Sunday, 22 June 2008

Football Talk

To Zamahreer,

"u consider the English "teams" as real teams" - Zamahreer.

Now I was gonna play nice but you went and insulted the English teams and that my friend means WAR!

So dear lets see who you consider real teams 'the Italians' and Real Madrid!! Oh where shall I start from, the Italians who have no honour and respect for the game or the multi-talented yet so useless Real Madrid! Now I'm not a keen follower of the Serie A but still I have watched a couple of matches from each season. Italian football players are panzies Yes you heard me they are pretty boy panzies who play dirty metaphorically and literally. Style le3obhom le3ib bar7aat, every 2 seconds the ref has to stop the game because the pretty boys can't keep their hands off each other! Where is the talent and discipline in that? Football is about control and discipline and it is definitely not visible in the teams that you have mentioned.

Now when I go through a whole season of 7arg a39aab and anger and frustration I'd expect it to be genuine BUT your Serie A pretty boys FAKE IT all!! Now dear if I'm putting in the time to watch all of that I'd expect the matches to be real not fixed as they have done in the 2004/05 season ! So in comparison the English boys trump the Italian panzies because wait wait THEY actually do play games without them being fixed!!

Now dear what was the other one? Oh Real Madrid whom I consider to be the equivalent of a box of Patchi chocolates. Excellent on their own but dreadful when eaten all at the same time! Now personally I believe their problem is that they have way TOO many good players and that is and was their problem always. They fill every position with the biggest names in the football world, and such players have ENORMOUS egos, their egos are far TOO big for them all to be on one pitch playing for the same team at the same time. For gods sake they had the best of the best benched over the years!! From Ronaldo to Beckham! Now if you have a player who has the ability to score from halfway-line and has one of the best right foots the football world has seen, would you bench him?!

Have a look..

In conclusion English Teams and the Premiership is the REAL DEAL! Whereas your pretty boys and Patchi yummies are NOT!


Ruby Woo said...

I'm not a fan of football, so all i read was blah blah, blah blah blah blah... blah!
Butttt you got a point there!

FourMe said...

hehehe 3adi dear I expected the same response from most of the ladies here.. well glad I made a point even to a non-football supporter!

FourMe 1 - 0 Zamahreer :p

Soul said...

hatha el shay el wa7eeed elli you and me ne5telef feeh! i don't like football! and i don't hate it at the same time!

bas i think italy mo shay! although my puma bag+shoes+T-shirt maloot el gym kelohom Italy! mo 3shan shay bas i like the blue color he3he3he3

choowies said...


..::Amu::.. said...

heyyy I am with Zamahreer.....

:::ShoSho::: said...

I totally agree with Real Madrid.. I always say what's wrong with those guys, they just buy good players but don't get anywhere.. I only supported them when becks was there,, lol.. well, I have to be honest I am following him everywhere looooooooool

English football is the REAL Football ALL the way.. I don't know about Italians though.. haven't watched them..As for the national teams, I am ok with Italy but I think they are sort of aggressive.. play tough..

:::ShoSho::: said...
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:::ShoSho::: said...

Team not teams.. I mean I was referring to Italy as a national team..

:::ShoSho::: said...

Aww becks is so cute there in the video looool

I like the fact that he and Giggs were playing Man Utd since they were really young..

:::ShoSho::: said...

Sorry I keep commenting every other second lol.

I just want to say becks is famous for goals like this, he scores often from a distance..

Anonymous said...

how many times did u say the words dear ?

lool ,, mali bel football bs ga3da asharek ;p

ZaMaHReeR said...

You are talking, happy that i made u talk :P
sweet FourMe, i was joking when i mentioned the English teams, "all i wanted is to piss you off to make you talk :D", .. but they can not be compared to Real Madrid and Ac Milan.
WARNING: this will be a long comment, sorry in advance.

- Lets start comparing by achievements:
Liverpool and Man U, the best english teams in the champion league, they won 5 and 3 times respectively, that will be in total of 8 wins.
Real Madrid alone won 9 times.
AC Milan alone won 7 times.

- Players:
The english clubs depends on foreign players thats was mentioned by the national team mangers, thats why they can not win or qualify to the euro or win the world cup. in the other hand, Italy teams depend in 85-95% on their own players, thats why they have a good team.
Even the Spanish team have good squad but they are unlucky.

oh yeah panzies and patchi :P
The italian style is famous by the strong zone defense, they close their half field, thats why there are a lots of fouls and most games finish 1-0 or 2-1 its hard to score in these games, its interesting because when a team scores they use a lot of tactics to open the locked areas and open the opponent field, and as they said ily tiksabo el3abo :D
However, the patchi Real Madrid, they used to be patchi but not anymore. the previous president Florentino Pérez wanted to assemble the famous Galáctico, by signing with big names, to attract money and new fans. but now the new president sell the old players and brought young players with talent. thats why the team is going in the right direction.

In conclusion, sorry for the LONG comment, and TALK TALK FourMe :P

Amethyst said...

Not my field;p

Oranjina fadidra said...

gameetha! Im not a 6omba5eya fan! yet, I enjoy sometimes, nadreer, a7yannen a good 5 min of watching it, then get lost, then finally change the channel..

Silver said...

hahaha nice..

Coconut said...

i second amethyst :P

FourMe said...

Its a beautiful sport if you follow it, simply amazing!

Dare I admit I have a Itlay squad jersey but in my defece I only got it because it was designed by Dolce & Gabbana :p

Agool estreeee7 3ala janb bs..

heyy you know nothing about football so you have no say in this :p

Honestly they have superb players bs sometimes too much talent kills!
hahaha even though I love becks but I couldn't bring myself to support any non-English team.

lol he was so young there, I think he looks way better now :p
he scores from every where that's the thing about him and if he does not score he's a play maker he tends to set up goals nicely. Ya3ni elwalad bta3 kolo so why the hell bench him!! Especially before buying him he scored 1 or 2 goals against them in the last 10min of the match (was quite a while back so I don't remember exact details.

FourMe said...

adri ethbat wjood lol

ya3ni 3afya shagola etha mo dear .. Ha weld 3amy or yal 7abeeb.

Amethyst/ Coconut:
Both missing out, its amazing!

Oran Fad:
Sup girrrl! hahha e6oofich e6ombakheya 7adha badee3a, you gotta know who to watch and when do you do you'll get hooked..

I know I know :p

FourMe said...

Zamahreer aka The Enemy:
When it comes to football not only I talk, I scream.. No no there is no joking about the quality of football hathy ey9eer feha daam laih elrkaab mafeha qashmara :P

Correction an English team has won the Champions League 11 times, as did the Spaniards and the Italians. True Real has won it 9 times but your are talking about a team back in the 1950's! 5 out of 9 wins of Real were in the 50's! Its as if you're comparing the Kuwaiti football from the 1970's to their teams now!

In total tell me how many Italian players play for Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool? not more than a handful, true they do depend on foreign players so does any other football club in the world!

If they are as good as you say then why do they result to fixing their games? Come on no one is saying they are not good but they simply have no discipline and respect for the game.

What defence?! Did you forget Man Utd 7-1 against AS Roma?! Or are they not Italians ;) Listen this is not my opinion its the opinion of many football critics. A game is at its high point when it has a continuous flow but its ruined when stopped every so often, it ruins the flow and slows done the rhythm of the game.

Real Madrid was and will always be for 'glory hunter' supporters who follow certain players and because the team is hyped up more than it actually deserve. In that case we can't judge the 'new' Real till they have proven themselves to be worthy opponents!

I can go on forever talking about this but I tried to compact the points :D

fashionista said...

nice post ;p

FourMe said...

thanx dear :)