Thursday, 5 June 2008



What is cruelty?

Is it being mean to others just for the mere pleasure of it or are people cruel simply my nature?

Does anyone deserve to be treated with cruelty? What must one do to deserve cruelty?

Why is it that the ones that get treated with such harshness are the ones that least deserve it?

Maybe they weren't cruel enough to others that's why it was inflicted upon them.

The toughest dose of cruelty is when you treat others with the greatest of intentions and what does one get in return? Cruelty!

We are a wonderful race. Truly we are..


Glitter said...


How I go out of my way trying not to offend others, while someppl do that as a hobby!!

laish?.. LAISH?!!

Glitter said...

What happened to cause that post BTW?

Soul said...

Who hurt you cruely ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

I do that to, try to please everyone around me and at the end its never appreciated.

Which month are you born in? seems like we have similar thoughts..

Isn't life cruel enough to cause this post?


ladywhisper said...

I think cruelty is a negative thing especially for those who use it as a method to treat others, believe me they are the losers at the end, because negatives only brings negatives! Now the thing is, never let them get u down, such a thing should make u stronger not hurt u!

And for the appreciation thing, when u please others don’t do it just to get appreciated, do it only for the sake of pleasing. I think its feels great when u please others (those who deserve)! Ur job is 2 distinguish between those who deserve and who doesn’t. And be grateful for what u already have to get gratitude from others :)

FourMe said...

true its negative as well as one of the most disgusting things in this world.

I never do anything to please others just because I want to be appreciated by them I do it to please God but at the same time it is nice to be appreciated when you've put in an effort.

It doesn't get me down I believe in 'saw khair o ge6a ba7ar'. they appreciate it then khair w breka they didn't bl3ana bs at least I will have it in mezan 7asanty..

But in general humans are ungrateful buggers! Well the majority are..

Amethyst said...

What a wonderful race, indeed..

Fastidious Babe said...

cruelty is all around us, lemme tell u one thing i learned, you will get hurt eventually.. its just a matter of who does it first!

people are cruel by nature.. sometimes they mean it, other times they don't...

bottom line is, someone always ends up hurt!

So just breath, and embrace the fact that shit happens, we just have to live with it!

and have a wonderful night ahead! lol xx

Eulalia said...

people that give so much of themselves just because they ask for it in return are the ones who are treated cruelly.

cruel people are people with insecurities.

Shoush said...

I don't believe anyone is cruel by nature. Ppl become cruel due to various external factors such as tarbiya and life experience and i dunno wat else. They do have a heart bs galbhom mayit, which explains how they are able to treat others with cruelty.. if they do it intentionally.

Allah ykafeena sharhom inshala.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

Maybe they weren't cruel enough to others that's why it was inflicted upon them.

hits too close to home....

:::ShoSho::: said...

This post is on time.. I CAN'T understand cruelty and I don't know why people can be so harsh and cruel to others.. it hurts so bad :( Allah Kareem I always say..

Soul said...

No piece of advice is really worth until it is realized my friends.

A great advice is that advice which gives enough momentum for it to get acted upon and to get realized.

I hear a lot of words, read a lot of them;
They affect me temporarily, but, unless and until i co-relate, experiment, simulate and understand, in my head or in real, its then that realization dawns upon my Soul.

~ Soul

jesterat314 said...

Everyone has some cruelty in them.. but its usually crushed by respect, love and values passed down from parents.

Soul said...

I disagree with you Jesterat314.

~ Soul

jesterat314 said...

I assume you're disagreeing with the first part. I really do believe everyone has some amount of cruelty in them. Its just human nature. Its how we 'bounce' off that cruelty at others that makes us different.

Soul said...

Yes, it is the first part.

Cruelty is not exactly PRESENT, it is GENERATED.

Its a long analysis how it is generated.

~ Soul

jesterat314 said...

'not exactly' ? I think cruelty is an emotion which may or may not generate into a cruel action. We are born with the capability of going through any kind of emotion. Its when we are in a dilemma; values that 'we learned and grew up learning' kicks in, and in the end, its our own intellect that controls the resulting action/lack of one. Now im not saying that we are all born cruel monsters, but we are certainly capable of it. Again, this is just my opinion, and the chances are that im wrong and missed your point completely :)

Soul said...

Cruelty is "lack of emotion" towards suffering.

~ Soul