Saturday, 7 June 2008

Piss Off!

  • Not in greatest of moods.. No particular reason just not in a very cheery mood..
  • Feeling extremely lonely lately even though I barely stay alone..
  • Haven't been bothered with anything online, facebook, msn, blogging, etc.. the whole lot, simply can't be bothered for it..
  • I barely log on to my msn.. my main msn the one I had for over 10 years.. actually I haven't even been logging to the other one (FourMe's msn) Soul Bent Ghandi its ALL your fault! finish your damn exams so you can stay up all night listening to my bullshit :(
  • Meanwhile any candidates to temporarily fill Bent Ghandi's position? Apply within..
  • If one more person asks me why I don't want to get married and why I don't want to have kids I will punch myself in the face, grab my head and ram it through a glass window, shoot myself in the foot, and rip out my own ovaries and feed them to our neighbours cat 'Dusty' !!
  • :(


Anonymous said...

haw ya7asraat galbe!!!

la yupa dont get marriend wala u punch ur pretty face;** ;p

ana sayra men sukaan el laaail ma anaam ;p .. we kinda bel hawa sawa ;p ..

o bema'ana ur my rolmodel o 7abeebat galbe ;p
fa ana arfa3 eedi beste7yaa'a ;p

Anonymous said...

btw LOVED the pic 7adha mazajee now

FourMe said...

ba3ad galbi ma7ad ey3adil mazajy ela hal kelmtain ely etg9en 3alay fehom wana atshagaag :*

7adna bil hawa sawa bs at least ana 3indy its 4 am ya3ni ahwan min 6 am :/

hehehe adri the pic 7adha mo3abira..

Anonymous said...

o entay shemga3dech hal 7aza balla .. ya frashech aho .. athan 3endokom??? yala sali el fayer estahde bellah o namaay

Anonymous said...

entay bs aham shay akher faqre enseeha ;p . 7adha mokheefa .. tenfa3 7ag el a3daa'a bs 7araam not urself

FourMe said...

wee em9alya min gabil sa3a, la w em9alya ba3ad ezyada foog 9alat elfayir..

wala dear madri shfeeni mo yayatni enooma :/

yakhtich la3at chabdi min salfat ezawaaj.. kil ma a7ad shaf reg3at weyhy fta7li hal mawthoo3.. ee mo bs malait wana a3eed nafs esalfa mabi mo gha9ib!

Anonymous said...

oboooy entaay .. il7egraaan eega6e3 el mesraaan ..

aw lazem eteredeeen rad ekhalehom yen6amoon o yasketonn ;p

waiy ga3da afaker eb rad sa7eq ;p

taqabal allah menech sale7 el a3maal

FourMe said...

mina w minich dear.. no the moshkila is (gfal mokhi 3adi ekhthay tkhbi9 languages) everyone thinks just because its the natural thing to do lazim u do it lazim u get married and have wer3aan.. enzain esalfa mo gha9ib mabi jad mabi..

sktay gabil cham youm 9adaft wa7da makalimha min 4 yours etha mo akthar.
ana 9adait 3anha chan tyeen w tgool Her: Hi I just wanted to tell you Mabroooooook
Me: Aha alah ybarik feech bs 3ala sheno??
Her: I heard you got married!
Me: hahaha NO I didn't!
Her: (cheny 9afgat'ha bn3al) !!!!
(after a bit of staring at me in total shock) Not even engaged??
Me: Nop.
Her: Are you sure?!
Me:hahahha no neither, take care..
her: (still standing there in shock)

ya3ni tkhayelay wa7da ana zafat'ha w emsafla feha w etyeen tesa'alny hal so'al elma9ikh.. Jesus get over it.. hatha 6ab3an ghair some ppl I know that call me from other places in the world asking me about my marriage!!

Anonymous said...

haw ! hathe maynona wala shino!

chan geltelha im engaged to ur dad lool

enzain o ba3deen e walla mo ghaseb!! enzain hal awadem yanaw edegon esa'aloon!

ya 3alhom el 3afya zain! ;/ entay bs tesaberay o ana ad3e allaf efekech menhom

FourMe said...

hehehe 7adha ef9alat youmha.. to be honest I don't care 9arlihom 3 years 3ala hal rumour and apparently its NOT getting old! bs lal7een ma galaw eny 3ayalt aw t6laagt, I'm waiting to know what happens in my life next lol I actually find it funny that people are that bothered..

ana ely ematheeny is the questions from family and the constant entay tafkeerich mo 3adil comment.. its like after more than 10 years of asking me the same questions and getting the same answer ma malaitaw ! but anyway can't say a word because I know they have good intentions and just worried about my future :/

Anonymous said...

yeah when it comes to family ..

bs after all its na9eeb you know! .. when it comes it comes .. etha maya ba3ad hatha eli allah katba ..

shetsaween etraktheen wara el reyayeel etgolilhom tezawejoni cause everyone thinks im married wala thinks i should get married ;p

lool im imagining you running with ur pretty shoes .. its actually funny ;p LOL

FourMe said...

loool honey I don't do the running THEY do the running ;)

mo elm9eeba is that they keep on coming and I keep on refusing.. and with every guy I refuse etzeed el7ana :/

anyhows I'm off to bed.. o ro7ay namay 3ashan et7a9lenlich cham sa3a beauty sleep:P gnite my lovely anonymous :*

Anonymous said...

lool e walla sayra 3ayoooz ;p

nighty hope u wake up feeling better;*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

If one more person asks me why I don't want to get married and why I don't want to have kids I will punch myself in the face, grab my head and ram it through a glass window, shoot myself in the foot, and rip out my own ovaries and feed them to our neighbours cat 'Dusty' !!


Ms. D said...

the lyrics to " you got a friend in me" comes to mind ;*

Hasan.B said...

Marriage is way OVER rated! Is the spot for women only?

Soul said...


~ Soul

Glitter said...


7addi enjoyed the conversation between you and Anonymous Zougha :-)

ladywhisper said...

Cheeeeeeeeer Uuuuuuuuuuup Sugar!!

Nothing deserve to be sad wallah! go do anything ywanes.. listen to music, go to gym, dance, watch a movie, baked cup cakes, get in love (NOT GET MARRIED) :P

I mean anything to change ur mood, don't let this mood y6awel, tra it will only bring u more sadness..


Amethyst said...


Eulalia said...

a5ir fikra is too graphic! oo ba3dain cheer up.

دنياك حلوه لا تهمك ظنونك
لاخير فيها كان خان القدر فيك
وش نفعها ياقبلة الخلق دونك
لعلها زلزال دنيا تبكيك
حرام أشوف الدمع .. يملي عيونك
يامالي قلبي من الحب ... وشفيك
تقول حظك ياحياتي ... يخونك
وش قولتي في حظي اللي غدر فيك
ترى شجوني زودتها ... شجونك
خذ قلبي ... العب به لعله يسليك

Shoush said...

Malaaa da3i u get maaarried and hav kids! Moo '3aas9ib! Bs lat7reen 3omrich! SCREW THEM ALL!

PaLoMiNo said...

hey girl chill out!!
maybe ur just PMSing mama!!?oo b3deen sheno ur 19?? tawich young! enjoy ur life el7een la7ga 3al zawaaj :)

FourMe said...

guessing we're both in the same boat lol.

ms. d:
emmm dare I say I haven't heard it :/

100% agree! what spot?

so you're giving me the silent treatment?

hehehe hatha t7el6im tali elail ;)

Soul said...

The best i could do, listen.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Thank u hun :)
FourMe doesn't do baking lol I'll probably end up burning the whole house down.. hehehe fall in love?? thats probably the worse thing you anyone can say to me lol!

No worries not planning on it anytime soon..


hehehe wanted to include more details bs thought that should be enough to get the idea through :p

maaaabi my heart belongs to me :(

THANK YOU! exactly not every single human being that has stepped a foot on this earth should get married and have children!!

Come to think of it yea I am :/
hehehhe whos 19?! I'm 19 + 8 = Me :)

FourMe said...

Now that's shocking! did you run out of things to say ?

Soul said...

Does saying help ?

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

ya 7iloo el 19 walla ;**

chene 6ala3t ana akbaar ?? ;p LOOL

FourMe said...

doesn't help but its interesting to hear others views on such an insignificant matter. In a way shows you their intake on life in all matters..

FourMe said...

looool eee matadreeen 6ala3t ana 19 :p wala Palomino yabeelaha bosa 3ala hal compliment..

shtabeen they say I look like a 16 or 17 yr old! 7ada their knocking of 10 to 11 years of my age so friggin cool :D

Anonymous said...

eee ana gareeta chan agool al7een fourme eb tetshagag :P lool

shetsaweeeeen 3almeeeni :P

spill the secret ;p

Soul said...


We hardly get to hear something insightful.

I have no option than to hop from blog to blog, forum to forum in search of substance.

Trust me, I am having a hard time finding.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

7ada she made me smile :D

lol no secret you're either born with it or without it, the magical gene that is :p la et9adgeen it runs in the family even my mum and aunts all look younger than their age.. 7ada el7amdila for it.

FourMe said...

are you suggesting that my constant bitching and whining is not insightful lol

See the thing is I believe people blog to get stuff off their chest and not to have intellectual discussions. Some do have such discussions to show off their IQ level which I really do not care for.

Such material can be found in the Herald Tribune.

Soul said...

I have seen people talk about non-sense and make immense sense.

I have always taken pleasure in your writing.

Its the thoughts which matter, not the IQ :)

~ Soul

FourMe said...

My dear those are called Bull-Shitters..

Couldn't agree more, the thought is the important factor. If I wanted to prove my IQ to anyone I'd post my Masters thesis. In stead I prefer complaining and bitching about my mood swings :)

I think one's intelligence should be shown where it counts, personal opinion but some might not agree with me..

Soul said...

Where did intelligence come in between this discussion ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Just explaining why I'd rather write about meaningless topics than minding -blowing topics.

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehhe la walla? madry lash i thought u were 19 ;p
well wedy agoolich ur soul felt like 19 to me bas it's not like ur 40!!! 27 is still young woman :)
o il 3omer kila ya rab :)

ana agoool watch this it's so funny hahahahahay ;p

enjoy ;)

Fa6ma said...

Feeling extremely lonely lately even though I barely stay alone..
===> It's about quality, not quantity..

You PMSing? =p *runs and hides*

Cuz that's usually how I feel when I PMS lol

Hasan.B said...

Did you not say soemthing about filling bent ghandi's spot?

Oranjina fadidra said...

3adi 3adi.. sem3ay, laysh wa7ed ma sawa wajeb il3araby??? ha? laish?
lana qadsawy hehehehe ;p

FourMe said...

hehhe honestly I still feel like I'm 19 and still get shocked every time I remember I'm in my late 20's.. thank you dear :)

I know the show it just finished here I love watching it.. lool 7adhom hilarious..

LOL come out of hiding I won't hurt you, I've reached the level where I just cry :p the anger and screaming was 2 days ago :/

Oh yaa that, well all are welcome males, penguins, females, clowns..

Oran Fad:
Woman that has to be one of the worse jokes I've ever heard in my life lool .. but thanx for the laugh ;)

Soul said...

OMGGGGGGG! i can't believe thaaaaat ya 5aynaaaaaaaaaa

a`3eeeb ayaaam o u r seasrching for a replacement!!!!

*throws fourme with a couch*


my last exam yoom el arbe3a 11-6. ana a3almech! balawe3 chabdech lain ma et7e6eenli block lol

Anonymous said...

roo7 khalech eb3eeed 3n qanafte :@

o ba3deen shda3we sheltay el qanafa .. wala mo hayna ;p

sheftay shloon .. khaynaa khaynaa malha sa7eb *etrabe3 3asa3es* ;p

Soul said...

anonymous om areeka:

ee malhaaa sa7eb `3adaraaaa! etlageenha nayma al7een o sa3abeel 3al ma5ada om dma`3 :*

we have to make conference on wednesday bel lail.. talking about girly future issues 7ayyakom allah kelokom ;p

hasan u can join us too i will make u was6a ;p

Anonymous said...

weeenha o ween enom etlageenha gaza al7een ;p khobrech 3ateej enom al7een ma teg3ad bel beet;p

LOOOL allah ya7yeena le Wednesday ..

gabelha eb yom 7e6ay announcement ;p

ee neseet thekray el ma7awer el ra7 enaqesh'ha ;p lool

Soul said...

LOOOOOL ee gazza 3al `6efaf nahr el times al7een m3a her neighbor el mazyoon ;p

el ma7awer 3azeezti ra7 etkoon kal talee:

1- 7ash bel reyayeel
2- a5er 9ar3at el motha! i remeber last thing we talked about was condom hat! mo fourme? ;p
3- weight issues
4- bitching o fathfatha
5- last issue u get to chose it anonymous ;p

Anonymous said...


i think we should discuss shkether et7ebooni ...

i think thats going to be intresteing!

hahahaha ;p

Soul said...

LOL ok bas ra7 neth`3e6ech kaifech ;p

fourme it's gonna be fun this summer.. bensawee groub bel msn.. desperate bloggerettes'life ;) ana o entay o anonymous o 7arakat o lezoom el sho`3l wellazi menno ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

oh! what happened to my comment?! anyways..

Cheer up! screw everything.. u live ur life once!

as for marriage.. when ur ready ur readY! when ur not.. NO ONE gets to nag about it..

the same goes for having children.. UGH!

people are major asses at times!

hope ur feeling better today! xx

FourMe said...

Soul 7obi o m0staqbal ghairi:
Nooooo bs replacement 7ag cham youm lain etrdeen mo for good, maly ghena 3anich entay w your condom hat and Raybans LoooooooooooooL heheheh waaay la kaan film youmhaa :p

heyaa we will continue layaaaly elmlaa7 :p sej yabeela blog bs 7ag sowalifna bs 7ad oma private and only selected bloggers can read it ;)

alah ywafgich dear :**

If you wanna join our wed night convo let your parents sign a consent form saying that etha ana w bent ghandi kharabna akhlaqich we will not be held responsible for your f9a3a to come :p

waay shakhbaari gaaz! my god akhir mara 'gazait' feha bdon hadaf min senat yadi.. a7laa gaaz kan mid 90's jad thak kan gaaz eb thima w thameer mo gazkom hal ayam ;)

fastidious babe:
no clue just got this one!
thank you dear :*
I know to them marriage has become the equivalent of the holy grail! I got used to it but it just bugs me sometimes..