Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Mother + Eye Colour = A Husband!

The title says it all!

Apparently these days all a girl needs is a certain eye colour, an amazing mother that's loved by everyone, and she can land herself a husband! A7la shay ena kh6bony because I have the right eye colour and because my mother is amazing and the rest is history!

Now I've heard girls getting proposed to for the usual criteria i.e. appearance, education,((Shallow ppl) social background and family names). But never have I heard a girl getting proposed to because of her eyes and mother!!

Now neither the groom NOR his mother have seen me! The grooms mummy knows my mother as well she has Heard that I have coloured eyes. Apparently I was approved by the groom because of my eyes and approved by his mother because of my mother!! Ya3ni ana a6la3 minha!

Mumzy: Kh6boch
FourMe: Mabi!!
Mumzy: Se'laay meno awaal gabil la tgoleen LAAA!?!
FourMe: I don't care.. Ma Abiii!
Mumzy: (Ignoring the fact that I don't care) He's 30yrs old Engineer and graduated from UK.
FourMe: Mama mabii. O ba3dain hatha wain shafny?!!!
Mumzy: Elwalad ygool yabi wa7da 3yonha nafs lon e3yoonich
FourMe: (WHAT THE FUCK) ya3ni la eho shafny wla oma shafatny and they both want me ?!
Mumzy: Ee oma khosh mara et7ibny o 3ashan entay benty ehy tabeech.
FourMe: Mama MABI atzwaj END OF SUBJECT!

Girls there is hope after all! All you need is a friendly mother and the right eye colour (if not applicable, Contact lenses will Do) ..


Soul said...

inzain ballah wa7da loon 3yoonha ba7ar o ehya sheefaaaaaaa!!!! nafs elli 5obrech el barazraz???? loooooool

so what color ur eyes are? i'll ask bel msn la7tha ;p

Big Pearls said...

people in our society tend to do that..if your mom is loved and known for her good qualities then you are more likely to get married. About the eye color, maybe galaw nathreb 3asforain ib 7ajar:p

N. said...

Shouldn't color eyes ppl, marry color eyes ppl as well? :p What do you say ha

Anonymous said...

ya7leelhom walla

:::ShoSho::: said...

Shofay men will be men, they seek appearance FIRST! Sha3ar na3em, kastani2i O madri shno! don't THEY look in the mirror first before setting rules?!!! loooool

bas who is your mum is important too, well, not always but most of the time it shows your upbringing.. I know it's not always the case, sometimes they are bad mummies and good girls turn out, trying to be different than their mummies but most of the time, a girl is a reflection of her mum.. you should take that as a compliment ;) Honestly!

LoL I do sound like a mum, don't I? LoooooooL You will have to wait about 10 years for my big boy and 20 for the little one if you want? :P

Âme said...

Congratulations, you got the deadly combination.

~ Soul

Hasan.B said...

So is Soul hinting that your a sheefa?? (Do not blame me!) But I think you should say yes. You never know it might turn out to be one of those hollywood movies! They start by getting married drunk in vegas and then falling in love at the end of it!

ShoSho: Sij inich mawloda bel 70s! Shakhabari kastani2i!!

Eulalia said...

LOOL! zain tsaween! ana law shino ma ar6'a bwa7id superficial chithi.

Shoush said...

About the mom thing, well some ppl say that if u wanna know about the girl, ask about her mom. As Shosho mentioned, it shows tarbiyat-ha oo a5laqha, etc. Bs ib9ara7a, i've seen the sweetest moms with the rudest/meanest girls ever! Sometimes when the mom is too sweet, i3yalha y6l3oon imdal3een bizyada oo 3asreen etc. Bs MOST LIKELY when the mom is a strong personality oo strict and lenient ib nafs ilwagt and mo7tarama etc etc etc, then the girl ti6la3 3ala omha.

As for the guy and colored eyes, lol. That's not new. Shababna (and omahat-hom sometimes lilasaf) mostly go for mathahir and superficial stuff like that. Ya3ni madri, laykoon lon i3yoon libnaya will guarantee a good wife and mom in the future? Am saying that in general ya3ni, not about u.

Ib9ara7a, i don't mean to discourage u, bs if a guy comes to ya56obni in this exact scenario, personally, i wudn't bother seeing him 7ata. China yay yashtiri sayara!

choowies said...

loool thats nice ;p my stry is the other way around , my fiance she was with me in the bank , then i resigned and i wanted her so bad ;p i have an amazing mother and i have a green eyes ;p why they did not yakh6eboni ana ;p

Amethyst said...

LOL! That is hilariously ridiculous;p

Hamitaf La B said...

3ayal ana omee baytha oo shagra oo 3yooon '3a'6ra 5alat oboy et-thoob.... oo ana "brazilian bronze" as my friends say oo sha3ar kastana2i as shosho said oo 3yooni light brown...
Note ana nes5at omee .. carbon copy.... but people -family n friends - egoloon 3anee sheefa oo 3an omee malekat jamal...!!!

ya jema3a el criteria.... white-blonde-colored eyes and your set for life... ;p

b3dayn give the guy a chance he might surprise yu with his intelligence... :)

Fastidious Babe said...

lool he does sound like a good candidate though :P JK!! xx

eshda3wa said...

ee fee mathal kuwaiti ygoolich
"etha bethomha es2al 3ala omha"


ahhh the whole concept of marriage is just funny to me

:::ShoSho::: said...

Hasoooooooon!!! Are you calling me old?!! lol.. well mo ana, I heard men say that.. I think hair colour is old news everyone is colouring now lol but just saying.. my husband would prefer if I shave off all my hair lol he hates long hair !

Anonymous said...

yemken 3ashaan el nasel.. you know .. ur coloured eye + his coloured eye = loon 3ajeeeb


Soul said...

hasoooooooooooooon ya mozalleg el wayrat el makshoooofa!!!

kelish i wasn't hinting enna fourme is sheefa!! a9lan i never saw her!!!! and i'm sure she is beautiful from outside like inside.

fourme shoofeeeeeeeh :/

Bebe & Noonie said...

lOoool bs laish shayla fikrat marriage ?;P

~Lush said...

i have neither !! shlon ;/

Silver said...

so shino lon i3yonich 7ajiya?

No poster ha? cool...7a9al 5air... ;p

FourMe said...

e6ee7 eb chabd oma, khaly 3ad eyjabilha el3omr kila 3ashan lon e3yonha..

g6ee3a 7adha si7taa, 3ama eb3ainhom mako thooq!

hehehe ya 2 for the price of one!

what are you suggesting ;)

hehe ee wala ya7laila eho w oma..

Ok ana ma3ach appearance, if he asked my figure, my face, my colour fine, NOT eyes. ya3ni basically 7athaaf kil shay w asked about eyes! 7ad oma elwalad 3inda eye fetish.

so true about mummies, they would be good o banat'hom ezbala 7ashach.

wala ya rait shosho ta7jzely elzghayir elemtakhtakh :p

FourMe said...

would of prefered not to have it, seeing its in demand now!

btw why were you sad in previous comment, I didn't get it.

yooz yooz la tzaligh wayraat I swear aswi 3alaik enqlab!

Now you're comparing my screwed up life to Cameron Diaz's new movie! very uncreative of you..

and NO I won't say yes!!

ee 9a7 mid eightee's wouldn't get such stuff, eshfahimik bil alwaan..

7adaa LAAAAA I would never agree to the whole concept of arranged marriage wla 3ala ga9 ergobty.

exactly the mum factor is important but it doesn't apply to this generation, el7amdila I am like my mother bs some gals are totally the opposite of their mums.

I guess its one of the things that really make him go weak at the kness lol. I closed the subject at the end of the conversation. WOuld never do that type of marriage.

FourMe said...

hehhe you have the combination that's demanded, shall I tell him about you :p

Beyond ridiculous..

Its the colour of the eyes baaaby :p 3ashan chethy omich yngal 3anha 7ilwaa ..

damn etha 3ala your conclusion I shouldn't worry anymore :p

Note to self: colour hair blonde to achieve perfection.

fastidious babe:
ashig ehdoomy la la fasti babe ashig ehdomy a7sen.. agoolich eshrayich I fedex him to you :p

Totally applicable.. the concept of marriage is pointless to me..

FourMe said...

7ada bo 3alwa yabeela tathbee6.. 6alat w tshmkhaait elyoum ygolich old o bachir eygoly ana old! agolich w boycott his blog a7sen shay :p

3ad lo he has coloured eyes he wouldn't want a wife with coloured eyes.. personally I wouldn't want to be with a guy with coloured eyes.. shy6l3on elyahal with what, purple eyes?

7abeebty entay :* entay ely gorgeous on the inside and outside bs 3aibich elwa7eed hal 3etwy elk7ly..

ma3alaich ma3alcih baf9il 3aleh 3ala youm if he continues with this..

bebe & noonie:
Good question.. keep reading and I will right about it one day..

wala madri dear :/

wala 3ala 6raif was gona do one and was gona ask eshda3wa about you.. bs en3fas mazaaaj ahal ahaly :/