Wednesday, 11 June 2008

1 Soul Down, 2 Souls Up

As all of you know we are blessed with the presences of 2 lovely Souls

Soul Portrait - Female

~Soul - Male

Now the conundrum is how to differentiate between them when replying to their comments.

There are a couple of possibilities but they just don't seem right
  • Soul male/female - sexist
  • Soul1/Soul2 - degrading

Can we have some suggestions please?

Update: Don't suggest the obvious. Would like to see some creativity here!


Anonymous said...

Soul el male always signs his comment eb

~ soul

fa ra7 en3aref ;p . plus el enfareg'hom men el pic ;p

i dont have suggestions bs agol rayee ;p ..

FourMe said...

adri thee difference bil photos and the little signatures bs I meant when replying to both in the same time shloon etrdeen 3alehom ??

mabi raay abi eqtra7at..

zwena said...

ketbay soul~

nafs ma ohwa esawe :P

Anonymous said...

~soul ... ya3ni soul the male

soul .. soul the female ;p

or SoulM. SoulF


Amethyst said...

7e6ay ~Soul for the male:)

FourMe said...

yakhtich ma tbayin lain adawirha hal "~" w a7i6ha ela 6al3a roo7y

la laaa mo chethy el3abqareya t9eer alah yhdaach wayd 39artay mokhich chethy :p

Now I'm really disappointed :( and I thought you were the creative one !

Anonymous said...

OUCH! .. eshqasdech :|

khalas yupa 3afech el kha6er .. ana baro7 abe3 el baqala

FourMe said...

ahooo ta3alaay mali ghena 3anich :* ana cham lovely anony 3indy?

well I could replace you with zweno0 :P bs la laaa mat'hooneen 3alaay

Anonymous said...

:| :|:|

ok ga3da et7oshni sadmaaat :|

lol 7ada drama queen ;p

kila 3ala ba3tha how ir gona reply ya3ni mo qesa 3ashan tabeen shay creative weya wayehch .. o hath el "~" malat Soul mawjoda yam el wa7ed .. 3araftay .. shift o el key eli yam el wa7ed .. mo 2 NO .. eli 3ala yesar el wa7ed ..yala ahoo 3n el dala3 o latsaweenha qesa :P

now thats my attitude LOL ;p

Anonymous said...

ask btoh souls maybe they prefer something :P

o ba3deen ghair nomona tabeen neqtere7 o laama neqtere7 ma ya3jebech eqtera7na :|

FourMe said...

hahahahhahahahhah waaay heheheh a7is lw yamich chan kafkhatny bil laptop.. yal 3obaa creativity shagetny cham mara a3eedha CREATIVITY !!

shaghlay hal 9maakh wentay te6l3en eb shay san3.. damn girl loved the attitude zay elful :*

zwena said...

LOOl 3ashaat anon zain etsaween feha

ashkarha emhaz2tna

o kela minich ppl r calling me zweno :@

Anonymous said...

huh! tara mafahamt shino geltay . bs maykhalef ana o el badleyat saryeen su7ba ;p

enzain bashaghel mokhe zain

souli o soula yenfe3oon ? ;p lool

ya3ni shlon etkhaleen nafs el kilma mara mo'anath o mara mothakar

*thinking hard and trying to be creative*

jesterat314 said...

Soul and Soulette

FourMe said...

maaaashi edwaaach 3indy, khoo al7een 3araft your weakness :p

hehhe cute.. bs lazim nakhith elmwafqa minhom..

Now that's what I'm talking about! Nice one..

Big Pearls said...

Ms soul and Mr soul??

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL I JUST realized that i thought it was all soul portrait!

Eulalia said...

how about soul and soula?

Âme said...

This comment solves the differentiation problem.

~ Soul

P.S: Âme in French means Soul

Ms. D said...

souletta girl

soullo ollou boy

....? ;p

FourMe said...

that'll make them sound like a couple.

lol now that's why I want something to tell them apart.


Ahh what can I say, master of creativity :)

so is that what we should refer to you as?

ms d:
hehehe entay ely olollollolllou

Âme said...

I doubt if there was even a single thought of creativity in my comment.

Common sense ruined the show ;)

Âme is ok.
Any better names ?

~ Soul

P.S: I have been known as Soul from 1997 on the Internet.

FourMe said...

Well I was trying to give you some credit :p
well do you see any names you like from our little creative bunch of commentators..

that's a long time, need to find you something closer to home.

Âme said...

Thanks for reminding me i got old :-)

28 is too nice a number to be cherished now. I feel lucky.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

We're in the same boat my friend..

One of my mates says I'm like a bottle of wine the more I age the better I become ;)

guess it applies to you too..

~Lush said...

- Femail = SP
(ya3ni short Soul Portrait)

- Male = ~Soul

Vixen said...

Maybe they can do a joint blog oo their souls combine into one?

Âme said...

Vixen that would infact go against the idea of this post.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

something a bit more creative would do.. already been calling them that and as you can see above some thought they were the same person..

its not that simple to combine 2 souls..

jesterat314 said...

Lord Soul
Lady D'Souliville

too much? :)

FourMe said...

Ohh very grand.. just a tad bit too grand

Âme said...

Relate me to basics.

Lord is human given status for power convenience.

~ Soul

Âme said...

Who designed the cover image for this post ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Soul: I stole it from there :D

Ruby Woo said...

It's hard!

Soul said...


ana we9aaaaaaaaalt!

Âme! i'm sorry that u had to change ur name.. well, i've been soul since 1997 too!! and i almot had a tattoo that says soul in chinese letters when i was 17! "thank god i didn't"!! i just did a fake one.

hmmmmm I am Soul! and forever will be!

Âme u r Âme now and thanks for the compromise ;p it's a nice and cool name, stick with it! <-- hehehe 5obth

FourMe said...

ruby woo:
I agree :/

Soul banoota:
hala hala w ghala hal bil ghalya nawartay obooy entay nawartay elblog ..

hehheh yal na9aba bdal la you offer to change your name you tell him good lol.. at least come up with an alternative name for the both of you that both find suitable..

lool khaleha mastoora laish elfthayi7 tali elail.. mate6la3 elkhamacheer ela bn9af eleyaly

Hasan.B said...

Why did you delete it?

FourMe said...

delete what?