Monday, 5 May 2008


  • Cravings

*Sitting bored out of my mind doing the daily rounds around blogs when it hit me I NEED ice cream and I need it NOW!!
*Looked at the time its 23:10 *hMmm* Screw it when FourMe needs ice cream FourMe GETS ice cream!
*Grabbed the keys, mobile, money, and left the house (was already wearing terry 3/4 length jogging bottoms and a t-shirt).
*Headed to the local Baskin Robbins. Went down to get a dose of my cravings while a woman with her husband (my age) in a car outside started Starrrrrring at me!! No not your regular staring no no the in your face both of us are staring at you and talking about you staring! Like what the fuck were they on about! As if I care..
*Got my yummies and a cookie from Hardees and headed back home.
*23:24 back in driveway.
*23:37 munching endlessly on the ice cream and cookie :D

  • On the Market
*Damn I just realised I'm single!!
*Not only that I've been single for almost 6 months now and I didn't even know it!!
*Guess I didn't wanna face reality.
*I still can't refer to him as the 'Ex' I still call him the 'soulmate'!

  • Who Cares
*I've noticed that I have lately become very very careless!
*Things can hit rock bottom around me and I wouldn't even care!!
*Guess after 26 years of caring I FINALLY don't give a damn any more!

p.s. I'm overdosing on ice cream!! I need to be admitted into Betty Crockers Rehab centre!


:::ShoSho::: said...

What's with the weird couple?!!! Staring at WHAT exactly????!?!?

FourMe said...

Wala dear I got nooOoo idea, I explained what I was wearing so there is nothin wrong with it.. maybe they wanted a threesome lol!

Ok ignore me I'm high on sugar :p

Hasan.B said...

LOOL!! Obviously the "LOOL" is regarding your reply to shosho!! And I always preferred the KDD ice creams

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooL 3ad today I was with an English lady. We were talking about men and she said her husband once, jokingly, suggested a threesome and she was like "oh honey ok so you want me to get another man?" looooool he was like ewwww what! and she told him "What am I supposed to do with a woman?!" lool she said she always has to shock him with answers like this when he tries to annoy her lool

:::ShoSho::: said...

Aaabiiii KDD ice-Cream!!!!!! :(

FourMe said...

lool ee ba3aad shdaraani :p ya3ni 3afya if the dude was staring I'd say 3adi he's just a man, but the woman was staring too! Or they were probably just admiring my natural(botoxed)beauty :P

now my dear kdd ice cream is the all mighty but baskin robbins serves those sugar pressing urges like you never can imagine..

looooool zain etsawii fy he so deserved that reply! lol you're just like me when I get my leban almara3y cravings!

ZaMaHReeR said...

I love the accuracy in timing:
23:24 and 23:37. very amazing :P
ACCURACY PPL, well done fourme.
go girl and don't give a s**t about anyone!

the carelessness thing is awesome i have done it for a week, it was a blast :)

I'm a SINGLE that's how I wanna be
Ah yeah uh huh that's right
Don't need to be on somebody's arm to look good
No I don't need another half to make me... whole

p.s the lyrics is not correct i messed it up

>>> sorry i got carried away :P

FourMe said...

I'm a time freak! dunno if there is such a term but if so I am one.. I love time lol. I don't I care only about Me and no one else.. Me me meeeee.

true trueee I'm no arm candy! hehe 3ady nothing makes sense to me now, I'm drowsy so all is good :p

Anonymous said...

there are always teens hanging out there late at night, glad you didn't get bothered.

Shoush said...

Ya, y were they staring? Maybe they're not married. Maybe they were staring as in waiting for u to leave so they can get their privacy back. U know, the one u stole with ur unwanted presence. JUST AN ASSUMPTION. :P

FourMe said...

Not really didn't see any around, but true the youngsters are always around .. thnx for the concern :)

What privacy? they were parked exactly outside the door of hardees waiting for their burgers,I was already inside and they continued staring till I got back in the car..heheh girl you're way off key :p

nyxxie said...

you got me wanting icecream?

Hamitaf La B. said...

ooooooh ice-cream cravings can be fatal.... seriously.... when you get them ba3ad thats it!!
and as for being single... you'll find another soulmate 9adgeeneee.... it never stops at one person... the fact that you survived six months is a sign your getting over the "soulmate".. or dare I say... the "ex-soulmate"?

Soul said...

Life without soulmate can get difficult.

~ Soul

P.S: I wish you good tides.

pocketfullofsunshine said...

Lol @ Betty Crockers Rehab centre!

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

Abeeeeeeeee LoLeeeeee TOOOT !!!!!!!!!!


eshda3wa said...

wat flavor did u get?

No3iK said...

weird couple!
i mean i get it if SHE was staring .. but he also!! strange :S

and when someone is suddenly single .. the theory says .. split the time u spend in the relationship to half ..
that would be the time u need to recover from it ..

so good luck with that .. and enjoy :*

FourMe said...

Nothing makes you feel better than couple of scoops of icey frozen ice cream..

hehe I agree I had to get it regardless of the time and location..

sweetie finding a soulmate is not like finding a fling its true and meaningful and you don't find that at the doorstep..

I second that! .. I'm staying on dry land and keeping away from the tides..

;) after the sugar overdose that I had I need to be one of their residents..

hehehhe when cravings hit they hit bad!

Chocolate Mouse Royal with nuts on top and Rainbow Sherbet *dro0oling* Now I want ice cream again! Thanx eshda3wa :/

I know 7adhom weird!
Great! so I need a year to get over him.. wasn't that what Charlotte from Sex and the City said ? love that show..

Thank you dear :*

Big Pearls said...

you definitely need the messy ice-cream I posted about:p it'll do you good.

Soul said...

You are docked now.

Will take time for your ship to set sail.

Dont forget to "BALANCE" on the ropes which hold the nut and the nutty.

The gravity pulls in all directions in the space you are in.

~ Soul

Rawr said...

Ben and Jerry are my best friends... However sad that might sound.
Getting high on sugar is the best high EVER. I dont understand why people do drugs anyway :P

And umm, the couple? WTF?

FourMe said...

big pearls:
yours was no ice cream it was a hareeesa :p

Not a fan of the sea, took the leap once and almost drowned. So not going to risk it again, dry land is my new buddie for now and for ever.

No worries I'm holding the grounds I'm on.. May seem fragile but believe you me I'm solid.

My thoughts exactly all one needs is sugar and caffeine and your set on the biggest high of your life!

Honestly I have NoOo idea.. guess they're just weirdos!

Soul said...


I hinted sanity.

~ Soul

Amethyst said...

LOL! Betty Crocker's Rehab Center;p

FourMe said...

Dare I say yes :p

lol :p

Oranjina fadidra said...


o ba3den sigle life is lighter who needs the fat?

Shoush said...

3ayal y the hell wud they both stare! I hav no other explanation.

Ms. D said...

baskin is not real ice cream.. ben and jerry ya ommmy!

FourMe said...

Oran Fad:
Big time!
true but its nice to have the warmth sometimes..

neither do I!

ms d:
OH NO YOU DIDN'T!! Basin rocks jerry tastes like 3elch ba9ry with flavouring !

Shoush said...

Nothing beats Haagen Dazs's Strawberry Cheesecake. *melts*

FourMe said...

listen to me little MISSY! its BASKIN ROBBINS hands down!

Ansam said...

Who needs "HIM" when you have Baskin Robbins! LOL

I had my share yesterday as well... my sister had a sudden urge and I tagged along with her

FourMe said...

Well said lol! I keep on having the urge over and over again..