What you find 'sexy' I don't find 'sexy' and what I find 'sexy' you don't find 'sexy' and that my dear is called diverse taste..

Anonymous M.:
Exactly! it'll break your back but still love'm just like men aih :p
Haven't heard about the 10 year taste thing.. come to think of it I've always had the same taste .. wonder when mine will change :/
Thank you dear.. like wise :)

Ana agdaar 3alaih bs mo 7ag emhayaal w mashy bil showari3.. big time a7la min elflats..

Yaaa baaaaaaaby she's back :P wala 3indy lich post 3an elk3ooba shagaagy bs I fear for my life from the male readers because I know they will stone me to death :/

Ewwwwwwwwww D that image eyeeb elmaraaath thanks for contributing to my disturbed side of me! Mo agoolich ma7ad ematheena eb hal denya ela eryayeeel 7asby alah 3alaihom..

7abaaaaaaaaitich :*

Oh bugger off :p

Its the fault of the bloody ballerina ugly flats coming into fashion :/

FourMe said...

Me too me toooo.. they certainly do and worth the pain :p

Yes yes on both :p

Doesn't matter the more the merrier one can never have enough heels.. I have heels from years ago w lal7een mo labsat'hom bs they were a must buy.. not a fan of flats but gotta wear them cuz of the damn back problem..

ya some sound a bit off while others sound damn amazing..

hehehhe when there is pleasure there is pain..

shtabooooon kaifi mazaji eyee 3ala chethy.. I have weird taste leave me alone :P

That's exactly why you should wear them, they will teach you how to walk properly.. try wearing them at home for starters and with time you'll get used to them.. thank you thaaank you 3ajeeeeeb..

so true makes a woman look extra feminine.. No Flat Down with Flats!

ee walaa wain zmaan awaal.. kint albis elka3ab min 9am till the early hours of the morning...

lol as for the colours that's a first I'm used to the red marks cutting into my skin bs alwaan la awal mara :p

Yup I agree, sounds amazing on both bs men a7la :p

heheh cheers mate :)

Eulalia said...

yes the bedouins can have that charm abt them...but mark my words...theres a snake behind the accent...and well, very very nice skin :p

FourMe said...

lol tell me about it.. I know they're sneaky little buggers..

Anonymous said...

esadgen eni gareet el post .. nemt .. tawni agoom chan afaker .. what does anything she wrote have to do with Kabab !!

i read again .. wala ka3ab :P

LOOL kent 7adde ayma oa yo3ana :\

FourMe said...

LoooooL la laaa postat elkabab mo 3indy! 3ind elasad Jester eho ekht9a9aa Kabab..

desertpalms said...

what i do is wear flats on the journey before and after and change into heels for the main outing..shinsawwii ba3ad, beauty is pain =D

Amethyst said...

I love heels;(

The accent is a turn on, unfortunately;p

Hehe, you forgot you have a sense of humor?

Anonymous said...

me no likey you


and ur blog smells!!

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaah (L) 3la el saudi accent ;$ mn 7alaaat 7acheehm ast7y atklam !yfshl 7acheena ;( dafsh dafsh
^ ba7rainia ;$

FourMe said...

hehe you're like my girlfriends they do that, they put their flats in they're purse and where their heels only when necessary.. I can't do that because I'm a freak and I think of all the germs that are stuck to the bottom of the shoe and then have them in my bag..

me tooo... yes it is ;)

yup forgot because I was busy being a miserable twat..

Me Likey likey YoU :*

Anonymous ba7rainiya:
thaaaank you.. eee hathy enas ely tefham bil accents mo entaw (referring to people above).. 7ata entaw your accent eywanis..

Ms. D said...

3afwan ;D

Anonymous said...

High heels .. I hate them!!
Saudi accent .. well actually RIYADH accent .. yea its great .. i luv it lol .. but most people hate it =S .. I have that accent & proud! xD

FourMe said...

NO heels are a girls bestfriend! I love the accent.. Its quite strong maybe that's why they don't like it.. You go girl ;)