Sunday, 22 June 2008

On Mute!

When I'm in the right surroundings with family or friends or a familiar settings I tend to be talkative, of course during lectures I used to never shut up you and can bet your ass that FourMe is always the one that starts and ends a debate and on good days our political discussions used to turn into football discussions, gotta love manipulating academics :)

When I'm in a new territory or around new people I tend to stay quite for a while, its a combination of two. First, I tend to stay quite to absorb my surroundings and in a way to study the person in front of me and to learn in which way to communicate with them. Second, I have a tad of shyness in me, not the kind that's lame no the kind that I believe every woman should possess, it adds a sense of elegance to her. Once I have taken in all the information I need and in a way formed an opinion of the person that I am about to interact with I tend to come out of my shell and be the FourMe that you've known me here.

Now the things is, lately I have become silent! Yes silent! My mother and family are going insane, I only speak when spoken to, I do not engage into long conversations, I cannot be on the phone for more than couple of minutes, I have ceased the will to talk. I believe this is caused by a handful of factors, one of which is (my newly acquired hobby) reading, the lose of you know who, blogging, and wanting to be alone with my thoughts. In a way I am getting fed up of this silence and missing the talkative portion of me . My head is at an overload level, too much thinking, too much reading, too much useless information and its all up in my head and its pointless. I want to taaaaaaaaaaaalk! Damn it I miss talking and having endless meaningless conversations for hours and hours.

My silence shall cease..

I will talk, I will talk, I will talk!

I shall resume talking..


fashionista said...

don't worry sweetie it's just a matter of time and you gonna talk and talk like how you used to be,old habits die hard trust me (=

and btw i do the same exact thing when i meet new people lol they think i'm so quiet but they don't know that i'm a riot hehe ;p

Essa A. said...

at least you stay sakta till you study the person infront of you! me!! i trust the person infront of me . el7amdella i dont do it anymore , dont worry everything will be perfect , as long as you are not doin anything wrong then everything is on track

Ansam said...

talk talk talk hehehehehe

Âme said...

The bloggers always have stretched their arms open to embrace those who talk.

Welcome home :)

~ Soul

Âme said...

We miss those rants, those expressions of frustrations which you cannot bear, those little talks about fashion, those affirmative attitudes, those cranky ideas ...

Yeah we miss the talk of an incredible woman.

~ Soul

ZaMaHReeR said...

talk fourme talk...
talk about football, i will help u, give u some ideas about the real teams such as real madrid and ac milan :P

OutOfReach said...

its normal ... people change .. you just have to give your self some time and you will be ok and be the old you dont worry about it ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

its probably just a phase dear :)
im sure youll be back to normal in no time

even though i dont understand why the silence is bad...i love being alone with myself :)

Ms. D said...

ween sadeqatich?

Ruby Woo said...

Sometimes we need that as everything happens for a reason.. It's just a matter of time before you go back to the way you were.. But for now, enjoy your moment of silence. It can actually be good for you!

Amethyst said...

I'm glad the post ends with a decision:)

FourMe said...

well I hope so.. the silence is deafening.. yay we have something in common.. most people just chatter away without learning about their surroundings.

That's the worse thing, to trust ppl straight away, when most are not trust worthy.
ya I guess its on the right track but just needs time to move on.

hehheh 7adich cheerleader :p

Blogging is one of the things that is causing my silence! I need to step away from 'home' to resume my chatterbox self.. yet I've become very comfortable here..

Oh my oh my you're making FourMe blush :) thank you for the very generous words..

FourMe said...

I will I will lol.
Ohh how I miss football can't wait for next season to begin (not watching Euro)!

looool real teams!! when you stop talking about panzies and start discussing real teams like those who are in the English league then I'll start talking :p

I really hope so I miss my old self, she's so much more fun than this drab.

8 months of silence is a looong phase! silence is good but not for that long of a period plus when normally you are not that type. But even though I always enjoy my quite time and must have a hour or 2 of it each day.

ms. d:
they are around, when I meet them we do sit and talk for a bit but at times I do go silent as well.. but when I'm back home I become a mute again.

woo woo:
true I just hope I get the reason before I permanently go silent! in this case I think it is doing more harm than good.

So am I..

ZaMaHReeR said...

oh come on fourme!!
u consider the english "teams" as real teams :P
we will see the next season who is gonna when the champions.. and in the primer league im a MAN U fan :P im not a big fan.,, but if i was forced to watch it i will support Ferguson's kids.

Anonymous said...

etsaker athonha men garga3 Fourme ;p



jesterat314 said...

you go girl ! :P

FourMe said...

oh dear you didn't ! you didn't just insult the EPL!!

hehehe mashiii ana a3almich .. ela a6ashir mokhich mara thanya :p


:::ShoSho::: said...

I am no help coz I am not talker!

eshda3wa said...

ta3alay ge3day ma3ay
ill make us some french coffee
and get u talking till the wee hours of morning

FourMe said...



sounds just like what I need..