Thursday, 19 June 2008

You Are IT!

I was tagged by the sweet wOowOo aka Ruby Woo
  • I will always wear: K7il may it be summer or winter. Without it I am naked!
  • I will never wear: Leggings! Ewwwwwy 7ada I can't stand them. Especially the thought of them in summer :/
  • My bad-clothes-day advice: You can never go wrong with 1. knee length shorts and your BEST football team jersey ;) 2. A terry Juicy ensemble (the mother of all saviours).
  • I Know I look great when: I see my reflection and tell her Daaaamn you're gorgeous :P

  • Smart travel tip: You can never have enough shaba9at (hair clips) and undergarments with you.

  • To me summer means: Arabs invading London!

This song reminds me of summer time.. by the way the next person that tags me is getting a punch in the face.. just kidding.. No seriously a Punch..

Summer Jam - The Underdog Project


:::ShoSho::: said...

I hate leggings too!! Reminds of the 80s, remember madonna in Lucky Star?! looooool

Love juicy but I wear them inside of course..

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oh I love hair clips too.. I buy alot, although I am mit7ajba.. people sometimes ar elike why do you buy too much earrings and clips and even stuff not for mit7ajba.. I tell them I WANT to wear them I don't care people see them or not lol!! Ya3ni ma a76 eb kha6ri shay.. I never feel bad if I can't wear something because of hijab.. I just get it and wear it at home!

ZaMaHReeR said...

which jersey you are talking about, there are only three jerseys you can talk about, Italy, ac milan or real madrid, so which one? :D
ta3jibny thigatich eb nafsich lool
go girl :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i looooooooove this song!! :d
excellent choice! :)

Bebe & Noonie said...

I liked ur bad clothes day advice ;P

Glitter said...

4me, 7beebti intay,

"knee length shorts and your BEST football team jersey" <-- seriously?


Girl ur obsession with football has gone TOO FAR!!

*shakes her head*

jesterat314 said...

Football Jersey !
Excellent Choice.
You've just became my favorite blogerette.

purelyorchid said...

LOOL @ Arabs invading London!! soo true it's like all of us decide to move there for the summer!

Amethyst said...


FourMe said...

Me toooooo waat amoot minhom.. lool 7ada 80's no no you know what it reminds me off! Jem !! remember their outfits they alway wore leggings under their skirts and since then I used to think that's such an ugly thing LOL!

Amoooot 3ala shay esma shbabeee9 just the tiny small ones.. wain maroo7 ma3ay shba9at. You can always find an extra shaba9a with FourMe. zain tsaween la tkhaleen shay ebkha6rich. btw why wear juicy at home? you can still wear it with 7jab plus they do the longer tops.

Go away boy ! you don't know what football is! you and your pretty boy Italians, I don't understand how can pretty boys yel3bon chethy le3ib wa9ikh bs tkisir!! Don't get me started on the Real boys!

hehhe just stating the obvious buddie :p

Right, isn't it truly a summer song! sank you :)

B & N:
Trust me you can NEVER go wrong with them.

FourMe said...

Ohh deary now I'm disappointed. Hun a girl has to have an edge to her, she has to de different and break out of this notion that girls stick to girly things! Football is a beautiful sport, if you truly understand it. Its all about understanding your opponent's and attack them when they least expect it till you break them down..

Is it wrong to be passionate?

Thank you thank you, tis an honour :)

btw I wear it even on good days not only on bad-clothes day.

I know its like a mandatory migrate.

Offff 7ada!

Soul said...

1 and 2 nafsi bel thab6! i wear ke7il 7ata bel bait!^_^

Fastidious Babe said...

haiy 9dg.. summer is about arabs invading london! lol

Fa6ma said...

I die for ki7il too,, but this allergy in my eyes is preventing me from wearing it =(..
and I loved this: I Know I look great when: I see my reflection and tell her Daaaamn you're gorgeous :P


Anonymous said...

*etye etsa7el Fourme*

*puts up her emsa7al face* me sollyyy me sollyyy .. for whatever i did wrong ;\

Light Blue said...



FourMe said...

la 3ad elke7il mo 7ag elbait, bs etha baroo7 elbaqala I do put it on :p I do :)

2 ew ew eww ma7ibhom eynarfzoony..

fastidious babe:
It so is.. halaaw 3alaina already, its early and london is packed with them :/

wee salmtich matshofeen shar dear.. hehehe theqa 3amya eb nafsy shaswii :P

light blue:
They have landed, they have invaded, they have taken over!

hehehe hate'm hate'm

FourMe said...


. .

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hey Hey!! Jem is the queen of style, don't you insult her!!!

hehe at least she's a pop star, but our girls here, walk in them whether it looks good or not PLUS young AND old I have seen them wear it eeeewwww!

Hmm, I haven't seen a long juicy hmm.. el moshkela here you don't find many models.. Maybe I should get them from online..