Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Damn Fine!

Last week I went to have my hair cut. I asked for a stylist free at that instant because if I take an appointment I'd chicken out. I tend to have an attachment to my hair and would rarely let anyone touch it but lately I have been ignoring myself and the last time I had a haircut was 8 months ago. So they said the senior stylist would be free in 15minutes, I agreed to letting him butcher my hair when he's done. Meanwhile wondered around the shops nearby and spent some money.

When I walked in they had me seated and told me he will be around shortly. I imagined he would be one of the baldy, tattooed, beer bellied Englishmen, hence the senior stylist. Instead comes this vision of perfection, tall, lean, drop dead flipping gorgeous tanned olive skin, shoulder length wavy brown hair with a hint of goldish linings, the most lovely rich brown eyes. Apart from the long hair (which in fact did suit him) he was oozing masculinity. He looked damn fine and yummilicious not only that the gorgeous freak smelled heavenly, actually he was wearing the soulmates fragrance :/ During the process I discovered that he's half Italian and half Croatian and he added that "I came out looking like this" with a disappointed look on his face! On the contrary he should be happy that he wasn't gang raped by all the women in the hairdressers! Honestly by anyone's standards he was a complete hottie.

After 20 minutes of debating how much to cut off and making him promise he wouldn't cut more than 3 inches, he butchered my hair and I was ready to leave. I paid the young lady behind the counter and took money aside to tip him. I usually just slide the tip in the pocket of 'whoevers' shirt. I look at what he's wearing and his shirt has no pockets! Hmm he was already cutting some woman's hair so I can't distract him to give it to him in hand plus I feel really weird when I give a tip in hand, I feel its degrading therefore I prefer the 'sliding it in the shirt pocket'. Now he had the pouch with all the scissors on the front and the belt of it was covering the front pockets of his jeans so I can't put the tip there. Give me a damn break!

So I thought piss it mako fayda ela his back pockets! I thought I should just casually slide the tip in his back pocket without having to touch his ass. Guess freaking what! His jeans were so tight that the money wouldn't go in I had to hold his back pocket and shove the money down :// I felt so embarrassed and it felt like I was doing that for an hour but in reality it was a split second, he turned around and thanked me twice. I'm guessing once for the tip and the other for the sexual harassment!!

What would you have done in this situation?? Do you think I shouldn't have slid the money in aKa ass touching?


nyxxie said...

you could just put it in an envelop and went up and said before I leave this is just a little something for you. thanks.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt mind touching his ass ;$

lool kiddin ;p

Soul said...

Well, it was your lucky day !

8 months is too long a time for another pull-pocket-push-hand-ass-grab of such a hottie!

Its funtastic!

~ Soul

Anonymous said...

nesait la as'al .. was it all soft and cushy wala hard ;p

A Journal Entry said...

lol @ anonymous!!
oo lol @ ur post!
hmm for me i would have given it to him by hand even if it is soo awkward to do so..

bas 6aaaf! u probably won't see him again ;P

Amethyst said...

Awkward, but go ahead.. Hotness is an exception;p

Ms. D said...

lo ana mukanich ogaf warah lema eshofny mn elmirror ow i smile ow look at him.. shake hands and slip it in :D 7ad elCOOL DUDE ;p

o maby a3aliq 3ala his "hotness" cuz ma y3jebny gher kuwaity ib deshdasha ow m7asheesh rasa ow 6al3a 9enda7ta!

Justified Destiny said...

i usually just leave the tip to whoevers behind the counter and say that its for ....
they should deliver it

shoosha said...

well if he's good looking then why not ;p

Yara said...

He is probably gay and u probably wont see him again... even if u go there after a while he wont remember u for that.. yemken he didnt notice even... 3adi 3adi khal ewali 6aaf

Eulalia said...

*standing ovation* If i were you i wouldn't have washed my hands for a year! and plz answer anonymous's question :p

FourMe said...

where would I find an envelope?

hehehee yal fa93a :p

looool I can't believe you asked that question! baini w bainich rock hard :p

hahaha I don't count touching mens arse's as lucky.. lol I did no such thing I didn't grab Plz I'm a Lady I simply brushed against it :P

Soul said...

Then it is not so a lucky day.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

journal entry:
dear wala magdaar I feel so embarrassed to give it by hand ynga9 weyhy madri laish :/ I've been going to same place on and off for the past 10 years.

loool adri such a shitty position. am sure he's used to being groped on the streets he's actually that HOT!

Dasha dewaniya ! sheno shake his hand, touch his ass EE shake his hand La lol .. magdar give it in hand maaaagdar :/

etha mo achla7 amlaa7 mayeeb elkor bs I have this in me where I really appreciate beauty and the man was Beautiful!

justified destiny:
I don't know why I feel they don't deliver it to the person, so just in case I prefer to give it in person so when I come back next time he doesn't remember me as 'the bitch who didn't leave me a tip' and shave my hair all off! I'm picky :/

FourMe said...

eygool 7ag elgomar goom wana ag3ad mokanik. 3afya half italian that says it all ;)

I thought so but he's not he was talking about his gf and he wasn't mayi3 the man was a MAN!

trust me he did notice :/ agoolich his jeans were so damn tight ely I had to struggle to just make space for the tip to go in. hehe 7ada 6af bs I thought I should get your opinions on the matter.

loooooooooool hehehe I would love to comment bs magdar ppl will miss understand me :p

Well he played with my hair for about 1 hour and 45 minutes and was quite close that I actually smell his so scent not a total loss I'd say apart from the sexual harassment it was a nice experience :p

Anonymous said...

are u suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuree???

akhaf bs men el tight jeanz :P

7adafa ehya 7alat'ha shway tetfa3a9 LOOL

im gona pretend i never said this!

FourMe said...

loooooooooool I'm gonna pretend I didn't just read that!! bda3taay lol! ee mo laish anonymous etgoleen hal 7achy:p

Anonymous said...

ya3ni shfarag anonymous 3an fourme balla :P

malegetli esem thats why anonymous :P

o ba3deen 3ade 3ade :P bs today ,.. ana mo7afetha bs latdosele 3ala 6araf :P

FourMe said...

khalaitay feha mo7afitha :p ma bogaa feha mo7afitha 3ogob hal 7achy lol!

3ala goltich kelna bil hawa sawa.. mostly unknown..

enzain 3an eda3ala and start blogging bashof esh3endich min balawy I bet it will be a quite an interesting read!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOL .. mo khofe men chethy 3ashan chethy ga3da a7awel amna3 nafse ;p although im craving it everynight!

etha sawaitay post voting ayho a7la .. hard or coshy tushy i'll start a blog :P

zwena said...


anonymous wakhezyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa latkharbeen fourme :P

Anonymous said...

ana makharabt a7ad (A) .. i asked an innocent Questions :P

she started it mo ana :P

FourMe said...

Anon elfa93a:
looooooooooooooooooooool ghal6anaaaaa girly don't dare me to! hMmmm 3ad gad kilmtich! if I post it will you start blogging ??

heheheh sheftaay shlon anonymous etkharibny and I'm the innocent one :p

eho sej esalafa 3oya min awalha bs anyway anon ga3da etkharibny :p

Anonymous said...

:| :| check the last 2 words eb ur post :@ .. :P

hahaha yalla I DARE YOU! :P

bs you have to make ppl vote ayhoo a7la :P mo bs taktebeen post :P

hahha God i love bets o dares ;p

o ba3deen ana mo fa93a :'( ana lovely anonymous (A) :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooL can't believe you did that!

FourMe said...

Can't believe I did it too! enga9 weyhy :/