Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Colour Me Silly

Now I know tattoos are 7aram for so many reasons etc. But lets take religion out of it and simply discuss tattoos themselves.

Personally I consider tattoos to be quite artistic and some have beautiful sentimental meanings while others are simply outrages and obscene. I for one enjoy looking at tattoos I'm simply mesmerized by them, looking at all the intricate details and time and effort that it must have taken to complete one small piece of artwork, its beautiful. Hypothetically speaking if you were to have a tattoo done where would it be and what would it be of?

Alonzo Bodden - Hilarious comedian that cracks me up! Eschew Obfuscation the 1st one is for you buddie..


Eschew Obfuscation said...

Hmm, I would have it on the lower left side of my abdomen. Very low. slightly above the left leg. I never thought of it really, nor have I contemplated what actual artwork Id consider.

Oh and I also think on the upper left side of my back, right next to the left shoulder would be an idea.

Eschew Obfuscation said...

I feel silly! .... Perhaps an initial of a loved one ;) or a chemical structure of a compound hehe I am such a nerd! I need a life!

Shoush said...

Well, if i were to get a tattoo.. i'd get one on my right hip bone. Or one wain my right shoulder blade min wara? Ta7at shway. Wat wud it be a tattoo of, madri.

I dunno if i'd get a tattoo, even if it wasn't 7aram. Or makrooh. Or watever it is. Leish il3athab? ila 3awarni. Wila galab lona 9ar a5thar. Wila malait mina. Leish 3ad? Ma7ib permanent.

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Hey those are exactly the positions I mentioned!!! I just couldn't express myself so eloquently :P Oh, and I had left not right ;)

FourMe said...

Not bad, good locations.. Oh my GOD you are the epitome of nerd! lol chemical structure hehhehe that actually made me laugh.. No no to initials of partners etc..

The ones that turn green and ewwy colour are the facial tattoos not body tattoos because they use different colouring for those..
Nice positions though..

I'm sure the pain is temporary not a lasting one..

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Dont hate me cuz im nerdy! ... Dont hate the player, hate the game :P

Eschew Obfuscation said...

That was COLD!!
MEAN MEAN MEAN! you suck :P

Lol, yes men lie to each other. and yes women ask question we cannot answer!
Dont ask me about dates! I cant rememebr shit!!! We made fuckin TiVo to get around remembering :P

Yes you give us far too much credit :P .. we dont do that. we just want shit to happen right then and there.

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Wareeni she6artich :P

Ladies and Gentlemen....

The historical event of the century

Men vs. Women

Who will win?

What will be the dominant species to walk on the face of this earth?

Stay tuned to find out.

FourMe said...

Told ya you're bunch of useless buggers.. As you said it and Alonzo said it you men can't remember shit! and HELL WE DO GIVE YOU SO MUCH MORE CREDIT THEN YOU BLOODy BUGGERS DESERVE!!

hehehhe he's amazing ain't he.. cracks me up, you should listen to his other stuff bloody hilarious.. but couldn't find it on youtube..

FourMe said...

We're straight forward we call it as we see it but you buggers result to silence thinking that by keeping your mouth shut that would make matters just slip away not knowing it actually makes matters worse!! Dimwits..

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Hes cool! ... I think I may have seen some of his performances on ComdeyCentral bas cant remember wallah

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Ohhhhh! You didnt just go there!! ... That is the biggest, most influential, miscommunications problem that men and women face.

You guys are idiots!! heheh .. havent you ever ready anything on the male psychology?
Its not a defense mechanism or trying to make it go away!

Ok, ok. Ill give you a personal example that might help. Ya3ni this happened to me once. What usually happens is that when women do/say something that upsets men, we tend to stay quite, not as a means for silent treatment, I believe thats urs :P, but rather because we know how fragile women are and we cant communicate with them like we do with our buddies.

Ya3ni, hypothetically, I hooked up with a girl and we have a steady relationship and one day she comes complaining to me about how useless I am or how im not doing my chores, when I just got off work, mind you, and you expect me to react nicely? .. Ya3ni the problem, really, is that women choose the most inopportune time for the "we need to talk moment" which leads us, men, to just shutup and wait for you to finish so we can relax.

Men dont usually like their flaws pointed out to them, as women dont want to be called fat :) ... so when you people keep telling men that they're wrong and they shouldn't be doing this or that, you are basically pushing the man away, and to add to the severity of the situation, the mans silence grows stronger as a means to protect your feelings. But then ..... You push the wrong button and everything explodes!! everything backfires in your face.

I personally came up with my own defense mechanism and also a mechanism by which "we need to talk" can be accommodates without fatalities. But I am afraid it was a bit too late. :)

Eschew Obfuscation said...

your move, chuckles :P

Eschew Obfuscation said...

And btw, men fucking hate it when women ask "do i look fat?" ... I dont care if you look fat!!!! Im with you, aren't I? forget the damn question! .. If you were fat and I didnt want to be with you then I wont be with you.

yes, yes. I know women want to hear nice things from men and want reassurances for their insecurities, and what better way to get that than from a companion. bes ya3ni come on! give us a break! if you ask me the same question 10 times in 10 days, its obvious im gonna have the same response, so get off my back.

Dont ask men to tell you whether you look fat or not. In the science of logic, thats called a complex question, to which no answer is acceptable or feasible.

Why, you ask? Because if I say "No sweety you look gorgeous ya 3mri" you'll say im lying. and If I said "yeah 7ayati chenna shway your getting pudgy, but its cute" then I basically dug my own grave!!!

WTF!!!!!!!!!! The obvious answer men choose is to stay quite! If you wont accept my answer and call me a liar and sometimes honesty is hurtful 3ayal stop making me fix your own insecurities. Take the complement or dont ask.

FourMe said...

You're really bored aren't you that you wanna discuss this topic! Let me just pray and I'll get back to you.. Yes you would have to wait.. Oh wait wait that's another thing that men do not know how to do :)

Call me chuckles again and I rip your head off your body :p

Eschew Obfuscation said...

men dont know how to pray? .. i hope thats not what you meant.

Eschew Obfuscation said...

oh nevermind! I got it... sorry, examination aftermath :P ...

chuckles ;) ...
Dont you just love me :P

Eschew Obfuscation said...

you're very violent for a girl ... i dont think thats healthy. Are you back on red meat again?

FourMe said...

told you men don't know how to wait! You just had to didn't you! talk, talk , and talk while my instructions were simple! For you to sit there looking pretty till I finish praying! But NOOOOO Men No Comprenday (or however its spelt).. Now Hush it and let me read the two essays above..

Eschew Obfuscation said...

see see ... women do give instructions to men :P ... ure not supposed to, it makes us feel like idiots ... besides, we cant have you have the last word ;) ... its not our forte :P

FourMe said...

Calling us "Guys" is the first mistake.. We are gals, ladies, women, ANGELS :p

Fragile?? You must be kidding! Have an arguement with me then call me fragile LOOOOL On the contrary not all women are fragile that's a misconception on your behalf which creates even more problems..

The example that you gave cannot be a feasible example to base judegment on all woman. The woman you are discussing in that scenario is an idiot because there is time for such talks.

Correction not only men don't like their flaws to be pointed out, both genders don't like.. Bloody hell even a dog doesn't like being told off when he's urinated in the house etc.. Its a human trait where we do not like to be told that we are 'morons'..

Ok bugger listen when a woman asks you if she looks Fat its not because she wants your opinion she wants to hear sweet words from you like ' no dear you're beautiful' etc.. We result to asking that question because we need to beat nice words out of you hence comes the tactful mind of the female species. Ask an idiotic question leading to an answer that we want to hear i.e praising our beauty and telling us that you love us. when we ask its not about the insecurities but its because of the lack in your ability to show us your emotions towards us!

Asking 10 times madri shino then she's just insecure and you or whoever being with a woman of the sort is the wrong from the beginning. Dude if you don't water a plant it dies, if you don't show us your emotions our love for you fucking dies TOO!!!

Its so simple yet you buggers don't seem to understand it and always make women out to be as the villains!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

OMG!! If its taking you that long then you're either very slow, or cooking up something big hehe

FourMe said...

It ain't taking that long but I'm trying to take the anger out of it and reply more on neutral grounds.. I have to admit I have failed miserably hahah

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwal shay, i really really really wanna get a tattoo lower back, something artsy..like the first pic...i actaully really really like it :)

thany shay entaw athnainkom ambaih nekta

fourme: men cant follow simple instructions...i completely agree
i love your comebacks!!

eschew: wat about when the guy actually comes up to you and asks you if you put on weight?? wat is your say on that?? oo if you dont want us to give you instructions, the you shouldnt be giving us instructions about wat we are/arent allowed to ask you :P:P
must ssay im also impressed ;)

FourMe said...

that would be a tad too much.. I say something like this is so much more simplistic yet beautiful.. http://www.worldofstock.com/slides/PMO3302.jpg

heheh mako shoghol we started a never ending discussion.. et9adgeen ana lo wa7id yesalni if I gained weight I'd be so happy lol but I see how it might offend some women..

FourMe said...

cashew why you taking so long?! Don't you men know how to put your point across in simple words?? do you always have to elaborate and go around the point in circles just to say the same thing??

FourMe said...

I suggest you stick around and keep score lol

FourMe 2-0 Cashew

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Ok stop calling me cashew cuz I cant have any due to my braces :r and dont call me a bugger, chuckles heheh :P

Now, to state that not all women are fragile and that you are living testament of such, i cannot protest. You are living proof of such an atrocity :P ...

Its nice to be able to talk freely. Due to the fact that we hardly know each other, we can openly discuss this situation without boundries oo ma7ad yez3al which is nice for a change :)

Now, lets be a bit more serious :) .... You are right. Men do need to be beaten to get nice words out of them. But herein lies the misjudgment on women's part. You have to understand nature vs nurture to fully understand why men, in womens eyes, are such insensitive creatures. Unfortunately, I cannot give a general rule for why men are that way, but from our societys' perspective and from what ive learned from my interaction with males in a western society; we weren't brought up to be open with our feelings. It is extremely difficult for a man to sit down and start hugging and kissing his significant other. Or cuddle for that matter. Its not because we dont like/want to, but rather because we aren't accustomed to such gestures.

from a social stand point, as soon as males and females reach a certain age, far before the actualy development of emotional habits, they are handed over to their parent of the same gender. Ya3ni, women, especially in our culture, spend most of their growing years with their mums. Mara7 eroo7oon dewaneyat weya their fathers. So they learn to be sensitive, nurturing, touchy-feely and what not. which is OK! bes ilmoshkilaa inaa men succumb to their fathers habits and attitudes, in most cases, and we end up not knowing how to fully interact with the opposite sex when the time comes for our "endeavor".

So really, the miscommunication between men and women is largely due to the way they were brought up.

Yes, when you and I speak, we're free to express our opinions freely and we have no emotional attachment 3ashan chethy we dont feel the need to preserve anything. But when in a relationship that depends on nurturing from both parties, such interaction fades, because each party is afraid of hurting the others feelings, except for u :P

So we need to stop name calling and be more constructive, chuckles :P

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Holy crap! what the hell happened to the comments!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

LOL! dandoon ee wallah a7naa nektaa ... chenaa rayal oo merta HAHAHA! ;p

I havent had such a heated discussion in a while :P ... this is fun

Eschew Obfuscation said...

dandoon: a guy that comes up to u to ask if u put on a lil weight, is either an idiot, or a suicidal maniac wanting to get buried :P

Eschew Obfuscation said...

FourMe: shifty!! dandoon is impressed with me :P ... 7arraa .. it means I make a solid argument.

*dandoon dont fail me* *crosses fingers*

Eschew Obfuscation said...

HEY! when was the score 2-0 ... thats arbitrary!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

3-1 fourme to eschew

i only gave him a point bcz i liked wat he said about the suicidal maniac hehe

Bebe n' Noonie said...

I would put initials of my loved one !!!:*
and plus that first one is soo nice !!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

u guys are not being fair! ... I protest! Recount, people!!! ... Tara this is another thing men are good at: we walk away when we feel the argument is futile. Be fair or im changing the subject

Eschew Obfuscation said...

il ikht marrah moroor il keraam .. chena 6agga kert heheh ... she stopped by, not bothering to read about the heated discussion, wrote a comment 3an il tattoos and left. LOL!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

dandoon: save meeee!!! from the vicious creature that roams this land. also known as fourme!

was that too girly? ah fuck it! im confident of my masculinity. i dont need to prove my heterosexuality to anybody!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


you know, hetrosexuality has nothing to do with masculinity :P

hey!! wain ra7at fourme??
laish kalait-ha?? mo geltlk la takelha!!

FourMe said...

Intials are a no no! Only if they are of family members or so but never of loved one cuz the loved one could leave and you'll be stuck with the initials!

1. For the love of GOD stop commenting 50 times one after the other.. Just like a man unable to construct one coherent comment.. tsk tsk..

2. Dondooon is just being nice to you and doesn't want you to be felt out so she just dropped you a nice line :p

3. Hows does Bonnie & Clyde sound to you :p

4. I converse like this with people I know as well .. I'm quite opinionated and like to carry discussions on all matters..

5. For gods sake stop blaming society for every screwed up thing in us! Fine society did influence me and taught me that certain things are wrong and 3aib but when I reached an age where I could form my own opinions. I went against what society taught me and believed and acted the way I see fit. Yes the upbringing does play a major role in a persons behaviour but that's only when that person grows into it and completely complies with what society and his/her surrounding have taught them!

In our society it is believed that a working man is worth more than a man who studies and follows the road of knowledge. So why are you studying? You have broken out of the constraints of society and chose an academic journey. If you are able to do so then you are certainly able to learn how to treat a woman in a different way then what society has taught you!

6. This woman needs food.. I shall have my dinner and return.. State your points and I shall return with my rebuttal.. Ok C.A.S.H.E.W!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you get 2 extra points for the society thing cz wayed 7abbait-ha

wats the score now?? chenny nesait

**checks score**

okay...so thats 5-1 to fourme :)

eschew: come! come! ill hide you!

fourme: bl3afya 7beebty ;*

Eschew Obfuscation said...


Go eat. But you misunderstood what i said. I never said thats how i thought or treated women. On the contrary, I was merely giving you the point of view of the majority of the male gender :) ... I never said I conformed to society. As a matter of fact, I am an outcast in my own society. Hell, I am an outcast among kuwaitis here, where I am!!! ...
I in no way condone the way men and women interact in our society, nor have I indulged in the way they interact.
I thought we were talking about the genders as a whole, not about our own upbringing or personal development :) ....
If you wanna take that route, lets see: my upbringing was conservative but also very civilized and western to an extent, mainly due to the fact that pops is a college professor ;)... And, yes, I do communicate with baba in english. I wouldn't know the first thing about carrying out a coherent conversation in arabic for a prolonged period of time.
Thats actually ironic cuz we're bedouin heheh ... which brings me to my points support. I am an outcast even to close family members from my fathers side that dont understand.

But, given my personal experiences with women, yes I feel I have been misunderstood on several occasions. Yes I have had breakdowns in miscommunications with my flings because we didn't understand each other. I was, and still am, a very complex person that only people in my nature can understand and cohabitate with :)

It was not until recently, my dear chuckles ;p, that I spent the time to sit down and research male-female interactions to better understand how to deal with the opposite sex. What I gained was not intended to better my relationships with women, but rather to understand whats going wrong and how to avoid it later on. How is that different, you say? Well, if I was learning all that material and trying to apply it to get "tail" then I am no better than the majority of kuwaiti guys that think with their penises, but instead, my knowledge thus far, is to help me be able to carry on successful healthy relationships later on, if they do come up. :)

So, NO, you cant base your opinion and view of me based on mere words I have written, no matter how indicative, until you actually know who I am and how I think :)

Eschew Obfuscation said...

as for you dandoona: tsk tsk ... *shakes head* ... i dont like you anymore... we're not friends .... stop siding with fourme and give me some support :r

Eschew Obfuscation said...

And unfortunately we have to blame society. Some of us have the will power, later on when they grow up, to break free from the shackles of tradition. But not all traditions are bad. I accept most humbly. Others who cannot break free of societys' treacherous shackles wind up getting sucked in the drift, never able to run against the current. I am not a hypocrite and I am not into the whole "Im americanized, im cool, i know chicks, blah blah blah..." which is what most men from society end up doing. But I pick and choose the best of both worlds, and any other world I am exposed to, to be able to develop personally and become a better person :) ....

I mean come on! Have you ever heard of a single-guy not bothering with anything but academia, sit down and read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus just to learn how things are done? You gotta give me credit!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

kint ba5eth mennek the point i gave you lma you stopped liking me :P

bs b3dain i decided to give it back to you lma you said you read that book...considering ana sha59eyan didnt read it yet lol

o i agree about the society thing...what i also do is decide to take the best of both worlds...i dont simply follow traditions just because theyre traditions (which is wat most people here do lel2asaf). i decide to use the brain that resides so peacefully in my skull to WEIGH things and THINK LOGICALLY rather than do something blindly.

o hell, i think ill give you another point cz wayed 7abbait your point

dammit!! too many points!!

cham l score al7en?? 5-2 7g fourme

dont annoy the ref again :P

Eschew Obfuscation said...

HAHAHA LOL! Bas khalas 7abaitich and in ten years if we're both single ill marry you. How many points do i get now? ;p

Eschew Obfuscation said...

I dont know. Ive given up on society a long time ago. Bas it serves no purpose but to restrain creativity and render it obsolete. People conform to those traditions like zombies and some of them dont even stop and think why they're doing what they're doing. So, pardon my french, fuck society. Its brought nothing but pain and heartache to people actually trying to make a difference in this world.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

why the hell would i ever wanna get married?? have you not read wat was said about men up there!!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

i thought i emphasized im not your average joe! ... khalas khalas ... in 10 years from your single and im single we'll hang out and grab some coffee. can i please get my point back?

Eschew Obfuscation said...

ok youre being tottally unfair .. makoo lajnat ta7keem? what the hell ga3deen ib dictatorship?!?!?!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

that depends...

maybe in 10 years time, youll pick a day when im busy o ma agdar ayee...akoon ana 36aitek point 3l fathy??

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

eee dictatorship!!

na3am...fee mshkela??

chenna the ref is getting annoyed again...

Eschew Obfuscation said...


*yagtheb ba6naaa* loool OMG!! i cant stop laughing :P

that depends...maybe in 10 years time, youll pick a day when im busy o ma agdar ayee...akoon ana 36aitek point 3l fathy??

HAHAH loool i cant breathe!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

dandoon, my dear, u crack me up! fa9laa :P

FourMe said...

Dearest Macadamia,

Stop bribing the ref with a coffee outing that is not ethical.. No seriously I didn't want to bring society into it but you mentioned it and it triggered this thing in me where I cannot stand people blaming society for their actions. I didn't mean you specifically I meant men and women who blame society for their actions and say we are the way we are as a result of society and how it influenced us..

ok obviously this discussion has steered way off course..

Now back to dandooon.. Stop bribing her .. she is a woman that will no be fooled with a cup of coffee!

gthbaay arthich do not give in I REPEAT do NOT give IN! I will be there for you in 10 years but he won't.. Come over to my side before its too late!!

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Lol! Macadamia! i like it ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

well, i have to be careful you know!
my decisions must be nothing less of completely fair. after all, i am the ref

(ref who was not hired by fourme of or bribed by eschew)

FourMe said...

Aint my fault you got a weird name! mn gadik macadamia.. they are know for their exquisite taste and velvety texture ;)

Eschew Obfuscation said...

Hey! what assurances can u give here that ull be there in 10 years! :r ... whos to say i wont be heheh :P .... dandoon *hypnotically* mmmm coffee goooooddd .... fourme baaaad ... coffee tasty, four me yucky ....

FourMe said...

SCREW BLOGGER! I just wrote a comment and it deleted it! Damn buggers! Am sure its operated by a bunch of useless men!!

Now Dandooon repeat after me *FourMe Yummy Yummy .. Cashew Ewwwy Ewwwwy*

Anonymous said...


as for meeee

I would like to have it behind my nick.. on my tushi ;p and emmmmm

thats it..

hatha Alonzooo 7addaaaa 6emashaaa loool



jesterat314 said...

On my arm (where a football captain armband would be worn) and it would say 'You'll never walk Alone'

shoosha said...

Mako mokan I comment :( wayed 9ar za7ma

Big Pearls said...

I don't like the idea of having a permenant thing on my body..what if I get bored with it! and I know I would:p

Captain Poopdeck said...

i'd love a tattoo! i always wanted one even though i know enna 7aram..

i'd probably have one on my lower back or my wrist or my ankle... the back of my ear... those locations that need small tattoos.. :P

madri what i would tattoo.. maybe an important date or my starsign or something.. obviously i've thought about this :)

A Journal Entry said...

it would be on the inside of my wrist..oo with my initials.. boring i know!

Delicately Realistic said...

I wouldnt have one for the medical implications involved. Period.

Âme said...

Excluding religion from the picture, a tattoo may probably be exactly on top of my head.. 4cm x 4cm.

It would be that of my display picture.


I would have been a little happier if John Gray would consider cultural, religious aspects into his Mars and Venus theory.

Though both planets are quite far away, they have some common atmosphere around.

And dont forget Pareto principle.
Approx. 80% are just crap.

Approx 2% of the remaining 20% talk on blogs like this.

~ Soul

P.S: Cashew, if you have to read about being an outcast, you need to read, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. (Google it)

Hasan.B said...

68 comments?! Rabina ezeed webarik!

Um Mit3ib said...

umbay ana exactly nafs amaken shoush

wala inich fahma yal shoush ;p

Âme said...

Jonathan Livingston Seagull PDF Download...


~ Soul

Shoush said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shoush said...

Afa 3alaich ya Um-Mit3ib. ;P

And FourMe, ee i know it won't hurt the whole time, bs bil bidaya yi3awir. Oo as D.R. said fee medical implications oo i am putting myself at risk of catching something, ismila 3alay. :P Oo also ana maloola. Thats the same reason why am never getting a second peircing on my left ear, altho mishtahya. Bs adri bamil mina oo then the mark it's gonna leave will drive me crazy. :P Shasawi, that's wat happens when ur a fickle perfectionist. ;P

Grey said...

73 comments? Whats going on?

I think Tatoos are fine, but im kinda orthodox, i dont have any..

FourMe said...

Anonymous MAS:
I like the neck it would be nice for a small tattoo.
He's amazing damn hilarious..

?! you better not be a scouser!! nice place a friend of mine did earth with "The world is Mine" across it..just like the one in Scareface..

LOL ee za7ma ya donya za7maa.. ako mokan etghalgh9ain baina :p

hehhe fair enough..

Captain P:
Sounds good.. the date sounds interesting..

FourMe said...

Me likey!

Hypothetically, hypothetically Woman.. and there so many people around with tattoo that haven't had any complications.. or is it a long term thing?

Quite colourful I would have to say. Don't think it would be so nice if you go bald :/

As for the women/men book haven't read it so can't give an opinion on it.. I think if the book was edited by a woman it would of probably made more sense because it would of been from the perspective of bot male and female. But just a male giving advice on relationships or whatever it is I believe he won't be able to give an understanding of how the female brain justifies certain situations. Me no likey, personal opinion..

p.s. how's tear eyed coming along?

khamsa w khmaisaa..

what would it be of?

LOL trust me I get the piercing thing.. I have a bunch of them :P

I don't know man we just went wild yesterday :p

Âme said...

Shes waiting for me to touch her again..

Will indulge with her again ;)

I will keep my promise to you :)

~ Soul

Amethyst said...

I want a big butterfly tattoo on my back!

Anonymous said...

78 !! shsayer bel denya!

FourMe said...

Ame don't you know that you should never keep a lady waiting! Attend to her immediately..

We shall see :)

aren't ya the wild one ;)
I like the idea though..

ana agool Roo7ay namaay a7senlich :(

Âme said...


~ Soul

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

stupid blogger ams there was a scheduled outage :S
couldnt do anything!!

oo i think eschew gave up on us looool

eschew yucky yucky....fourme yummy yumm-

- wait...am i gonna eat you??

FourMe said...



I know it annoyed me :/ bs a7sen otherwise it would of been an all nighter :p

LOL laa mo cashew ygoolich FourMe yucky .. so seeing your on my side so FourMe Yummy Casew Ewwwy :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

but youre making me hungry!! :(

FourMe said...

lol! mafeeny la7aam there is nothing to eat :P

watchmekissthesky said...

I always liked looking at pics of tattoos, but ever since I started watching L.A Ink I'm like inlove!

the artists are REAALLY good and the details on each tattoo is breathtaking! I especially love colored ones, eye candy imo ;D

If I were to get one I would def get it on my hipbone!
a heart maybe, or star because I always draw these two things! Or some kind of flower.. hibiscus maybe.. hahaha giving it too much thought lol ;)

Delicately Realistic said...

Well...in the past the health implications linked to tattoos was when done in unclean places and therefore causing a high risk of hepatitis c which leads to liver disease.

Liver disease is a very slow torturous way to die. O sub7an Allah its the disease that happens to alcoholics and those who lead a promiscuous lifestyle. I always thought it may have have a deeper meaning to it, u know....oh well im straying from the initial point.

Anyways, i hear recent studies, conclude that the dye used for tattoos itself causes hepatitis as well ! Very interesting.

But as u say, hypothetically, i really wouldnt want something permanent on my body, but if i could have it for only a few months i would have one at the bottom of my back.

Anonymous said...

OMG I leave this site for a few days and you're on a roll :/

I adoooooooooooooooooore body ink, I don't think it's 7aram since am not religious.. one tat isn't enough, people always go back for more- everyday I see more people in q8 with tats, love it

Coconut said...

on my ankle or my wrists .. maybe something like a rose or a sun, or maybe just a nice pattern .. even an inspirational quote, bas el meshkela with the quotes ena if i get a quote tattoo one quote will lead to another and i'll end up having my whole body quoted :P

FourMe said...

So true some tattoos are like artwork, just google tattoos and see some of the stuff around.. so artistic would of loved to post them but they're a tad too blunt..

Ohh those sound sweet.. go for it ;)

I heard they do temp tattoos something like a 6 months or so.. anyhows about the diseases they sound horrible.. I'm not sure it has to do anything with promiscuity but then one can never know..

LOL no time to blink let alone couple of days :p

Ya i've noticed more and more people are going for it there, just hoping its not one of their sudden trends.. cuz this trend is a bitch to remove.. have you got any? do tell do tell :p

awww that sounds so sweet.. me likey.. but definitely not the quotes lol you'll end up looking like a scrap of paper..

Delicately Realistic said...

Of course it does !
Multiple sexual partners with allsorts, ur more likely to contract hepatitis rather than HIV. You can quote me on that.

Hehehe whenever we're taking history from patients, esp males with liver disease, we always have to ask the Thailand question...u know to get them going...!

FourMe said...

you're the doc I got no clue in the field.. LOOL they must be so embarrassed when you ask them such q's!

Anonymous said...

there is a new ink called freedom that launched in the US last year, it responds to 1-2 laser treatments only (instead of the usual 10 or so sessions - color takes longer) they are introducing a color pallet next year - this should be available in the Uk soon.

yes, am inked, pierced and don't want any kids

FourMe said...

Ya I've heard about it a while ago.. good the old inks apparently hurt like hell to get the removed..

You're my kinda gal ;)