Sunday, 11 May 2008

Out! OuT! OUT!!!

For the love of God what is wrong with girls here!! I'm not generalising there is a small percentage of girls that trot around town whom are definitely fashionistas to the core! On the other hand the majority look like spastics! From the way they dress to the make up they wear to their appearance in general, they are a fashion disaster! Someone call the Fashion Police because these 'creatures' need to be put behind bars!

In the past couple of weeks I have witnessed SO many fashion faux pas's that I don't know where to begin! May my words be gentle upon those fashion criminals!

  • Blonde Hair: Seriously!! Peroxide strawberry blonde hair !! Come the fuck on who do you think you are ?? Honey chal7a and Blonde hair is a big NO NO!! Plus it is so so a goner! Darker shades are in go check the colour books!
  • New 7jab The one with lifted corners by the forehead: Al7een ma9dagna 3ala alaah the cone crap goes out of fashion 3ashan etbalshoon eb this bull shit! Afhaaam shenoo ya3nii what exactly are you trying to achieve with this look?? Is it resembling 3anagee9 LoLo e9agheera wila sheno ?? Go have a look in the mirror it looks even worse than the cone head 7jab thing!
  • RED LIPSTICK: Not anyone one can pull off a red lipstick, it has to match your complexion and your hair colour.
    1. Red lipstick looks hot ON SOME during winter! It is Not and I repeat NOT a summer look.
    2. Bitch please you ain't Gwen Stefani! You are a chal7a mal7a with a white based cement foundation with a beach blonde hair and a RED LIPSTICK. Oh wait there is a name for you its called " A Spasticated Clown".
  • Met7jbat wearing leggings: Now PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong the point of wearing a 7jab is to cover your body, Right? Wearing a shirt just bellow your ass and skin colour leggings with a 7jaaaaab!!! Come Onnn who are you trying to fool us or God? What part of that outfit is covering your body up??

The list goes on and onnnn but I shall spare you the excruciating details. Oh Can you ladies Please please dress according to the occasion! A boat show is NOT a fashion show! Your local Starbux is NOT your aunties Friday gathering where you show off to your cousins! Shopping Malls are NOT 'Shop for a husband Thus impress the Men Around'! More like scare them Off!

I'm not intentionally offending anyone but some girls think such appearances are acceptable and that they are IN when they definitely are NOT!

Now say with me:

Less Is More!

Less Is More!

Less Is MotherFucking MORE!


Big Pearls said...

I hate the 7ijab with lifted corners and I hate how everyone is just copying everyone else!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL you sound like me when I go to Kuwait.. everytime I go out, my mouth drop open.. I mean, I can't understand WHY they are dressing like this!?!!

LoL at the leggings you are totally right!

I do believe that el Mot7ajbat are attracting more attention than the ones who are not, in fact, I don't remember noticing the non-Hijab folks..

:::ShoSho::: said...

are you serious with the blonde hair?!! Hmm, it must be new coz in dec, i don't remember I saw them..

A Journal Entry said...
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A Journal Entry said...

waaay the 7ijab with corners lifts my pressure up! <--(tarjama 7arfiyah?! heheh)

Glitter said...


Anonymous said...

sa7 ilsanech!

e7na we got used to watching all this makeup/7jab/wearing crap thing! ;/

yemken 3ashan ur not used to it fa em'ather fech wayed ;p


again sa7 ilsanich!

Hasan.B said...

I agree with the red lipsticks. Never knew it was a winter thing though

ZaMaHReeR said...

this is a lady things .. Have nothing to say :P
till the next post :D

Silver said...

LOOOOLLL!! hahaha that was hilarious;p Bless you, I needed that;p You are right on so many points, all of them actually. bs tra the 7jab with lifted corners..some girls do it nicely y3ny they dont lift it all the way to the back of their head. Personally I don't do it, bs on some >SOME< girls, its acceptable. other than that..ur completely right. lol;p

Sana3OMana3 said...

Ladies and gentlemen your fashion sucks. hehe not all of you :P

less is more philosophy means not distract others with massive amount so so makeup 7jab, so glitter, so sequins, and over accessories kel hatha!! efashloon.

PLZZZ less less not more ;)

FourMe said...

big pearls:
I hate it more. they have no originality!

Its not about getting used to it a fashion crime is a fashion crime! They don't understand what they are doing they are following the wrong trend that was invented by some bgara!

journal entry:
lol!! me tooo wala me too.

the a3sab are needed to explain the fashion massacre that I'm witnessing.. if you see it as normal and doesn't demand an outrage than my dear we have a very very different taste in fashion..

FourMe said...

sa7 ebdnich (is that what they say :p)

Well there should be an uprising against such hideousness.. no 7ata when I was back here I had the same opinion, wrong is wrong whether used to it or not.. Less is definitely MORE!

It is because its a vibrant colour and such colours in summer give a very strong impression while in winter it gives more of a warmer effect.. Fashion 101 and any girl that does not know which colour suits which season should go and commit suicide :p

no I would like a man's point of view on this crap and how they see it.. is it a turn on or turn oFF?

min 7arat galby wala ya silver they think they look hot while they look like monstrous creatures.. would like to agree with you on the corner thing but still haven't seen anyone that can pull it off. Plus the point of the 7jaab is to attract attention away from yourself not attract it directly to ones face.

lool well said dear!
thank you thank you my point exactly!! *hugsssssssssssss sana3* oh shit I don't know you hope you don't mind the hug :p

Amethyst said...

You should pay a visit to the College of Arts in Kaifan. You will see things you have NEVER seen before. I gave up on commenting or registering even. I'm blind to what people around me are wearing;p

Soul said...

Its fuckinglyish foolish wearing loads of paint on the face.

Simplicity is always a great policy.

Minimal but not minis.

And those walking makeup shops are BIGTIME TURN OFFs !!

No way they do impact or attract at a physical level, forget the levels above.

~ Soul

Soul said...

Oh i forgot to mention.. low self esteem of such women ruins lives of other idiots.

Anyway, fucked up life of idiots doesnt make a difference of it getting more fucked up.

Ergo, life goes on with such shit and such a rant as this post results in no statistical change in the idiot population.

~ Soul

:::ShoSho::: said...

lol 7ilwa el bgara.. sometimes I DO wonder who starts these things *thinking*

No3iK said...


baradty chabdi!!!

u said every thought in my head!!
and i still have more :s

worst part when my dear cousin is doing the new shaila corners thing .. with three layers of CRYSTAL!!! @@
i swear its like a horror movie .. it doesnt just look bad its disturbing .. i feel like something is wrong with her face .. something is wrong with her head!!

and also the super slutty high heels :S
i mean i have no idea where they still sell those !! and ur shopping at the avenues with those! HOW! SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW!

just last nite i had dinner at maki avenues :s ppl dress like theyre goign to an event! where theyre going to be given an award ! .. covered from head to toe with *bling* makes them look so desperate for attention! thats just sad.

so yes i agree " LESS IS MORE!"

Oranjina fadidra said...

ana mu ba6 chabdi ela hal chal7a ilsha8ra!
wilmoshkila fii wayed clones minha.. fa deal w/ it they won't change, their getting worse..

Glitter said...

Wallah my dear I agree with you 100%, bs kint khayfa 3laich yeni6 lich 3irj or something....

Bs sij tawny adri that red lipstick is a winter look only! :-/
Shall I go throw myself off the roof ? :"(

Someone should definitly inform DIOR that their summer ad of a girl laying on bed with hot red lips is totally unfashionable!

Yara said...

Exaaaaaaaaaaactly Thank you !!!

Sana3OMana3 said...

*HUGS* :)

FourMe said...

hehehe la mabi I think I'll pass, can't handle any more ugliness. alah y3eenich!

I don't know what possess them to make them think that it attracts people on the contrary it repels!

True it won't change but if everyone stays quite and accepts it , it means its approved by society. Change starts with one footstep that will be followed by many more.

lol et9adgeen madri maybe some well know chick that has an off day and wears something so crappy and people think its a new trend..

FourMe said...

*HUGS* hehehe bil khedma dear.. plz do share the other horror stories that you have witnessed..

lol shfeeha your cousin is she trying to sparkle like a chandler? laa those heels 7ag el S&M bs the lovely girls here think they are for walking around!

lol adri chenhom those new neon ad signs being used all over town.. 3adi I was at the Boat show gabil fatra and OMG it was hilarous ek3ooba w outfits chenhom ray7een estqbal.. its like HELLOOOO wrong occassion!

Oran Fad:
9a7 kalamich they are gettin worse.. I don't know when it will hit them that what they are doing to themselves is the work of clowns not ladies!

lol laa tkhafeen 3alay I'm a tough cookie.. hehehe la dear its a personal choice if you like wearing red its your choice no need for the roof jumping.

That's where the misconception begins..
1. There is no remote comparison with the face of Dior and girls in kuwait.
2. To have a successful ad campaign you need something that sells, sex sells. The colour red is associated with seduction and making a woman look very sensual. These days they are resulting to such means to bring in the woman consumer.
3.Dolce and Balanciega came out with the trend of wearing metal dresses, bustiers, and pants. Does that mean we should all flock over to the couture houses and buy them?
4. Fashion is not something that should be followed with a blind eye. A woman should know what suits her and what doesn't.

hehe 7athreeeen :)



Hasan.B said...

I sense a cat fight under the surface, whatever that means

FourMe said...

hason elmal3oon:
lool no cat fights here kafeena eshar.. o ba3dain you hush you know nothing about fashion you MAN :p see if you were a girlie you could of joined the debate. I bet you're jealous that you can't paint your face with a bucket of paint lol

p.s. I remember the phrase hason elmal3on but from which play or tv show is it? :/

Hasan.B said...

My life? I think there was a show, but I can not remember it. All that I remember is: 7ason elmal3on yakil el-sanson;r Not very nice ha?

FourMe said...

lol ewww I don't remember that part of it :p

ShoSho heeelp min wain 6ala3 the phrase hason elmal3oon I can't remember neither does the boy called hasan :p

Anonymous said...

hatha mo cartoon ?

nabeeh o sale7 i think (its very very old ;p)

eew 7asan;/ malegeet ghair hal jumla! ;/

eshda3wa said...

3ad im currently working on a post called

its a 7jab not a bandana


la jad ma yadroon shesawoon eb 3omrhum!

FourMe said...

jad I don't remember :/ all I remember is the phrase.. elkobir shain :p

Great minds think alike ;)
Big time, they're experimenting and it keeps on going downhill !

Anonymous said...

e walla ilkuber shain

FourMe said...

yalaah 7sin elkhatmaa

Anonymous said...

ameen yarab

jesterat314 said...

Hehe, comon, its a reason for us to go out and laugh once in a while :)

Soul said...

Change starts with first step, but not in wrong direction.

Address the attitudes and parameters which constitute for self-esteem.

NOT by calling Bitch and with sarcasm.

If you gotta get a change which is worthwhile, try addressing the causes of low self image and social pressures these girls are under.

Hope you caught the point.

~ Soul

Fastidious Babe said...

LOOOL i totally hear u girl.. all the way to dubai.. loud n clear ;)

daaaaamn i needed a good laugh after a day like this xx

Vixen said...

PLEEEEASE PLEEEASE let them give you a big loud voice which everyone can hear and keep screaming that for one whole week.. or a month!

FourMe said...

lol you're a meanie :p I don't blame you its a freak show..

I get what you mean but i didnt mean that it would change or start to change because I wrote a silly post about it.. I meant in general people should start showing their disapproval some way or the other..

true I spoke with sarcasm bs mo miny min el7ara ely feeni they look unbelievably disturbing.

fastidious babe:
hehhehe glad my voice was heard all the way there :p

lol I screamed enough about it.. its your turn now, I'm passing the torch onto you now..

noonie said...

lol! Funny!;P Sooo Right..bntikalam 3n hal maw'6oo3 w they'r still not gna get it ;P