Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Half & Half

Its half time and the score is 1-1 MY HEART IS ABOUT TO STOP!! Literally STOPPP!!!!


What do you do when your heart aches?

You put on your vintage looking pair of jeans,

a vibrant colour t-shirt,

add a waist belt to give a dressed up look,

yank the gals up for a hint of cleavage,

add a long pearly chain.

Pull the hair up in a bun,

some smoky eyes

with a dab of natural colour lip gloss.

Put on your pumps,

grab your limited edition baguette,

finally grab your tiny wool jacket.

Leave the house and SLAM the door behind YOU!

And go and dine in one of London's finest..


On another note, I'm on the edge of my seat, my heart is pounding and I'm worried sick :/ Tomorrow is the BIG DAY it's either make or break! It's the pride of Europe we're talking about here! I don't think I will get any sleep tonight, I'm actually that worried.. This cup is actually more important than the World Cup well to some people that is. Please pleasee pleaseeeeeeeee God let us win and put the dumb pissing wankers to shame!


nQ said...

*alaah, she sounds sexy, everyone should suffer from an acheful heart*

Shoush said...

Who's playing?

FourMe said...

thank you, still it didn't make the heart ache go away :/

Manchester United vs Chelsea for the Champions Leauge

Amethyst said...

I cry it out.

Big Pearls said...

oooh I am not into football:/

Silver said...

i said it once and i'll say it again. MAN U fan!! I'm watching the game right now..ho hum.. ;p

Anonymous said...

man r not playing well

Hasan.B said...

Hard luck

Hasan.B said...


Hasan.B said...

Ryan giggs will miss it, he has to

Hasan.B said...

Ya the il fashla:S

A Journal Entry said...

congratts! ;)

FourMe said...

They played good in the 1st half, second half Chelsea dominated.

the pitch was to0 slippery but honestly I think he actually knew it wouldn't go in so he slipped just to top it off..

Giggs couldn't miss that shot it was the cherry on top for his career. kafi ena he broke Sir Bobby Charltons record, so he knew he has to prove himself to the crowd, so no way he would miss it.

I called the Ronaldo penalty before he took it, I knew he would miss it, the twat is too arrogant, that's his flaw as a player!

journal entry:
Ya congrats to United fans..