Saturday, 5 July 2008

Face Off!

I'm watching Wimbledon 2008 Women Finale and guess who's at the Grand Slam for the 3rd time! Who else than the sisters, Serena and Venus Williams. So far first set has gone to Ms. V Williams.

This is quite interesting to watch, sister rivalry that is. The manner in which they usually play is visibly different, as well Serena seems to not be in her game at ALL!! Is she giving her sister advantage or is it simply fear of her sisters strength. So far it looks like two ammatures are playing tennis not world class players! Does love thy sister more than thy self apply here? Or is it every Woman (in this case) for herself?

~Venus Williams
Every Williams for himself

The Women's Single Wimbledon 2008 champion is Ms. Venus Williams for the 5th time. I guess big sister eats little sister! Survival of the fittest that's what it is.



Big Pearls said...

I used to be an addict in those days when Steffi Graf was the hit. Sadly, I don't watch it anymore:(

Âme said...

I must admit my say is that of big pearls.

~ Soul

Soul said...

LOOL a7ebech lama etdesheen 3arth faj2a :**

Yara said...

sweety i commented bas madri if it was saved so im gonna say it again.. i just came back from doing my nails and the staff there ehablon 7adhom sweet im definitly going back again thanks again :**

likeairillrise said...

Big sister eats little sister...hahaha!

eshda3wa said...

they never play to their full potential when against eachother!

Ruby Woo said...

I agree with eshda3wa. Also, you never know, maybe they made a deal beforehand as to who should win the game. I do that with my sister so she'll owe me!
Big sister eats little sister, while little sister is smart as hell!

FourMe said...

I'm not a dedicated fan as well but when ever there is a match on I'll watch it.

what sports you into? seems like you're not a football fan neither tennis.. is there a certain sport that makes your heart flutter? Or am I the only lunatic that feels that way about sports :/

hehehhe 7athreen ;) a3jbich eb hal sowalif.. eshfeech thaqafa 3ama :P

wainich :*

ba3ad galbi I'm glad you enjoyed it, was worried you wouldn't like it.. anything you need just ask la yridich ela lsanich :)

I tend to come up with weird ass phrases.. god knows from where :p

That's the annoying thing. I would love to see them play to their max seeing they know each others weaknesses!

I doubt there are deals made because Serena seemed PISSED during her interview when they were done. Plus Serena has lost 5 times in total against Venus, I don't think they would have an agreement where they totally embarrass Serene over and over again in world-class tournaments.

I believe its simply down to Venus being a better player.

jesterat314 said...

is there anything you're not interested in? :)

Ruby Woo said...

Then how come Serena is more famous?

FourMe said...

HmMmmmm lets see, FOOTBALL and majority of sports except dumb ass Cricket.

Cars (Not pretty cars) high powered engines. Motorcycles Ducati's specifically. New fascination with speed boats Cigarette.

Fashion and all that comes with it. Photography. Cooking (don't know how to cook).

Politics, world affairs, hmm what else. Bunch of other things, oh and I LOVE general knowledge about anything and everything from how to roll a joint to conspiracy theories :D

who brings in the silver is the one that counts, fame is secondary while silverware is the proof of the ability in the sport.

Âme said...

Not a fan of any sport.

I watch soccer when its the final of any championship.

Swimming occupies me every evening.

That's with sports.

~ Soul

Soul said...

et7ebeen el Ducati???