Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I received the following comment on the post Dumb Ass which if I may add I found simply hilarious and absolutely and completely proved my point!

Anonymous said...

i found the perfect video for this post, but i thought posting it anonymously would be a good idea

enjoy this:

25 June 2008 02:41

1. Its actually from an anonymous not our beloved dear girl the Lovely Anonymous.

2. I would have an unbelievable respect for the person who left this comment if they would drop me an email saying it was them and I promise I won't reveal their 'identity'. If it was left by a man then I shouldn't get my hopes up seeing they tend to have cowardly tendencies ;)

3. Ame- Now doesn't this prove my point! All men are attracted to breasts because they are driven by their 'testosterone' and certainly not their yearn to return to the days they were buried in their mothers bosoms.. By the way my mind has been shattered lately but I promise you when I have retrieved it we will continue the debate on the matter till it is settled. I have not forgotten about it but I lack the ability to debate at the time being.

4. Hasan.b I know you hate the connection between mothers and breasts but forgive me I had to make a point!

5. To Anonymous who left it- My dear your comment is very much appreciated seeing it proved my point :)

That men are ..


choowies said...

ba6egech tara ;p NOT ALL MEN ;p

Âme said...

Still you need to get some answers to WHY testosterone would rise ?

Reproductive instinct ?

I guess we can move ahead from just seeing men looking at finding answers to why they do so.

~ Soul

suspic said...

I often question that.

I think it's because we were taught that those parts should sexually arouse us, by society and media, etc.

If you're taught that a body part is sexy, and it was strictly hidden and you suddenly caught a glimpse of it then it will arouse you. my theory is, if noses were hidden and we were taught they were the sexiest thing ever. Would men pop erections over an alternate world of course?


fashionista said...

LMAO HAHA that was sooo funny lool the video made my day!!!

and i'm with you they are driven by their testosterone,and this is their natural they can't help it..but i hated when the guys look at my girls before they look into my eyes!!!

eshda3wa said...

men why even try to begin to understand them!

Âme said...


1. Because they are easy to understand.
2. They are like cars with remote control. By understanding them, you get the remote control.
3. Its saves a hell lot of pain and frustration of yours.
4. Its good to be curious.

~ Soul

SpiKeY said...

ahh the lovely world of anonymity :D

Anonymous said...



ZaMaHReeR said...


Big Pearls said...

Men..will always be...Men!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

fine fine fine...
it was me!!

i posted it as anonymous cz 7assait all the males on blogger would shoot me lol

but it was just too funny to not come out with that post lol


Amethyst said...

*Evil laugh*

Ruby Woo said...

Haha MEN!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooL 7ala wala.. especially when the lady was trying to push their heads the other way, and they move back to look loool, just like kids!

Squirreliya said...

mn khebrity elmetwath3a ..awal shay yshoofa elrayal bel mara is her face then her breast!

FourMe said...

haha ya right!

You are giving men more credit than they deserve by thinking they have hidden subliminal intentions for their actions but then that is expected seeing you belong to that gender. I wish you could only see it from a woman's perspective. Like I am seeing it from a man's perspective.

Oh god no not another person blaming media and society for their actions! You cannot be taught a certain part of the body is appealing if you do not think so.

If I try to convince you for 10 years that Knees are the most appealing part of the body , do you think you would comply? No you would not because there is nothing appealing about knees.

There are so many monaqbat around with their noses hidden. Now do you or any other man that you know start having impure thoughts about the monaqba's nose?

I know it pisses me off to! I feel like slapping them when they do that!

Oh on the contrary it is very amusing to try and understand a man because within the process one discovers that in fact they are so simple minded and as Ame said if you know which button to push you can wrap them around your little pinky :)

is there a such thing as anonymity left?

FourMe said...

hehehhe qthaay elba9ar ya bnaya :p

I think you meant. Little boys!

You mean they will always be an oversized child :p

LOOOL heheh no need to hide dear bs sej thaaank you it cracked me up :*

Ahh you're in my protection do you think one of these boys can even look at you let alone hurt you ;)

Oh you're so evil ahahaha me likey ..

woo woo:
You said it!

I know did you see! They just kept on staring and staringggg. lool

dear the 1st thing a man looks at in a woman is her body aka breasts or ass depending on his preferences THAN they move on to the face

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

im agreeing with FourMe :)

(and still hiding behind her as i barely miss a flying dagger lool)

ZaMaHReeR said...

No No I meant what i said.. Men!!
but, why is she wearing this if she doesnt want ppl to look at them?
we shouldnt blame men all the way!!

FourMe said...

LOL hide dear hide :p

its candid camera obviously she's gona wear what is known will make men's heads turn.

suspic said...

When it comes to breasts, it's the result of society shaping that desire to see boobies.

In some parts of the world, African tribes to be exact, women walk freely with bare chests and no one's running after them trying to hump's normal. Why? Because no one told them it was sexy and hid it.

Plus, it's something men don't have so they'd like to find out every aspcet of it. Our quest is purely scientific.

Anything feminine can be sexy to put it simply.