Monday, 2 June 2008

Extra Quirkiness

I guess I'm extra weird after all .. I don't know if you can call these quirks or just a default in my personality.. Ms.d just to show you that you're normal.

7. After eating my body's temperature drops to below zero or whatever because for about 4 minutes or so I freeze to death and shiver once like I'm in a sub-zero fridge, 7ata lw ga3da on the beach eating and the temp it 50c.

8. The day before I see someone that I haven't met for over a month or much longer (even family) my lips starts to twitch for a certain period. Its like I have a built-in alarm system that tells me I will meet someone I haven't seen for a while. Mum says Its part of my sixth sense. Been accurate for 2 decades now and haven't failed me since.

9. My sixth sense is freaking freaky. I sense things before they happen, by time I thought it was luck but its not, something much more accurate. Deja vu, thinking of someone and they call the same instance, etc the list goes on and on..

10. I cannot hear clocks ticking it drives me haywire. The same with Arabic news anchors they make me lose my temper their voices piss me off and make me angry!

11. I can make most of my joints click: my back, neck, elbows, ankles, fingers, and hip.

12. From the age of 5 till now I read Archie comics (fashla) bs ma3alaih I'm bearing all. (I had that in common with the soulmate)

13. I cry at almost every episode of Greys Anatomy. I don't know what it is about that bitching show that there has to be a line said or something that happens that switches the waterworks on.

14. I am freakingly clean that its nauseating to the extant that people think I'm weird. People you're just dirty buggers!

15. I have what you call supersonic hearing. I can hear things even if I'm not in the same room and people are whispering. 3ala golat'hom asma3 dbat elnamla. This shocks quite alot of people because I tend to hear things that I shouldn't hear.

16. I can't drink cold water. It has to be of a room temperature but I can drink any other drink that's freezing cold.

17. Everything around me has to be in straight piles whether magazines, dvds, etc..

18. A newly acquired quirk is whenever I am in extreme pain i.e holding something hot, burned my hands, injections, or whatever physically painful I remember how much pain the soulmate has put me through and the physical pain I'm feeling seems to disappear and become more tolerable.

19. The smell of custard makes me nauseous and causes sever migraines so does the smell of watermelons, apples, carrots, and the smell of grass. But custard is the mother of all migraines just thinking of it now I feel sick :/

20. The sound of a high-powered engine makes my heart skip a beat and weak at the knees.

I am a perfectionist that perfection seems to be imperfect next to my perfectionism.


nyxxie said...

o my god i hate the ticking of the clock too, and i'm quite like that with putting things in piles.. i'm not a virgo but dare i ask, are you?

Ms. D said...

3ade a7e6 my bizzerk wacky quirks el extra b3ad? kan wedy bs gelt bakteb`hom next post cuz elyom already sawet ashya ow sar feny "ee Ms. D bravo u think this is normal???" LOL

Soul said...

Interesting !

Much like i used to be before.

Now i am much casual and see order in chaos.

~ Soul

Glitter said...

Don't you spring off and dance mid conversation too?

PaLoMiNo said...

hey ma ashoof shy weird yet?? all is normal girl.. 3adi ako ashya aghrab ;p

Anonymous said...

ur beginning to freak me out;\


Anonymous said...

Monk mo Fourme ;p

jesterat314 said...

hehe, anymore?

Amethyst said...

I want number 15, and I do number 16;p

FourMe said...

it annoys me SO much. don't you sometimes get tired of being so organised? cuz sometimes I'll be sitting so comfy and I see one dvd out of its place I have to get up and stack it up neatly.

ms D the freaky katkoota:
76ay afa 3alaich, 76ay w azeedich more quirks :p hehehe D chena 6al3naa 3oqaad :p 3iny worse quirks bs gelt kafy mabi ana7ish elawadim lol

when I'm happy I'm more quirky, these are the ones that I have now..

la I don't have that BUT If I was alone and daga esharqeya comes on tv or where ever I tend to spring of into a belly dancer mode bs 3ala mazaj mo methil raga9at elharam.. mo tadreen el anesa FourMe makhthaa masters eb haz elwe96. that beat has an unbelievable control over me.

FourMe said...

heheehe 3ayal you belong in the weird group cuz ako girls who are normal beings unlike us.

Lovely Anonymous:
hehehe sowwy, I'll go back to being normal and hide my little quirks :p

You know how he vacuums? I do that too, vacuuming has to be in same direction so there won't be opposite lines on the carpet. When watching Monk I see couple of similarities with him :p

Many moreee but I think that's enough :p

no you don't cuz you'll hear when people are talking behind your back when they're with you and you'll be shocked. 16 is weird isn't it!

Soul said...

May you be quirky most of the time :)

May we see a lot of quirky posts in future on your blog.

~ Soul

shoosha said...

who doesnt get pissed of min the news anchors maloot ktv!!

Justified Destiny said...

lol, i LUV the last one!!

Shoush said...

Ya salam 3alaich. :P

Fastidious Babe said...

noooooow we're talking! lol 7amasteeeneee i wanna get all my friends in a bunch and jot down our quirks.. we have all sorts of wacky quirks . put together we can change the face of quirkiness XD

oh and i only drink room temp water too, alotta people do actually so that one doesn't count XD

ZaMaHReeR said...


FourMe said...

dear forgot to answer your question. Not virgo, I'm taurus the most complicated star sign.

thank you dear :)

shoosha not only ones on ktv but all arabic news anchors but I don't min the ones in english :/ weird..

justified destiny:
Sums me up :)

lol 6ala3t mo hayna ela khbal rasmy :p

fastidious babe:
hehehe will look forward to read it, would love to see what weird things people get up to.

hmmm I'm not going to reveal more enough already :p

?! is it that bad? :/

Missy said...

clocks drive me crazy toooo! I don't have a clock in my room. lol

FourMe said...

I took out all the batteries in the clocks in the house and I do that to any where I stay :/

I feel the ticking is like a hammer nailing a nail in my brain! Ukhhh