Monday, 19 May 2008

London Baaaaaby

  • Have I taught you nothing! Only zwena guessed why I was away! O ba3dain ma3akom learn to read in between the lines, I already labelled the post as London! I always leave clues with extra information but no one seems to get it..
  • Didn't I tell you 27 is the new 30! I was out shopping today and every 2 seconds shop assistants would creep up on me and ask "Madam How can I help you" while the other says "Madam can I get you your size" and it goes on all afternoon "Hello Madam" and "Thank You Madam" !! 3amaaaa eb 3ainkom I AIN'T a Madam I'm a MISS and I am NOT intending on becoming a Madam any time soon! 3afya a month ago I used to shop at the same places and non of the assistants called me Madam it was always Miss. So what's the sudden change?! Do they see a ring on my finger (NOT) or do they see gray hair (mako I dyed it recently) or do they see visible lines (ham mako I botoxed them away)! So eshmalaa el Madam!!
  • Just came back from dinner and I have to admit this country is rocketing sky high in prices 9ayra truly naaaaar. There were 3 of us and our check came up to £242. I'm used to going to the same place and it used to be less, more in the 100's area, how can prices change within a month! But then that's London for you!
  • London is my first love, my only love, and my eternal love.. I love you LONDON!


Squirreliya said...

Allah yhaneech eb safretich ..enjoy it enjoy it and enjoy it again :D have funn

FourMe said...

thank you dear :) but I live here not on holiday.

Big Pearls said...

I share with you your love for London!;)

Justified Destiny said...

ugghh :| what i wouldn't give to be there!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oh yeah London is my love too! O when they tell me weee3 diesel, I tell them oh that is the heavenly smell loooooooooool.. Yibo6oon chabdi bas walla I think it lessened don't you think?

Here, they say Madmoiselle, unless they know you are married lol..

A Journal Entry said...

aaahhh london!

Hasan.B said...

Okay, I feel a bit stupid now. El7amdela 3lsalama. Only three days and I will be there. long time no see!

Yara said...

i looooooooove london tooooooooo

Amethyst said...

Akrah the "Madame" thing;\

FourMe said...

no where like it..

justified destiny:
I wouldn't rather be any where else in the world..

hehehe true especially when u have just arrived and on the way back from the airport in the infamous black cab and you get a massive whiff of diesel mo 6abeee3y :p

true it has gone down, I think the congestion charge has helped a bit.

ahwaan min Madam, law3aw chabdi ams :/

journal entry:
indeed indeed ;)

hehehe ma3alaih happenes to the best of us :p but I have to admit I was disappointed with your conclusion :/ its been forever :p

me moreeeeeeeeeeee

I don't get the madam but now all of the sudden I'm a madam! 7ata the cab drivers were madaming me !!

zwena said...

wohooooooooo i was the smart one :D

i dont believe i've beat them ALL even hasan.b :P

soo no gift foe me? :P

FourMe said...

lool sheftay eshloon.. I always said doctors aren't that smart :p

amray dear tdalelay wila agoolich your prize is hasan.b lol! maybe you can teach him a thing or two :p

Fastidious Babe said...

enjoy ur time there.. and ma3alaich mn il shop assistants its prolly a thing they're trying out :P

Sana3OMana3 said...

I love that I can walk to everything I need and that I definitely don't need a car wohooooo :)
I love theater and the pretty shops and everything about london (except the underground or the price of things).

I love you i love you i love you

Oranjina fadidra said...

indeed so true, its annoying madame!

FourMe said...

fastidious babe:
thanx dear. seems like its sticking.. even the cabby called me Madam today! What the hell!!

exactly, I LOVE the walking thing its amazing to be able to have the option to step out of the house and simply walk! Don't get me started on the prices.. I don't mind the underground but I have a strong hatred towards the buses :/

London loves you too ;)

Oran fad:
More than you can imagine, it pisses me off! A month ago I was addressed as Miss and just cuz I turned twenty friggin seven all of the sudden I became a Madam!

um-miT3ib said...

hahaha ams galaw 7ag both my brothers madam ;p

FourMe said...

loooool now thats really bad!