Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A Souless Shoe!

Hello my name is FourMe and I am a Shoe acquiring addict! So, so far I have confessed that I'm a Football, Graff, soulmate, Ice cream & mini Cupcakes and Shoes Addict.

"When the going gets Tough the Tough GO shopping"

Well in my case this is applicable. Its getting quite tough (emotionally that is) to handle so I have completely shut down and started the hunt for the perfect shoe. I don't need any more shoes, actually there is no more space to store any more pairs but hey I want one more. Just one more perfect pair to add to my gorgeous collection of 'Perfect Shoes'. I have day to day shoes than I have my 'Perfect Shoes' those consist of absolutely gorgeous masterpieces of pairs that I have acquired over the years.

The search started at the magnificent Jimmy Choo(I'm a DIE HARD Choo Fan), followed by Miu Miu, Dior, Dolce, etc, to shoe heaven in Harvey and Harrods and ended at Louboutin's. The perfect shoe was no where near to be found. I don't know what I'm looking for but I will know once I see IT.

I was never a fan of Christian Louboutin, to be honest I'm not a trend follower so I didn't rush over and buy me a pair once they appeared on the fashion map. Actually till today I have never even tried a pair on. I must admit the red sole is quite a nice touch but apart from that they never appealed to me. So as the search continued I thought what the hell let me see if Louboutin's have my perfect pair. Tried out couple of pumps and may I say OUCH!! What moron designed them?! Those were the MOST uncomfortable pairs of shoes I have ever tried on!! And believe you me I have not only walked in heels but I have lived in them to so I know when a pair is comfy and when a pair is being bitchy to my tiny feet! Those were one bunch of painful bitchy pumps!! My first impression of them stands Louboutin's are indeed Crap! (No offence to their followers)

Back to the shoe hunt; I'm looking for an exquisite pair, nothing specific could be simple but I just want something that's drop dead gorgeous that fulfils my urge to acquire a new pair of lovelies!

Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.
~Edna Woolman Chase


Big Pearls said...

I hope you find you perfect pair..did you try prada? They had nice shoes this season.

Glitter said...


I tried one pair of louboutin's pumps, and it was pure agony!

I will not rule the brand out just yet, I will try another pair of a different style, but not anytime soon, will have to wait till my feet forgets the pain :-/

Squirreliya said...

I am addicted to TODS, they are so comfy <3

Silver said...

what freekish woman isn't a fan of shoes?;p HhHmMmMm..u seem to be trying out the best shoes money can buy so im out of suggestions except: keep looking! And i'm sure ur gna enjoy that task
Ah London, I miss you so:(

FourMe said...

not yesterday, maybe today :p but I saw their collection in Villa Moda ma3jabny. I like thin heels and they mostly had chunky ones.

I tried all the different styles they had I thought it might be the only one pair that hurts but no they were alllll crap.

checked it out ams they had all flats, mabi flats abi highsss :p but true I like their shoes, especially the mens shoes 7adhom gorgeous.

heheh trust me some women don't give a damn about shoes! I tend to mix and match I don't mind buying shoes with no 'identities' I'm not that materialistic :p but for the perfect pair to add to the collection it would have to be the best of the best. The search shall continue :/

Amethyst said...

I like Louboutin flats. I never tried their heels;\

Glitter said...

So girl,

I see you got your ooooomph back :-)

Was it because you were homesick, and now that u're back in London all is good again?!!

FourMe said...

Honestly don't try them they ain't worth a penny!

hehe you got the homesick part right :p

Not really, not better just got tired of being sad so I guess what's in the heart stays in the heart and no need to be displayed in public..

Shoush said...

As u said, u won't know which one's the one until u see it. Happy hunting.

FourMe said...

the hunt is becoming very tiring :/ I'm on the verge of giving up..

Shoush said...

Well then maybe u shudn't be consciously hunting. The best things in life happen when u least expect them. Finding ur 'soulful' show is no exception. :P

FourMe said...

ee mo malaina min elwaiting for the damn unexpected laih meta y3ani an6ir!

Ms. D said...

ee shoes shoes shoes!!!!
ana my last "master piece shoes was "pedro garcia" theyr unbelievably walkably runnably comfy.. i was initiated on december 2007 ;p got them from harvey`s.. and when i had the chance to shop at harvey`s again in february 2008 i did not hesitate when i saw the new stilletos (spelling) and pupms and those sky towering heels of his ;)

this here is the pic of my 1s pedro garcia.. which will b the lead to many many more pedros!


FourMe said...

ms d:
they look nice eytrbon eb 3iz your feet :p

Checked out everything in Harvey nothing was eye catching, they were all your typical pumps with extra sparkle and shine, nothing outstanding :/ 7ata the plain ones weren't nice.