Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sex and The CITY!

THEY'RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! The Queen Fashionista herself has RETURNED!! Carrie Bradshaw her HIGHNESS has returned and it was a VERY long wait which was long overdue!

I'm a Sex and The City freaking fanatic freak! I absolutely love it, love them, love the whole episodes and watched it about ohhh 9 million times since it finished 4 years ago.

So you can see my excitement when I knew the movie will premier in London on the 28th. So FourMe ma chathebat khabaar and booked tickets 5 days in advance and they were almost sold out!

You cannot imagine how the cinema was full! Mostly with women and a handful of gays and the odd man or two. It was packed with women of all ages, all dressed from head to toe in all their labels. It was like walking into a fashion show not a cinema! Truly SATC are not just characters as they have touched and inspired many women across the world.

The second the SATC theme started there was an outbreak of clapping and whistling all over. Oh my lord it was simply fabulous to be able to see them all together again.

Now the storyline was just perfect it was continuous from the episodes as if so many years haven't passed by. Now I was surprised that they didn't throw in more 'iconic fashion items' it was less than expected. Then hits the heartbreak :(

It was quite sad at a certain point but obviously this is Carrie and Big we're talking about. So all I'm going to say that they gave them the happy ending that we were ALL dying for.

The whole feeling from the movie was like it was a modern day Cinderella especially when Big was proposing he didn't have a diamond and instead he slipped Carrie's foot in Blahniks!!

Overall impression of the movie was SIMPLY Fabulous, FaBuLouS, FABULOUS!!

Will pop in to see it again ;)


Shoush said...

I HATE U! ;/

Anonymous said...



:::ShoSho::: said...

I might be the only one who never saw that show hmmm..

:::ShoSho::: said...

but it's interesting how you described the audience.. I can't imagine that! especially in LONDON! lool

I miss the days when I used to go to Indian films there loool ..

Soul said...

The shows which you watch at home comfort usually are terrible at screen.

Seems like SATC made quite an impression.

I wouldnt go to see Dr. House, if at all it would be released as a movie.

Seriously, NO !

~ Soul

Justified Destiny said...

i'm a huge fan!! can't wait to see the movie.. u're so lucky :(

FourMe said...

Love ya :*

Anonymous the doll:
ya babyyy ;p

WHAAAAAT!!! Sorry bs entay maynoona wila maynooona?!??!?!??!?! HOW cAN U NOT OF SEEN IT!! This is SEX AND THE CITY !! The MUST see show by every FEMALE!! for gods sake I even got the soulmate hooked on it min kethir ma its good!

Shosho sem3eny 3ashaan ma af9il 3alaich akthar min chethy.. bacher roo7ay to the equivalent of HMV 3indkom and buy all seasons and watch them! w ed3ily :p

min 9ejich the audience kanaw film ebro7hom 7adhom in the mood of the movie.. shtabeen one of my girlfriends called me from Kuwait tgooly khalay elkha6 maftoo7 basmaa3 elmovie min kethir we're addicted to it..

Its SATC so its gotta be good.. you know it felt like watching about 4 or 5 episode back to back, that's why it didn't feel much more different than the show.

Me likey House he's quite the nutter, but wouldn't go and see him on the big screen.

Justified destiny:
join the club dear I'm in love with that show. I know I know :D I swear when the the movie started I was about to cry I felt like I was reunited with family members.

Soul said...


i can DHL u the the whole seasons if u want ;p

Hasan.B said...

Obviously I am not going to watch it. I prefer movies with the word sex only. And I think you just ruined the ending for some, did you not??

Big Pearls said...

can't wait to watch it...

u did ruin it a bit for us though..

sorry to say that:/

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oh lol 7athir 3ammitti! No I will order it from Amazon, I get everything from there and lol,, it is released here, the movie.. I went to Indiana Jones on wednesday and saw that Sex & the City is also on ;)

falantan said...

I think I only watched the 1st season or 2nd..

the characters I liked were stevie, mr.Big shwaya but he was a bit too mystical at the time, o b6 chabde when he married that Moynahan girl. I couldn't like any of the women, they were all VERY roller-coaster tempered. ya3ne women. but they were funny.

The whole show puts me off mainly for its decadence. they don't have earthly concerns. everything is frivolous and in the upper stratosphere. faraagha

A Journal Entry said...

i can't wait to c it!

Ms. D said...



*happy camper's face*

Amethyst said...

I don't watch TV..

shoosha said...

ma7ibich!! *jealous*

Shoush said...

il7imdila i skipped that paragraph laman shakait ina its a spoiler. :P

Yara said...

aah laaaaaaaaa 7aram 3alaaich et7ereeeeeeeeena chethi.... i LOVE SATC... a9lan fakart ayey london for a couple of days just to see it :P Lucky you :( 7adi i miss them yarait they continue more seasons

nyxxie said...

I'm going to watch it on sunday :D

Big Pearls said...

you are tagged!

PaLoMiNo said...

aaaaaaaah me2 i cant wait to watch ittttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:D

FourMe said...

Ma 3indik salfa its an amazing movie.. ee eee al7en 6ala3 el7achy o youm I posted about the porn thing sekat o ma b6alt 7aljik ela 3ogob el7ana w rana w al7een te3trif u only like those type of movies :p and yes I did but not so much..

I can't wait to see it again.. I didn't ruin it so much ya3ni come on this is Sex and the City and its Big and Carrie obviously they won't turn it into dramatic ending and ruin the storyline for millions and millions of fans.

chena f9aalt 3alaich ?! I apologise dear bs I love this show and can't believe you haven't seen it :/

I saw Indian Jones didn't like it much but its not bad.

1st season wasn't so good.. the ones later on were much better and they were toned down.. Big is an unknown character, can you believe his name wasn't revealed till the last 2 seconds of the shows finale!

well it is a cross between a sitcom and drama so really you wouldn't expect them to discuss life threatening issues.. it ain't the discovery channel its mostly about fashion, men, and New York. Man don't dis it la t9eer hosha hny :{

FourMe said...

journal entry:
you must its amazing.. I finished the 2nd book in shopaholic series!

ms d elkatkoota:
hehehhehehee told you she comes out to play when you least expect it :p bs alah yahdy hal mood swings ely 3indy..

Screw tv Watch this show ASAP!

hehehe all my girlfriends said the same :p

just like what you did with sanawat elthaya3 :p

I love it MORE!! you should have its totally worth it 7ada eyshawig and fabulous. ya I wish they continue with it.. bs chena mako anything to add to the storyline.

You'll love it.

will do it as soon as I can, thanx :*

7ada eyanin a must MUST see!

Missy said...

bel 6ag I watched season 1 :p
wayed emalel :\

jesterat314 said...

hehe, i had to watch this movie cause other movies were already gone... (kinda dragged to it)
And i must say.. it was ok:) I never saw the show by the way, is it the same characters and storylines?