Tuesday, 8 July 2008



I was supposed to start my Physiotherapy sessions today at 3pm. I was already tired and had to wake up earlier than I usually do so I can get in the right state of mind and be in the mood to be civilised. Let alone the fact I couldn't get out of bed because of my back pain and the fact that I didn't get enough sleep. I leave the house get there at 2:50pm earlier than my appointment as they requested. Just to my surprise the MOTHER FUCKERS say my appointment was at 10am this MORNING. SONS OF BITCHS made me get out of bed for nothing!! Fucking arses of BRITS where is your mother fucking punctuality!!! They are worse than the Arabs NOW. YOu fuckers changing my appointment and saying I booked it at 10AM !! Fucking assholes would I book an appointment at 10 bitching AM when I wouldn't get out of bed at 10AM even if it was for my own wedding!! MOther fuckers need someone to teach them what punctuality is SONS OF BITCHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!


Ansam said...

Sheesh! Calm down!
Dont let it get into you like this!

FourMe said...

Calm down CAALM DOWN!! they bloody screwed up my appointment that I've been waiting ages for and made it seem like I'm the airhead who missed it!! No calm down YES to MORE ANGER

Squirreliya said...

jileleeeeeeeen el7aya ;@

Grey said...

lol ! You wont get up at 10 if it were your own wedding ??? Muhahahaha ! thats the coolest thing i heard today !

Shoush said...

Wai, qahar! So when's ur next one now?

FourMe said...

emkaram esami3 echlaab mo bs jleelin 7aya!

wana hear something even better! I would honest to god not go to my own wedding if My football team were playing!

7ada qahar!! what pissed me off is that they made me seem like I'm the one whos wrong not them!! At least admit to your mistake dimwits!

after so much attitude given managed to get one next week!

fashionista said...

aww it's ok sweetie ,and i hate it when they don't even admit it's their mistake!!!

make sure next week ,call them the day before sweetie and maybe it's a 5iera hun you don't know ;*

ZaMaHReeR said...


FourMe said...

ya definitely will give them call..


Amethyst said...


Âme said...

Anger only frustrates you more.

Breathe and do what YOU CAN.

~ Soul

enchanteurs said...

il dinya mateswaaaaaaaaa!!

Big Pearls said...

eshway eshway 3ala nafsech:/

Delicately Realistic said...

Awwwwww ;*


Eulalia said...

GOLEELI MINO??? AL3AN WALDA WALDAIHOM!!! intay ashray bas oo il bagi 5aleeh 3alay!!! I feel a bedouin FAZ3A coming on!!!!

Silver said...

those mother fuckers...5otof!

Anonymous said...

rajee3 eb shooge o lahfetee men ghorbeteee .. rajee3 le rab3e o dereete o ma7bobetee;**

eshda3wa said...

malat 3alaihum

Shoush said...

Eee, ashwa! Ma siwat 3alaich 7argat ila39ab tho. The secretary probably has screwed up so many times so s/he put the blame on u 3ashan s/he looks innocent and saves her job.

FourMe said...

No no it was frustrating!

When I'm angry I do not know how to do anything till I calm down..

adri bs qhrooni

eho boga feeha nafs ba3ad :/

deal real:

hehehe ba3ad galbi you made me laugh thank you :*

DaaaaaaaaaaaaaMN someone is more pissed than I am!

entay ely ma7boobty :p

ee wala malat 3alaihom

ee wala ma siwaat. The stupid woman was giving me attitude and I was trying to control my temper but at one point I said screw it and made her realise her damn mistake and just as I was about leave she FINALLY managed to say "sorry"

Soul said...

chlaaaaaaaaab =@

FourMe said...

7adhom :(

Âme said...

That is precisely why it is suggested to pause AND BREATHE FOR A MINUTE.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

No can do when angry. I become a raging maniac :D

Nothing can calm me down, not even breathing. I calm down by myself after a while.

Âme said...

You can give a try.

~ Soul

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i hope they die
slowly and painfully

3shan next time yet3alamoun they dont mess around with you!!