Monday, 9 June 2008

Big Bad Cootie- Eww

I was at the cinema today watching Sex and The City AGAIN :D

Mid movie a thought crossed my mind while I was trying to get comfortable in the seat. What if the person who sat in the seat before me had Cooties and while resting his/her head on the head rest he/she dropped one of their dirty cooties on the head rest and I came along and sat in the same seat!Would I catch their little monsters?? Shouldn't there be some form of protection from passing on such dirty buggers?!


Ms. D said...

EEWW!! what a lovely thing to read while havin my morning coffee!

1. cooties yentaqlon min ras le ras.. lo mo ras they wouldnt jump.

2. elly e6e7 min ras elqimlan (the white yellow madre shno thingie) is the cooties eggs nest shell.

3. they feed on blood.. balla cinema chairs wen feha blood! y3ny even if they miraculously jumped there.. they would have died as soon as they get there

Ms. D said...

by the way.. in #2.. this egg shell is empty ya3ny mafeha shy.. bs geshra

N. said...

cooties aren't real. Cooties are an excuse for children not to touch/play with the opposite sex :p Unless you're back in grade school I don't see whats the problem :p

Anonymous said...


LOL Ms.D .. met'akda they wont jump lool ..

ladywhisper said...

Yuuuuukkkkkkkkk!! don't u have other things to think of :P than wasting your time, mind, and effort thinking of such a disgusting thing :P

Hasan.B said...

Monica shetserlech?

Amethyst said...


Thank God I always avoid going to the movies;\

Glitter said...

I know a friend who takes a small towel with her to cover the head-set of the chair she's going to sit on,

Is that you? ;-)

shoosha said...

haha Ms.d gave u the answer

awal mara adry inna they dont jump min something other than a head

Shoush said...

Wai cooties, sha5bari elementary skool. We used to take this issue seriously back then. Ya 7ilo the age of innocence. ;P

Shoush said...

And wai3 3ala the rest of the post. I try never to think like that cuz if i begin, i'll end up living in a pool of anti-bacterial solution for the rest of my life.

FourMe said...

I don't know which is worse my post or your explicit description !

Woman like seriously EWwWwWWWwwww how do you know all of these details?? were your locks a loving caring habitat for the big bad cooties :p

LOL well seeing I beat up every boy in elementray school I don't think that excuse applied to me, cooties or no cooties I beat them up :D

Now wouldn't that be a nice poll
Did you ever have cooties?

hahhaha why did you experience a jumper :p

hehehe I know its such an ewy topic :/ well its either that or reminacing over my lost love.. so I chose Cooties :D

FourMe said...

My long lost twin :)

did avoid travelling in airplanes, sitting in buses, hairdressers, cars, massage parlours, etc. just a thought ;)

hehe I'm not that extreme but in hotels I never sleep on their pillows without covering with a t-shirt that I won't wear just cover the pillow with :)

I remember hearing the jumping thing long ago but I guess the info was so insignificant that buried it somewhere in the back of my brain where it was collecting dust.

heheh 7ada shakhbari.. ee wala nothing like the years of innocence where you thought the world is a dandy place :/

Ohh how I wish I can live in that pool! One day, one day I'll do it ..

Fastidious Babe said...

ewww... girl don't over think it... seriously.. lol

FourMe said...

Fastidious babe:
I know big time eww.. that's what happens when my brain starts wondering aimlessly :/

Eulalia said...

if it makes you feel better, some ppl leave needles filled with aids infected blood so tht when ppl sit they get infected :)

Soul said...

LOOOOL ms.d shaklech 5ebra 5ebraaaa ;p

etha 7ashni cooties ana ra7 aqarre3 :/

Anonymous said...

LOOL soul shda3wa betgar3eeen ;p

ana gara3t men ghair cooties :D

o ba3deen mo chena fe 3elaj 7aga wala shino ?

FourMe said...

Oh my god 7asby alah 3alaihom that's unbelievably cruel! Where did that happen?

7adhaa khebra lol.. tkhaylay shaklich wintay gar3a hehehe 7adich et9ereen 6omashaa..

min 9ejich entay ? meta o shloon gar3tay?? shino kintay metathra eb G.I.Jane :p

Anonymous said...

lool ee walla sij .. Aug.2005 ;p

kent ga3da at7al6am 3end mama ena sha3re madre shfe chan etgoli entay take care of it awal, o okhoy kan ga3ed weyana .. chan egoli gar3ay o feke 3umrech;p .. yazatle el fekra o i did it;p lool ohwa eli gara3ne ;p

3ad baba kil mayshofha esareekh ANOOON .. shofeeha nafsech ;p lool

wala it was a hell of an experience .. wedi lo a3eedha again;p

FourMe said...

I really wish I can have the guts to do it.. it would be so liberating but I can't let go of my hair :/

Anonymous said...

wla you should goo for it .. 7ada wanasaaa

FourMe said...

maynoona entay shtabeen y9eer feeni?! I'm tall and slim w gar3aa sha9eer alah yhdaach ? 7ad om elma9khara hehe la babaty khaleeny 3ala my long hair ra7mny w satir 3alay.

Anonymous said...

looool mashe ;p ..

ya3ni marada be6ool ;p

FourMe said...

agoolich yozay 3an omi.. ana age9 couple of inches w astkhif hal mara agari3! ya7laila wana a 27yr old gar3a .. if I was in my teens I would do it.. btw I have done outrages things in the past ya3ni 3indy shaghlaat etha f9alt af9il.. but such cannot be discussed in public ;)

Anonymous said...


mashee .. one dat 3a6eeni aaara'ech .. wedi i do something crazy ;\

FourMe said...

hehhe la dear my crazy moments are too much for you too handle :P
khaleech banoota 3ajla a7senlich..

Anonymous said...

lool mashe ;p

Ms. D said...

i did have cooties wana yahel ;D

and my knowldge is simply cuz my brain stores tons of info.. useless and useful.. but the ones that come up the surface r always the useless ones ;p in this case the cooties ;p