Sunday, 4 May 2008

You Can Run But You CAN'T Hide!

Received this via e-mail and I thought I must share!

Login to the site and you can see who blocked and deleted you from their Msn!

Quite interesting I have to say!


Amethyst said...

Lol! I don't really care;p

Hasan.B said...

Interesting, lets unblock quickly!

vogue said...

i thought that site was some kindof virus O.o

anyways, i dont care either :p

jesterat314 said...

(Checks out the site)
No kidding, i don't care either (i7m)

FourMe said...

curiosity killed the cat dear :P


emmm don't think so.. checked it and am still functioning so far so I think its clean..

lol ya7lailkom kilikom 9eratw don't care.. yala ma3alaih I'll care enough for everyone :p

Vixen said...

I tried that site long time ago, i think it is a virus. It sends links and weird stuff to your contacts on msn!

FourMe said...

Really?! I asked my mates no one got any links or viruses.. you sure it wasn't a coincidence?

zwena said...

ola good morning :P

o vixen saaj .. i never tried it bs i think it showns ena ur trying it

FourMe said...

7adi dathra matadreen .. I'm anti-technology so it takes me a while to get these things..

zwena said...

loool laa 3ade 3ende o 3endech kheir .. alah e3afi lekhwaan ;* o some stupid friends :P

greyshorts said...

Yes now all your contacts are going to get an email from you which says : Want to know who deleted you from msn ?


FourMe said...


screw'em as if I care

Soul said...

Care-less attitude goes a long way in slow destruction.

~ Soul

Big Pearls said...

it doesn'treally matter

Soul said...

Shouf.. thats exactly was my point.

~ Soul