Friday, 20 June 2008

Feeling Blue..

Atchooo, Atcho0o0o, ATCHOOOOOOOO and it keeps on going like this for ever..

I am so ill with everything :(

My head is pounding, my throat is sore, my body is aching, my tooth hurts, and my hay fever has reached defcon 1! What I don't understand is that I already took the flu jab so why am I suffering from flu symptoms now?! My tooth has a mind of its own its insane, I had one of my wisdom teeth removed 6 or more years ago. Now in its exact place is this horrible pain as if a new tooth is about to resurface (would appreciate an explanation by our resident dentists). And last but certainly not least HAY FEVER the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP of all BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPSS is killing me ;( I sneeze an approximate of 3 to 15 sneezes in ten minutes on the hour every hour from the time I wake till the time I collapse. Oh my left eye is itching like hell I am on the verge of sticking my nail in my eye and start itching it AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have taken every medicine known by man and nothing is helping.

My head is pounding, my fever is rising, my imaginary tooth is rising, my face, nose, eyes are itching and atchoO'ing like there is no tomorrow! Now excuse me as I have to go and commit suicide..

Ate 1/2 a litre of chocolate chip brownie ice cream and if I may add that is one of the stupidest things one can do when they are sick!

Feeling even sicker :/ Head to waist dying of heat, Waist to knees freezing cold, Knees to ankles burning hot, Ankle to toes Ice cold frozen! Covered bottom half with a blanky, toes uncovered, open windows, and using some sort of a cardboard letter that was sent by my bank as a mahafa! How can ONE body have so many different temperatures running through it!?


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwwww :(
i hope you feel better soon :( salamat!

Amethyst said...

Ma etshofeen shar;\

Silver said...

you mean you got a flue job? nyahahaha....;)

salamat sweets, matshofen shar:*

Eulalia said...

salamat yal '3ali ya salamat...salamat min ba3ad il s5oona :***

FourMe said...

thank you dear, eysalmich..

Shar mayeech hun :/

hehehe silveeeeeeer yoozay told you that in confidence :p
thank you hun :*

eysalich dear :*
fever is still here ma ra7at :(

zwena said...

et7agre9 alkelma belsani bs am gonna be a better person

matshofen shar hope u feel better soon

fashionista said...

aww get well soon sweetie :(

and thanx for your sweet comment hun ;*

Fastidious Babe said...


do u have fever? ymkn u need antibiotics? anyways hope u get well soon.. chocolate is not good when ur immunity is down.. and the pain in ur tooth could be referred pain from ur sinuses/ears/other teeth!

i'm teething too btw.. and its killing me! i think i might get it pulled out and get it over with like i did the other ones!

hope ur better by now! xx

Elegant Chic said...

Its bcoz of the dusty antibiotic course just got over and still no signs of cold disappearing. Today was a good climate..without dust i mean, hopefully it stays the same.
Get well soon Fourme!

Soul said...

My crimesoulmate :"( don't leave me alone!

get well sooooon ;*******

Âme said...

Take care.

~ Soul

PaLoMiNo said...

maaaa tshoooooooofen shaaar sweetie ;***

7ada mo khosh fikra takleen kakaaw wentay maretha!! ey9eer mala 6a3m ;r

Cocoamour said...

Matshoofeen shar ! I hope you feel better ..

FourMe said...

lol eshar mayeech thanx..

thank you dear :)

fastidious babe:
Eysalmich dear :* yup I'm burning up :( I've already took the flu injection so hopefully it will combat it within the next day.. true its probably caused by that!

I got them all by 21 or so and had one removed that's why I'm wondering where is new-tooth pain is coming from!

elegant chic:
I'm in London so my case is the pollen not the dust :/
thank you dear..

thank you partner ;( ana mareeeeetha dal3eny :(

Will do..

shar mayeech dear :* adrii it made me feel worse but I'm dying for something cold :/

Shar mayeech dear thank you..

:::ShoSho::: said...

I am at the end of a very bad cold.. It was horrible last week!!

Hope you feel better soon..

Big Pearls said...

I hope u are better now:/

Anonymous said...

matshofeen shar;*