Saturday, 19 July 2008

Kill Me Why Don't You!

Enough said..

Note: For those who still haven't commented on the previous post I suggest you get a move on and start commenting DAMN IT! Don't let me take out my anger on you people!!


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

anaaaa anaaaa ana anaaaaaaa
anaaa ana ana anaaaaaa...

(w a3otho bellah mn kelmat anaaaaaaaaaa)

lol...tha7akteeny fourme!

FourMe said...

hope the song didn't make you laugh, its supposed to et3awir elgalb (or maybe bs et3awir galbi ana) :/

G h a d o o r said...

i love her voice bs madri lesh i hate her songs ;p

Anonymous said...


Soul said...

I'm not into lebanese, syrian or egyptian songs wayed!

I am more into 3adani.. 3abadi.. 3abdo.. hal sowalef.

FourMe said...

I only like this song, not a fan of the rest..


7aram 3alaich hal song mo 6abe3ya.. kila yenfaa3 bs 3ala 7asb elmazaaj 7asby alaah 3alaih min mazaaj..

Big Pearls said...

there's too much "ana" in that song:p

choowies said...

anaaaa !! yasalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam salllllllem

Anonymous said...

OMG! .. takhayelay i sent my Saudi Friends ur Question ( ya3ni shada 7eeli :P ) .. dazeeta ams .. galat im not home ared o akalmech

makalematni! .. elyom adezlaha roro shino nesaiteni just tell my any idea or opinon on the subject o getlaha shino again! ..

few hours later .. i recieve a msg

" go to hell basterd"

!!!!!! wala kheft!

LOOOO i think i sent it to the wrong number! :P

FourMe said...

adri eshway 3algaat 3ala el 'ana' part hehe

hathy enaas ely etqadir elfaan 3ala rasi choowie

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! Watch out khofich Swat teams are gathering outside your house as we speak :p

alah yhdaaach daza elmsg 7ag meno?!? check your sent msgs LOLL.. 3ogob el 9ar feech.. entay ma3feya min elejabaa heheh khanaat 7aili etha ensjantaay azorich w ayeeblich 7alwa w rahaash kil youm la t7ateen:*