Saturday, 26 July 2008

9 hours - 2 Cafes 2 Bars 1 Restaurant

  • Slept at 7 am.
  • Woke up at 1pm
  • left house at 4pm
  • Physiotherapy till 4:55pm (the moment he sees my face asks me to take my shirt off!)
  • Met with girlfriends at Cafe #1 (spend all day with them)
  • Shopped till 8pm
  • Had Lunch at cafe #2 at 8:15pm
  • Went to bar #1 (note I do not drink) till 10pm
  • Went back to mates hotel
  • Went to dinner at 10:30pm
  • Left at 12:20am
  • Stood in the street talking and discussing my freakish small feet till 1am
  • Went back to mates hotel and sat in bar #2 till 1:35pm
  • Watched Noor with them.. (them 2 gals are Noor freaks)
  • Got back home at 2:25am...
Met 5 new girls, hand dinner with 3 dudes who are friends of my friend, argued with them about football, been mistaken for a 20yr old alllllll day long and shocked when heard my age, one of the dudes has the same name as the soulmate, couldn't even look at him or call him by his name and the funny part was that he was interested and tried to make small talk while I ignored him.. I can't even explain to you the state that London is in, will discuss later.. as for now.. I should crash because I've got a longer day planned for tomorrow..

I am DEAD TIRED!!!!!!!


Squirreliya said...

yoomich 7afel jeddan *mashAllah* ..i can understand laish u ignored him bs also 7aram kisar kha6ri :p

abi ayeeelich london, momkin? ;$

jesterat314 said...

9 hours?!
slow day huh?

G h a d o o r said...

ana eli bs ga3da agra ta3abt ;p
bs wanasa, a7eb sho3or eli 6ol el yom ehyata ;p

Âme said...

That's a good outing for a change.

The physiotherapist is mesmerized by you :)

~ Soul

Big Pearls said...

there is only 2 hours between lunch and dinner!

what state is london in?

I'd be depressed if I got up at 1 p.m.

have a good day:)

Ansam said...

very eventful day
hows the weather in London?
like Big Pearl.. I would feel my day was wasted if I wake up LATE chithi!

Amethyst said...

I love going to bed after days like that;p

..::Amu::.. said...

wow u got a hang over :p better being busy then sitting home and thinking@

FourMe said...

don't make me feel guilty :/ hehe ya 7aram he was trying so hard.. ha 7ayach a76ich b3yoony..

very slow :p

wala enhad 7aili.. dashait elbait 7adi maytaa.. its good keeps one busy..

I'd rather he wasn't :/

They had lunch at 5, I did at 8.. they had dinner but all I had was a salad seeing I just ate..

London is in a state of chaos! Been taken over by Qatar LITERALLY I have never seen so much Qataries in my life..

Around 19-26c quite nice and sunny but possibilities of showers today..
And that my dear is why I'm not a morning person.. plus I'm some sort of an insomniac ya3nii gha9ib anaam :/

I usually do too but not when a minute before going to bed you her some news of your ex and it spoils the whole day :(

ya mate I'm hung over on life :p don't ya miss the london days..

Anonymous said...

yah yah yaah .. wala eni thaya3t between the hours! .. did you sleep? ;p

Glad you had fun;D

f7ee7eely said...

The last time I was in London Club Movida and Velvet were the best places to be in central London -- any new places you'd recommend?

btw, what did u guyz sip on?

Fastidious Babe said...

wanasa! its what traveling is all about :P WALKING.. meeting new people.. SHOPPING.. and lounging! sounds like a great day! x

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thats a pretty productive day to me!! :D

Vixen said...

hehehhe coool no curfew ha!!!

FourMe said...

Noo sleep.. wala anony hal youmain mo ga3da anam 3adil :/

Maddox is the it place now so is Crystal..

I don't sip.. they did quite a variety from Red and White wines to shots but the one worth mentioning would have to be the Lemon Ciccillo shots, the only place in london that does them is a restaurant in Knightsbridge called Monza..

fastidious babe:
ya that's why I'm up for it cuz its their holiday as for me ana 3adi I'm used to London..

7ada was productive..

hehhe too old for a curfew :p

Zabo0o6a said...

can i come live with u?

Grey said...

Lunh at 8.15 pm? I wonder how that tastes like ...

Delicately Realistic said...

Haw chan shwaya 3a6aiti majal...u need the distraction.

FourMe said...

hehehe 7ayaach deary

and that's why I'm thin :/

min 9ijich with the same name?! tabeeny amoot.. trying to forget him while saying his name all the time.. kilish ma tamshy :/