Friday, 13 June 2008

Dumb Ass

Hehehe this photo made me crack up .. simply hilarious. Doesn't it (I don't like children hence I refer to them as IT) look like a troll, those ones back in the days with florescent coloured hair!

A question to the Male readers of my insanely meaningless blog:

What is so fascinating about "

Seriously I would like to know what's in them that makes men go all gogo gaga over them!!

A question to the Ladies:

How do you feel when men stare at your lovelies aka BooBieS?

Note: Again if you boys and girls feel a tad too embarrassed to answer, feel free to do so under anonymous.

p.s. The matter of the 2 Souls is still unresolved. Your input will be appreciated..


Big Pearls said...

I'd like to get the answer to that question too!

jesterat314 said...

no comment

Hasan.B said...

They look good. Not referring to the ones that are a result excess fat! They are soft, and they are usable. Did I mention that they look good?? Men like arse as well. If you do not find the arses thing weird then the boobs should be more than normal!

nyxxie said...

haha you're funny

FourMe said...

same here..

Man up boy and answer!

Elaborate. They are access flesh hanging, what's good about that? How does it appeal to you males? True some males prefer arses and that's even worse, lets stick to the topic at hand.

Now back to boobies. Is size a factor? Or are all breasts appealing?
You're the 1st to give his opinion so excuse the overload on questions.

:/ I just like to know how the male (non existent) brain works..

jesterat314 said...

I just look deep into the eyes of the lady in front of me. I look deep into that window of the soul. I don't care about the curves :) cliche much?

FourMe said...

Heads up mate the Shakespearean era ended a while ago!

Again man up and give me a feasible explanation and stop dodging the question..

Glitter said...


Âme said...

I have thought about this question when i was a teenager.

Why am i attracted to boobies ?

Probably, I wanted motherly care again. Feeling of security.

All that tender, soft, concepts about boobies have their ancestral roots back to the motherly care when we were babies.

Boobies are hidden. Adds to curiosity until experienced personally.

Its more about finding resting place for ego, than boobies.

Same goes for the ass too. Actually , wider the hips and good ass is a sign of fertility.

We have an instinct to reproduce.

Boobies resemble like ass.
Hence, a minor confusion, of care with reproductive instinct.

Rest all the hype is about the oh oh ah ah created by the inexperienced and the media.

Size does matter usually at first for a majority, as it indicates storage and sufficiency.

Later, the idea of size loses its luster.

However, size is not a concern.

I have discussed this issue with my friends who are women, some feel it violates their womanhood in a crude sense; some feel good about it, that they have this invisible control.

Some feel its pretty nasty and at the same time inside feel good about it.

~ Soul

P.S: Will ask few other women for their opinions.

Fastidious Babe said...

lool kids are it to me too.. and omg TROLLS?! daaaaaamn thakarteeeneee bl good ol days :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you know thats escatly wat i thought when i saw that like hey that looks like the thing that i used to play with when i was little bt i cant remember wat it was called!! hehe

FourMe said...



fastidious babe:
7ada old days! heheh aren't they? they're such ITs :p

he reminded me of the blue haired ones specifically madri laish :/

FourMe said...

So you're trying to tell me that when men stare at women's breasts in the streets they are thinking of their mothers! Lets put the innocent explanation aside because I really don't believe that's the case.. Definitely not when some of those pervs that stare at a girl in the street or where ever and start touching themselves right there on the spot. I doubt those pervs are thinking about the motherly love. Unless they are some sick wackos!!

It is a sign of fertility that's a given.. but again I doubt everytime a man looks a womans arse he's thinking 'oh I wonder how many children that womb of hers can bear'.

I agree with you those are the logical or how do you accaptable reasons but I doubt those are the main trigger that triggers the gogo gaga effect..

I beg to differ I think size does matter to some men, maybe not of a preference to you but definitely to some. I don't see men turning into human puddles after seeing a woman with a 32A boobies! But when the boobies are of a certain size you can see them turning into complete morons staring while being dazed and mesmerized.

Hell ya a woman feel violated! I certainly do. You get some pervs that stare in such way that you know they are thinking of ways to violate you in inhumane ways!!

It feels good when a man appreciates the way you look and gives you the "you got a nice rack on you" look not "I'd like to pin you to the ground and tare you to pieces" look.

No please ask your male friends. I already know how women feel about it. I'd like to know the male perspective of the matter..

Hasan.B said...

Okay, enough with linking mothers with boobs!!

I agree, the fact that they are hidden adds to the sexiness. The size DOES matter. Not too big and not too small is always good. As I said before they are usable in many ways, especially during intercourse. And obviously they are a hot spot. Women enjoy men playing with them during the intercourse (or so I believe) and as a result men enjoy doing so. Plus they look GOOD! I think that was too much...

Ruby Woo said...

Hasan B, thank you for elaborating. It really makes sense.

I might be flattered at first, but sometimes you do feel violated. Ok a quick glance maybe acceptable but a long stare is too creepy.

Why do us (women) like a guy with hard abs, or six pack might I add. It all comes to the fact that it is associated to looks. I really believe that its by nature. Men are attracted to boobs.

FourMe said...

hahahaha I didn't start the mother thing its Ame's fault..

I thought so size is an important factor that cannot be dismissed.. Okaay god did not give us breasts so your highnesses could enjoy them. That was not the main purpose of attaching them to the female body! SO that point is not valid.. Lets put aside how they could be enjoyed during intercourse and focus on why do they have an effect on men?

Is it because it reminds them what they can do with them during such times? Cuz if so your bunch of perverts and if Souls point is the reason why you stare at them "the motherly instinct" then again perverts.

I guess in conclusion the male gender is in fact a bunch of perverts hiding behind an ill mannered decoy :D

ruby woo:
Not all women like six packs and the whole deal.. to be honest I find it gay and a turn off on a man !

Exactly a split second glance is flattering, a stare is a horrifying experience that makes a woman feel sick to her stomach..

Âme said...

OK, lets get to detailing then.

If you want to look at the exterior and then want to drill down to the interior of the subject, let it be so.

Note: We are focusing on WHYs remember.

1. Media Hype
The Media has created a huge commercial image of women's breasts. The forbidden fruit was revealed with shine and availability in abundance relating to products. Hence, the idea of disposable products related to women. From she to it.

2. Hidden Self of Opposite Sex
Hidden parts of opposite sex have more appeal than exposed parts.
Eg. Even if a woman's legs are fully covered in a particular society, that society's men have an urge for women's legs in general.
Eg.2: Where women's breasts are exposed all the time, the opposite sex of that place usually has less rape cases rooting from breasts. The only deciphered reason would be, that breasts are commonly exposed in their society.

3. Reproductive Instinct
Species have an instinct to reproduce. Breasts are something soft, sensitive and project a warm feeling for that instinct.

4. I dont have them
Men dont see breasts on their chests. They dont have that much flesh there. It amuses them as much as penis and scrotum amuses women.


About the size, again, AT FIRST it DOES MATTER.


If you are have a prejudiced idea about men being perverts and then taking on the discussion, you would only be looking at reasons which suit perverts to strengthen your conviction about them.

However, i would suggest we focus on the WHYs and causes for MEN IN A GENERAL LOT.

I am open, bring it on.

~ Soul

Âme said...

1 stare or look = cumulative effect of N reasons.

We are trying to see those N reasons separately and understand each of those, to ultimately understand the cumulative effect(s) of why the guys usually stare at breasts.


An analogy:
Understanding separately, helps in collecting variety of construction materials.

Most of the materials are common in building a structure. So, are most of those factors/reasons to understand why different types of men stare at breasts. (They all belong to one category - MEN {A structure in our analogy})

Different men, different materials.

Hence, understanding materials {factors/reasons} gets crucial.


We are not here for looking at cumulative effects and generalizing our opinions which apply to any gender.

There is a saying, which goes..
"To generalize is to be a fool"

We are here to discuss those N factors, individually.

~ Soul

Coconut said...

ame does have a point there..

and i think the media is responsible for the perverts out there.

most NORMAL men i think like them because of all the reasons listed by ame. the perverts are perverts as a result of what the media has been feeding them.

everything nowadays seems that it has to be related to sex, everything is physical. people are turning into sex-crazed animals, there are no feelings anymore, feelings to people now are irrelevant.

shoosha said...

eshnazel 3alaich intay ;p marah bra, marah soft/hard tushy and now this...

i say keep them up ;p

FourMe said...

"I am open, bring it on." LoL you're such a cheerleader :p

1.true the media does play a role in it. But go back in centuries as much as you want and you will find the fascination of a woman breast did exist at the time. Media did hype it up But its not the reason why men are still fascinated by them.

2. I agree. Tell me something. You know what a pair of breasts look like, seen them from before on multiple occasions (covered/uncovered), so why is it that whenever they are seen again it creates the gogo gaga effect all over again?? As if its the first time!

3. Still I don't believe that's applicable to all men. Hypothetically speaking a man HATES children and the thought of them nauseate him. So does this man gets repelled every time he sees a pair of breast??

4. Correction a penis does not fascinate a woman! Most women see it as a reproductive organ that gets the job done. You can ask your female friends about this and I'm quite sure most would agree.

Size is ONE of the main factors, if not the MAIN. In the beginning and at the end, it does matter.Tell me when does it not matter??

Start a poll on size and you'll see how important it is. Majority of males like them bigger. Only those who are into 13 year old boys like a flat chested woman. Again perverts.

Honey when you're a woman and been stared at from the age of 13 because you have a decent pair of breasts you tend to think all men are perverts. You wouldn't know how it feels because you haven't experienced it. It gets quite tiring when your trying to carry a conversation and the topic at hand is always secondary to your breasts. So yes I do tend to lean towards men are perverts because the majority don't know how to hide their fascination with them.

You wanna take it from a different perspective. Fine lets do so..

Lets compare a woman to a house, breast to doors. The structure is the same from one house to the other and the doors are the same. True they vary in shape and colour. After seeing the first 10 doors you're mesmerised, 50th door still taken by them, 100th ok they all look the same but still outstanding artwork, by the 500th door you barely give it a once-over look because you know how the overall shape is and you're not fascinated by the small details anymore.

Hence breasts become an object perceived a million times and should NOT appeal and create the staring effect. But then you are men that are driven by your sexual drive and when it comes to that matter your brains tend to come in second.


p.s. if this doesn't make much sense its because I didn't get much sleep and my brain is still not fully functional.

FourMe said...

True the media has been manipulating the public but don't we have brains? why should we let an outside factor determine how we behave? I haven't been affected by the media, so if I can do it I'm sure other people are capable of doing it. That's the thing people blame the media while they have a brain that can reject what the media is feeding them.

Perverts are perverts with or without media. They are simply screwed up beings that have thoughts on sick levels. I haven't seen an form of media boasting about child molestation yet it still occurs.

btw I love your name.. just reading it made me remember the scent of coconuts :)

Soft/hard was a dare :p

Honestly, I'm fascinated by the male mentality and really interested in learning how it functions. Madri I like general knowledge and learning why and how things occur in all different topics..

lol min 3yoony ... 3ad ako so'al eb kha6ry wedi I ask the guys bs adri it will be a tad too much :p

Amethyst said...

I usually point up at my face and remind them where the show is:)

FourMe said...

I know I do the same but its so damn FRUSTRATING!

Âme said...

1. Media has exaggerated the hype. It is not the only reason why, men are attracted to breasts. It does have its relevance now. If I date back to centuries, your perceptions should also be from that era. It’s a logical flaw that you having perceptions of this era would compare the man’s magnitude of attraction towards breasts. Honestly, we would rely on history, and we know how reliable it is, don’t we? (sarcasm intended)

2. The fun never gets satiated. With the emergence of pornography, people have seen various types of breasts. Probably, experiencing one type would not be sufficient. (I am guessing from common sense here) Even the same pair of breasts could create an instant surge of hormones. It is short lived however. Such a behavior is programmed for reproductive purposes. (Abnormal psychology could be applied here when cultural factors are under scrutiny)

3. “Men hate children”.. I would dismiss that statement as a sign of your misconceptions. I would rather say it, men dodge responsibility, however, their instinct of reproduction is quite intact.

4. The idea is not having breasts adds to curiosity. I am talking only from the point of curiosity. I did a guess that intelligent beings are curious about things which they don’t have.

Size doesn’t matter when one gets used to.

The analogy what you gave is not appropriate to the present context.

The fallacy is men are not attracted to doors sexually and they are not biologically configured to get attracted to doors.

The analogy fails.

You need sleep.

~ Soul

P.S: I would be still open when you come back fresh after a good nap.

Bring it on...

Grey said...

lol ! curiosity ...

Boobs attract.. men are built that way .. the size matters ofcourse , taste varies from men to men, some like anna nicole smith (RIP) size, others like gwyneth paltro size , 'some' like Drew barrymoore size which is perfect .. those who hide the boobs get less attention from men ( which is a good thing in Kuwait)
But more than boobs .. the 'ass' has more 'attention' power... not embarrassed to say that i am an 'ass' man ... men "ALWAYS" turn around when there is a bulky ass walks by.

Âme said...

I wouldnt dare to objectify a her into a it.

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

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