Friday, 27 June 2008

Migraine Break Through!!

Migraine sufferers REJOICE!

A procedure to eliminate migraines was discovered in 2000 in the US. The good news is that it has been proven to be successful! Not 100% successful but nonetheless Successful! A migraine clinic in London is now conducting the procedure for £3,000. For more information click here to read the article. What they do is first inject you with botox and see if it eliminates the pain, and if it does then your are eligible for the procedure. The procedure consists of removing the "corrugator muscle" which is the muscle above the eyes/eyebrows that controls the frowning lines in the forehead.

Well you know what! About bloody time about BLOODY TIME!! I've been a migraine sufferer from the age of 13. I used to get migraines on a daily basis, easily taking up to 8 panadols a day (god knows what it has done to my growth). That's not including the injections and endless hours of crying and sitting in a dark room with no noise nor light just to eliminate the pain, at a point it reached I used to hit my head against the wall from the pain. So about bloody time to come up with a damned solution for these nauseating, pestering, horrifying pain in the arse of migraines! So far botox has helped me ALOT but IF (GOD FORBID) they start to come back as strong as they used to, I will not hesitate and do this operation even if it is not 100% successful I am willing to take the chance..



ZaMaHReeR said...

that is a good news.. oo inshallah u never suffer migraine again.. and be a migraine free all the time.

Anonymous said...

alo alo aloo

2nd better than 4th ;p

khal aro7 agra

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

:D :D :D :D

il7emdellah il7emdellah

enshallah mat3ooood o en3adaat doo the operation

enshallah allah etamem 3aleech el se7a wel3afya :D

Âme said...

Al7emdillah, its good news.

Let thou be cured :)

~ Doul

Amethyst said...

I think you should go for it asap!

Ruby Woo said...

Do it and tell me how it goes! I finally convinced my parents to give me the green light on the botox thing. I'm doing it after this summer!
But this sounds promising. Good luck ;*

Silver said...

thats so great for u! inshalla u wont need the surgery but if u do..then inshala it cures the migrane and u'll be freeeeeee! free i tell u!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

look at the bright side....atleast the botox is working :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Thats great news!
Must tell my best friend cuz her mother suffers from really bad migraines.

FourMe said...

enshala.. alah la y3ood theech elayam.. I'm so happy for mankind that they finally found a solution for migraines YAAAAAAAAAAYing with you :D



no so far I'm good, still getting the odd headache every now and then but I can handle it, been through worse..

No won't do it now. So far botox is working for me.. I think you should do it now because usually in summer migraines get worse, well they do with me anyway..

trust me its amazing news for every migraine sufferer. at least now we know something can be done and not just a life long of painkillers.

ya el7amdila so far so good :)

delicately realistic:
it is I was so excited when I heard it on the news today! do tell I think she will be happy to hear such news.

Ruby Woo said...

They get worse during summer because of the sun!
The sun is my enemy.

Big Pearls said...

god help you with those migrains..they are awful

eshda3wa said...


PaLoMiNo said...


ya raby!!!!!

wallaa entaaaw ya bnaat betyaneenooony!!!!!!!!!!!!!


awal shy ur not gona do that operation ok? fahma?

walla astghreb!!! ma tkhfeen??

y3ni 3mleya yedeeda o ma yswooonha ela hnaak, o betswenha? o il procedure is eeeeew!!

la shy bel wayh!! bala etshwhtay??

sm3eny my mama gets migraine min zumaaan and i know everything about it! every single bit ok??

tell me what medications u took to treat it? kilshay u do or did to treat the pain tell me what it was.. do u have any allergies?
how often do u get them? and how long do they last?

ba3dha I will tell u what to do awl ma t7seen ur gona get the attack and we will see how things go ok:)

o shely il afkaar il soda min balich it's not as bad as u think sweetie:)

FourMe said...

summer is horrible.. if I'm going out during the day in the heat I take panadols before I feel the pain cuz I know once the sun hits me I'm dead.

thank you dear..

eybarik feech :D

I'm not going to do it, but if one day worse gets to worse in the future and I start getting those horrible migraines again non-stop I will. mako wa7da kethry etkhaaf bs when you've went through the pain that I used to go through trust me you tend to look for a solution no matter how obscure it sounds.

hun I've been getting migraines for 14 years ya3ni no matter how much you know about migraines you don't know enough till you have felt them for 14 years. And it is as bad as it sounds because I have felt them unfortunately. Once I was not allowed by my doctor to fly back to London because my migraines were too sever and had to wait till they become less, even though I had exams at the time. So yes my migraines are baaaaaaaaaaad.

No medication ever works they make the pain less, used all painkillers but so far Norgesic is the only one that sedates the hell out of me. trust me nothing can make a migraine go away if there was a away chan the whole world of used the technique plus migraines differ from one sufferer to the other.

sourire said...

That's very good news! But don't risk it! Isn't the botox working for you?

..::Amu::.. said...

ouch!!! I hope you get well soon :)

PaLoMiNo said...

sweetie if your taking panadol and Norgesic to treat your migraine tara it will take you to no where..
if 14 years your not using the correct method to treat it ana agolich u will suffer from it all your life..
Believe me I know what it feels ok?
The chronic pain that cancer or rheumatoid patients feel is nothing compared to migraine pain.

you say panadol did nothing for it sa7? You now what norgesic is?
it's panadol with a muscle relaxant. That's if u use ele 3indna hnee, bas etha tyebeena min bara it has aspirin instead of panadol and it has Caffeine in it which only increases the effect of both aspirin and muscle relaxant.

my mom uses a nasal inhaler eyry7ha o eywgef il alaam..

3al 3mooom 3ala ra7tch sweetie just wanted to help o sorry leany edakhalt :)

FourMe said...

it is so far its helped alot but I can't keep botoxing for the rest of my life :/

cheers mate :)

dear you misunderstood I don't mind I'm just so frustrated o zahagt 7ayaty min elheadaches that's why. I tried everything and anything from medications to a3shaab to Mri's to brain scans No cure and No cause.. I don't use panadol anymore I used to when I was younger now for little headaches I take neurofen it has ibuprofen in it and that has a better affect on migraines. As for Norgesic I can only get it from Kuwait and even my doc is shocked that it helps my migraines, that's why I told you each body reacts to different things.

ham 3indy nasal sprays and the whole alternative products ham ma nf3aaw.. my case is hopeless that's why I resulted to botox.. but what I'm happy about is that now doc's won't say sorry we can't do nothing about it, at least now they found a semi-cure that one can result too in extreme cases..

Grey said...

takes a chance... good luck..

PaLoMiNo said...

7ayaty sm3eeny..
Just to be on the safe side o ne6aman.. I will explain to you several things that U might already know but even if you do other migraine sufferers might not, so il kel yestfeed :-)

6ab3an ako 3 types of migraine, mild.. moderate and sever

wel 3elaaj feha laah 2 categories.. pain relieving medication and preventive medications

6ab3an il pain relieving medications are used during the attack to stop symptoms

whereas the preventive medications are taken regularly or daily to reduce the severity or frequency of migraines.

NOTE: BOTOX is used as a PREVENTIVE procedure! it does not relieve the pain nor symptoms. oo tara there isn't enough research done in how it might prevent migraines. You should consider this only if all other preventive medications have failed!
awal shy leana it has a lot of side effects that r known and many others which are Unknown!
o thany shy leana it works on the nervous system! ele oho aham system bel jesm kila!
btw bnaaat.. botox ystkhdmona for facial wrinkles, and its mo'aqat.. y3ni ele ystkhdmoona for taj3eeed they have to do it again ba3d ma yrooo7 il effect... bas lama yzool il effect il taj3eed terja3 o eb akthaar wethoo7 o kil mara lazim eyzdoon il jor3a.. bas usually they r old women so 3adi.. bas if young a7es 7araam il bnya etghez coz wayha ra7 ytja3d bsr3a o she will have to do it all her life.

fourme sweetie if u don't mind momkin a3rf where r u getting them injected? which neorologist?

back 2 our 2 catergories

first gilna 3indna pain relieving medications:
ako 6 types

type 1
6ab3an panadol, profen, aspirin these r used for mild migraine.. ako combination medications nafs il norgesic, o ako noo3 madry wala etha mwjood bel q8? bas ynba3 in amrekka o 7ada qawe for treating moderate attacks, it's panadol o aspirin o caffeine makhloo6en o esma excedrin migraine.. these might not be effective if used alone for sever migraine. btw if used for a long time it might cause rebound headaches.
Fourme sweetie akhaaf il migraines ele 3indch g3d yrj3oon coz of il norgesic? madry but ask ur doctor.

type 2
these r used for sever migraine attacks, they also relieve the nausea, light and sound sensitivity.
akoo wayedanwaa3 bas ana my mama uses ZOMIG. o 7adha mert7a 3alyh mashala. ako akthar min strength.. your doctor decides which u take. My mama uses the nasal spray she gets it from the states, bel kuwait mako ela il tablets which do the same effect as nasal spray bas il farg ena il tablets take longer time to work.

type 3
this type is very old o used a long time ago, it is badeel type 2 but it is less effective and less side effects than type 2

type 4
treats il nausea wel vomiting that is accompanied with the migraine attack. ham ako wayed anwaa3 o ako shrab o 7boob o ta7mel, also y3tmed 3ala qaraar il dr

type 5
nooo3 momkin eysabib edmaan if misused! so shouldn't be used frequently o ma an9a7 feeh ela etha il mareeth has allergies to the other types

type 6
hal noo3 3ad mo ay a7d yakhtha o inshala ma7d ye7taja, o ma yaktha ela il maretha ela etha can in a fatal condition bcoz it is 3ebara 3an mokhadraat

Preventive medications
ako 5 types
6ab3an ele eyngee ay noo3 u use is ur dr, wetha u use them bel jor3aat ele ey7dedha il dr inshala u wont suffer any side effects, sj ena asmehom etkhr3 but dont worry they r not as scary as they sound

type 1
certain blood pressure and heart medications

type 2
ba3th adweyat il ekte'eaab

type 3
adwya used to treat seizures.
mama used topamax fatra bas ma rta7t so she used neuontin instead, which is a combination of certain types of vitamins

type 4

type 5
Botox (last resort)

My mama et3lej min zuman in the states, her dr dayman yn97ha to avoid triggers, such as certain foods, scents, and also drinks. all momkin eysbeboon il migraine, lazim etla7theen sheno these items o twgfenhom. also have regular meals, sleep in regular patterns and control stress kether ma tgdren.

EXCERCISE! bas always warm up slowly, sudden and tense excersize can cause headaches.

If u take estrogen as in birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, tara momkin eysbeboon il migraines so make sure to ask ur dr for badeeel.

o 3ashan my mama t3rf sheno these triggers she keeps useto keep a diary o writes kilshay.. el7een 6ab3an she doesnt coz khlaaa9 t3rfhom.

7awly byn fatra o thnya tsween relaxation massage. Yoga and meditation is very good also.. 7awlay at least kilyooomm etsween shy relaxing 7ata low 30 mins.. listen to music, read. take a hot bubble bath... la t39beeeeeeeeen :)

dont oversleep o get enough sleep :)

During the attack take ur medication, , rest in a dark, quiet room when you feel a headache coming on. Place an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on the back of your neck and apply gentle pressure to painful areas on your scalp.
hmmmm wayed ketaabt!!! bel nesba 7ag alternative medicine ako wayed ashya ba3d bas u said u tried them sa7? if u r interested in knowing them let me know and I will list them for u and u can google them

o sam7ena 3al e6ala ;pPp
oo matshoofooon shaaar yaa raab.. hatha kila ajer.. Take care everyone ;***

FourMe said...

Thanx dude..

Alah y3een your mum, my mum went through the same thing but she used to get the type of migraines that cause her to faint where ever she was. But she did some sort of thing that they make the vein in the forehead bleed mo 7jama bs something similar cuz she couldn't handle it anymore :/

Botox prevents it and that is a GODSEND wayed raya7ny, tadreen 7ashatny ulcer min kethir elmedications I took ely my stomach ma gamat et7maal and I had to get that cured and that's one of the reasons I resulted to botox cuz I can't handle pills anymore like I use to.

So many people I know use Zomig and it helped them but can you believe ena ma nefa3ny! Norgesic worked so much more than zomig.

I don't use Norgesic alot I only use it when I get the sever migraines because I HATE the feeling of being sedated. I'd rather die of pain then take the extreme medications. I had it once when I got a really really sever pain when I told you I wasn't allowed to fly.

Once I was given 2 kinds of the depression medications and because my body reacts to medicine in such a weird way I was literally HIGH and till this day I don't remember what happened to me when I took the medication. So I would never take that again.

As for birth control pills I don't take them. I need to because I have problems with my ovaries bs I'm refusing to take them because of their side effects. So no worries.

Antihistamines I'm already taking because I get allergies around this time of year.

Its a known fact migraines don't have a permanent cure all of these medications help during the attacks and sometimes before bs still mako shay yashfeech totally min migraines and with the years of suffering from it one tends to accept that fact bs ra7ma ely al7een they found a solution for sever cases.

hehehe la dear I enjoy comments like these where someone is discussing something they know and have been handling for years. Eshar mayeech dear thank you.. el7amdila 3ala kil 7aal I'm much better now than before so I can't complain.

chikapappi said...

You poor thing! I feel you and I started thinking yesterday of when I started having those episodes, ever since I started working in my company :X