Saturday, 14 June 2008

Battered FourMe

FourMe grabs herself from her shirt with one hand and with the other
Punches herself in the face multiple times. Switches hands and start Pulling her own hair while dragging herself to the nearest window and Rams her head through the window shattering the glass on the floor. Right now FourMe gets up shakes off the shattered glass from her clothes and takes couple of pieces out of her ruffled hair and goes to grab her rifle. Reloads, Aims and Shoots, Reloads again, Aims and Shoots herself again in the foot. Now that's done she grabs the kitchens' knife Slashes her stomach open from one end to the other, sticks her hand in looking for her ovaries, Ok got them, Oh shit not that, searches again, there found them! Yanks out both of her ovaries, walks out of the house in search of Dusty. Dustyyy, duSTyY, here kitty , kitty kitty, Oh there you are. Here you go sweety a pair of ovaries for you to Munch on. As Dusty starts Nibbling on the ovaries FourMe walks back into the house while holding the contents of her stomach in her hands, finds a seat without broken glass on it, opens her laptop and begins to type the next post..

There we go that wasn't so hard, was it now?


Anonymous said...

ok ok HADAAY! O salii 3ala el nebee!

i didnt read it yet ,, bs awal sa6reet o tesarwa3t! lol

Anonymous said...

o fech 7ail taktebeen ba3ad kel hatha! ..

im guessing the marriage subject!;\

FourMe said...

3aleh e9alat w salam.. heheh ee feeni 7ail cuz enb6at mararty

jesterat314 said...

*too many wiseass remarks.. brain can't function.. cant think straight*
Jester's head explodes

Amethyst said...


zwena said...

loool that wa a bit funny ..sorry:P

alaaah e3eenich

Shoush said...

Lol! Madri shagoolich il9ara7a. 7anat-hom won't stop. All u can do is try to filter it and not let it get to u. I don't have instructions for doing that tho.

Big Pearls said...

OMG a lot of shooting and punching there.

A Journal Entry said...

well thats a really violent post!

heheh but like zwena .. sorry i laughed while reading it!

but hope whatever is eating u up ends..

Glitter said...


Âme said...

I am sad.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

The question is did jesterat's brain ever function? :p



no need for an apology..

never eveeeeer stops..

FourMe said...

you think? I thought I needed some more..

journal entry:
not violent enough dear.. after all that bashing I'm fine now :)

Esmila 3alaich did that scare you!

Why are you sad?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


must stop laughing...
turning blue....
must breathe...

Hasan.B said...

I would never want to have a fight with you. Yes I am a man and I am afraid!

jesterat314 said...

ouch :)

FourMe said...

hehehe dear breathe breathee mali khilg tekhtangain 3alay :p

LOL! Mate trust me you ain't the first ;)

I was going easy!

Soul said...


o Zaytoon ballah mala ne9eeb eb ur ovaries, bas Dusty??? 7addi e7tarait :/

N. said...

laish 3ad.. :l

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oi! Easy!

Ms. D said...

3ad lo tshofen sh9eqr el ovaries ow el uterus!!!!!! the whole system a9qar mn the tiniest mobile!!! kilhom ma eyon gad rebyana jumbo!!