Tuesday, 17 June 2008



Please all Stand Up and put your hands together for Mrs.Glitter!

For She "Predicted" FourMe Accurately!

Disclaimer: The Tag post has been deleted to protect what is left of FourMe's Anonymity! If You have any objections, please keep them to yourself!


Glitter said...



Glitter said...


I really impress myself!

Glitter said...

*tamshy bain ilbloggers nafkha reesh-ha*


Anonymous said...


*stand up and saluts Glitter*

3ad 7asafa mala7agt 3ali 3ahan a3aref;p

zwena said...

weee 7asafaa fatnii

FourMe said...

loool glitter baini w bainich and not bursting your bubble you 'predicted' what I already revealed but you were the only one to put one and one together ;)

Taw'am roo7y: LOL!
hehehe that's what glitter said to conclude her prediction.

"As Lala* would say:

*Gorgeous Genius Green-eyed 4me* "

and that's all I shall reveal :p

Glitter said...


I'm really not good at this prediction thingy,

that's why I said earlier that you are maybe the only blogger who I have an idea of what she looks like, You and Um-Mit3ib il big fothee7a!

Shoush said...

Bismila, masra3! I missed it. ;/

Shoush said...

I missed the whole post i mean.

Anonymous said...

im kinda lost here!

zwena said...

am always lost :O

FourMe said...

No girlie you have a good head on your shoulders. you are a wise lady.

emm dunno about her. neither about choowie who is apparently known by all.. 3adi I tend not to care about peoples names and faces.. if I did I would probably know more than what I already know, you know..

ee ekhty en7a shoghlna saree3 you predict and move on to the next one.. that's why you gotta keep a look out :p

Anony + Zwena = Twin Geniuses :p
bil 3araby.. glitter predicted me and summed it up with the last line that Lala* (alah yathkirha bil khair) that used to always say. And I only copied the last line from here prediction cuz both of you said you didn't see om lam3a's prediction..


Amethyst said...

*Claps for Glitter*

Anonymous said...

ee 6al 3umrech ;p

yala 3ayal nentqel 7ag el next post ;p

:::ShoSho::: said...


Glitter said...

Thanks Amethyst,
*takes a bow*

Oh and I also know a couple more features abt you 4me, but wasn't 100% sure abt them!

Maybe next time ;-)

Shoush said...


FourMe said...

sheno ya3ni??


Ohh how intriguing, there won't be a next time so share your thoughts seeing you've been tagged and praised by me today.. so that's the least you can do in return..

Big Pearls said...

so unfair!

FourMe said...

Well serves you right for not being my morning blogger anymore..

choowies said...

chak chak chak chak ;p ya3ni clapping ;p

Ruby Woo said...

Glitter!!!! Predict me, let's see if you got game :P

Fourme, lol still about the migraine and botox thing. I asked my mom today and she was like is it safe? Is it safe for a 20 year old? Where and who's the doctor? How much did it cost? and all that jazz..

FourMe said...

First time I did it I was 25 and that's the recommended age for it. so ya your fine because you want it for migraines.

Told you 3ind Dr. AbdilMohsin Ja'afar
He has his clinic in Sh3ib elba7ry. bil jareeda et7a9len raqma.

wala dear cost wise madri cham bil thab6 bs eho 3al cham t7tajain, ma3a edkholeya I'm guessing 180-220kd shay min chethy.. I may be wrong bs mo metakda .. bs go to him he's good. la tkhab9en w tro7en 3ind ay wa7id.

once you get it done you wont feel migraines for about 8-9 months . they will tell you 6 bs ana ga3ad ma3ay 8 months w no9 ba3dain I started feeling it again... bs I get sever sever migraines.. trust me hal botox ra7ma min alah 7ag elmigraines.. inshala it will help you. let me know :)