Tuesday, 29 July 2008

BORED Enough..

..to punch myself in the face....

What I’m doing: Answering these silly questions because I'm bored out of my head and its pissing rain outside and hot as hell.. and lay3a chabdi and my tooth hurts like hell (hush Anony) and bored and I need to do something because there is nothing to do and I'm bored..

Who I’m with: Me mama..

What I’m wearing: tank top, mini shorts..

Bare feet or Slippers: Slippers

Last thing that annoyed me: Heard news about soulmate and saw his cousin yesterday which reminded me of him and ruined my day..

Colour of nails: O natural (because of prayers)..

Favourite Phone Brand: Nokia till the end..

Favourite Song: Sert El7ob- Om Kalthoom

Favourite Singer: Duffy and the one and only man Sinatra..

Favorite Movie: Loads- Cheesy= Far & Away.. Action= Bad Boys 1 & 2..

Favorite Book: Dictionary (is it considered a book?) I love my dictionary :)

Mac or Windows: Even though my first pc was a Mac but I'm all the way Windows gal.. nowadays I don't even know how to switch a Mac on!

Sweet or Salty: salty, salty, saltyyyyyy (sprinkle salt without even tasting food)

Heels or Flats: Flats cuz of the damn back pains.. Heels oh how I LOVE heels..

Pants or Skirts: Both but jeans are my faves and I have about a million pairs..

Shoes or Sandals: As long as it has a sole I'll wear it..

Ipod or Radio: Radioooo, iPods frustrate me plus I don't know how to work them :/

Coke or Pepsi: Coke but preferably water..

Spicy or Sour: Sour..

Family or Friends: Family always comes first..

Paris or London: LONDON BaaaaaaaaaaaaBY

UK or US: UK

Starbucks or Costa: Starbucks

Tea or Coffee: Must have my morning fix of tea but Love coffee more..

Last person who called me: One of my gf's..

Last person I called: Her sister..

Plans for today: Its 3 pissing am where am I gonna go?

Person I miss: . . . . .

Where I’d rather be: No where.. I'm fine where I am..

Who I want to be with: I ain't answering this..

What I’m thinking right now: Boredom sucks..

Last meal I had: Not much I just nibbled..

What I’m eating/drinking right now: Water..

Sunshine or Lights: Sunshine…but I'm not a morning person..

Pictures in wallet or Pictures in phone: Neither.. One photo hidden in one Speedy stashed in the walk-in..

Favorite Magazine: Need I say Vogue? and occasionally The Enquirer

Favorite Brand: hMmm anything that takes my fancy..

Dehn 3ood or Perfume: Perfume.. dehn 3ood in winters Only!

Favorite Women’s Perfume: Jivago

Favorite Men’s Perfume: Armani Code..

Gucci or Dior: Dior have better shoes..

Gold or Silver: More silver but occasionally gold..

Pearls or Diamonds: Graff, GraFF, GRAFFFFFFF ohh I mean diamonds.. oh my oh my GRAFF GRAFF and some more Graff.. Pearls too .. Hell all of them!

Straight or Curly: I love my straight locks but would love some curls sometime..

Why I’m doing this: Because I am BEYOND BOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!


J o u j a™ said...

person you miss . u didnt answer it
that must be me ;p awww i miss u 2

FourMe said...

I did answer just replaced the letters with dots.. hehe of course who else would I miss if its not you :p

G h a d o o r said...

lol .. 3yal abashrech, u've been tagged ;p

FourMe said...

laa wily yer7aam waldaich your tag mala nhyaa :/

G h a d o o r said...

LOL, mo sheghli
ana gelt u've benn tagged ya3ni u've been tagged
o enti kaifech 3ad ;p

Ms. D said...

ham ana i cant work an ipod law my life was holding on it! yaraby mako dugam!! wala on and off key! shdarakom how to turn it on!!!!!

f7ee7eely said...

أبييييي من وين طلعت سيرة الحب؟ هههههههه ماتركب كلللللللللش

piece of advice to eradicate boredom -- ditch London for a night or two -- book a roundtrip ticket to Glasgow on RyanAir and enjoy the lovely weather , the friendly people and the wonderful sites --

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk

u're loosing it girl

Anonymous said...

lana 2aad el shoo2 ..w leyali elshoo2 ..wala albii 2ad 3azaboo aaah i love that song starting mn eldgeega 2:30 min :p


Anonymous said...

yel3an om seerat el 7ob elli yabatli fungus zaiiiiiiiin


Âme said...

What I’m doing: Waiting for a flight.

Who I’m with: Part of my luggage

What I’m wearing: Shirt and Cottons

Bare feet or Slippers: Shoes

Last thing that annoyed me: That my connecting flight is delayed by 3 hours.

Colour of nails: Natural

Favourite Phone Brand: Sony Ericsson

Favourite Song: Night Train - GNR

Favourite Singer: Melissa Etheridge

Favorite Movie: Many

Favorite Book: Roadless Traveled - Scott M Peck

Mac or Windows: Linux

Sweet or Salty: Salty

Heels or Flats: N/A

Pants or Skirts: Jeans

Shoes or Sandals: Shoes

Ipod or Radio: P1i

Coke or Pepsi: Water

Spicy or Sour: Spicy

Family or Friends: Family

Paris or London: London

UK or US: UK

Starbucks or Costa: Costa

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Last person who called me: Lester Raphael

Last person I called: My brother

Plans for today: Flying..

Person I miss: My mate at college. We studied together for 16 years.

Where I’d rather be: At home

Who I want to be with: My family

What I’m thinking right now: My family

Last meal I had: Rice and Cauliflower curry.

What I’m eating/drinking right now: Nothing

Sunshine or Lights: Sunshine

Pictures in wallet or Pictures in phone: Wallet

Favorite Magazine: AI Magazine

Favorite Brand: -

Dehn 3ood or Perfume: Perfume

Favorite Women’s Perfume: 24 Faubourg

Favorite Men’s Perfume: Clive Christian

Gucci or Dior: -

Gold or Silver: -

Pearls or Diamonds: Diamonds

Straight or Curly: Straight

Why I’m doing this: I am waiting and am finished with the magazine scan too.

K.D said...

i would've punched myself in the face if i were you!!

actually i'm goin to!!
G has tagged me :(
i'll go get some ice....

interesting taste of music by the way... you'd be interested in borrowing my ipod if you ever learned how to use it :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

can you lend me some time??
i seem to be really short of time lately...

FourMe said...

yal mojrima :/ I'll do it when boredom strikes again.. ma7ibich..

ms d:
exactly! g3daay farfraay e touch w 3awar ras.. youba mafeena 9abir 7ag chethy..

heheh laish ma terkab? I enjoy classics whether english or arabic.. I'm an oldie at heart :p
Not one for site seeing kilisssh..

Long ago dear..

I love the whole song min awalha laih akhirha.. been loving it from the age of 7..

Anonymous MAS:
looooooooooool No Comment!

Ok I'm lost.. were you in college for 16 years?! Or did you mean you studies together from school all the way to college for 16 years?

24 Faubourg nice.. You and my mother have the same taste..

As for your taste between pearls and diamonds.. well your answer just made you my newest bestfriend..

Have a safe journey..

I was so close to man so close..
lool good luck.. I appreciate all types of music.. hehe no worries won't know how to work one..

Stop sleeping and you'll have enough time :p

Shoush said...

Sorry babe, am not bored enuf to read all this. Will keep it in mind for when i am. ;*

FourMe said...

lol you will be one day..

sourire said...

Kfghasjkjedjdj GRAFF!!! :/

Ms. D said...

am comin to landan bukra bukraaaa.

mta twadeny dektor elrjem? :D

tara ana lazga o min no3 elmalaqa ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

dont remind me :'(
tadreen ena tonight is the first night ive slept properly in a week?

FourMe said...


Entay can you make your bloody blog public or bloody add us!

wala i didn't forget bs hal admeya lal7een ma radat mn esfaaar :/ I promise bs se comes back I'll get the details.. How long you're staying here?

abashrich 9arly 10 days mo gadraa anaaaam my mind is getting screwed

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i think youre mind is getting screwed from the toothache and not the lack of sleep :(

ps: this is not my way of telling you to go to the dentist. stay away, you hear? whats wrong with pain killers anyway??

FourMe said...

LOL don't you dare reverse psychology on me little girl! Plus it doesn't work :p

la walaa mo 3an elpain cuz the painkillers are taking care of that bs my mind keeps wondering off to places that it shouldn't be in :/

sourire said...

I would bas I don't know how!! :/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wallah its not reverse psychology. i have a terrible phobia of dentists too. i cry when im witing to enter to the dentist ie before i even see him!

so listen to me when i say DONT GO TO THESE EVIL PEOPLE!! :)

FourMe said...

Babe! how about you make it public and let us all in?

ohh you poor thing :/ you're worse then I am.. I shake like a leaf when I'm in the white chair..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

and it doesnt help that i have a phobia of needles and pointy stuff either. wallah et9eer mana7a lma aroo7 eldentist.