Thursday, 1 May 2008

Fuck iT

WoW! I am in the most CARELESS mood ever!! Right this minute I FourMe Do NOT Give a Damn and a Fuck about anything in this world!! I dON't Careeeeeee .. This second the world can go up in flames and I wouldn't even flinch..



Watched a movie Mad Money not bad was okay.. Still don't give a flying fuck about anything.. I like this song..

Hit the road Jack! - Ray Charles


Hasan.B said...

LOOOOOL!! Check my new post and you will know why, now let me read the post!

Hasan.B said...

Okay....I guess my previous comment will not help would it?

Anonymous said...

lol i went into this state of mood today till 5pm then i got over it ;p il7emdellah!

hope ur mood changes soon ;*

FourMe said...

loool thought of using the pic you used but needed somethin more expressive..

I wish I can stay in this mood for ever..


Anonymous said...

looool ee chayaktay!

i dont know whats wrong with our weather .. ghareeeb!

girl you use the word fuck wayed! ;/

FourMe said...

I heard something hitting the window when I looked out it was rain with strong ghbaar!! Now seriously correct me if I'm wrong but that's just not Normal!!

I know.. but its ok I'm old enough to say the F word :p dear its the fault of being around the english too much.. elsanhom metbary minhom bs ham a7ebhom..

Anonymous said...

i think fe shay! chena my mood swings!;p .. one minute its raining the other dust ba3deen out of no where tashreq eshams o ye9fa el jaw!

loool bs el kilma mo la6eefa! ;p few months back el kilma wayed kanat 3ala ilsani .. for absolutely no reason!

for example:
guy on the radio with a horrible voice: shraaaykom ensawe ...

me: shrayek you fuck urself!

ok!! kilish no need! just change the channel! ;/ bs esara8a yaqher .. bs still no need ;p so i started behaving my language

FourMe said...

loool wala more like my mood swings.. the weather is just scary you never know what's gonna hit next..

True its not nice to hear, but I know how to control myself especially when in public. You have to know I'm very VERY bad tempered so I need to express my frustration some way or the other so saying fuck it, screw it etc keeps me from screaming my head off..

Anonymous said...

hehehe damn that temper and mood swings ;p

FourMe said...

bad temper, mood swings, and P M fucking S ! damn them allll lol

eshda3wa said...

i just want my damn headache to go away !

im ready to start banging it on my desk!

Anonymous said...

loool .. i blame it all on the weather ;p

i kinda love my mood swings but i dont know why ppl dont ;p

FourMe said...

salmtich dear.. alah y3eenich no one understands the pain of headaches more than me :/

I love mine too! you know what each person is unique in their own way and if your mood swings are part of you than thats part of uniqueness so ely mo3ajba yerga3 rasa eb agrab 6ofa.. Mood Swings Rock!

Anonymous said...

hehehe 3ashaw! ;p


matshofeen shar eshda3wa .. trake panadol or something

Anonymous said...



soul bent portrait

FourMe said...

Anon aKa Bent Ghandi:
BIG TIME! soulooOo mazaaaj omii gafil gaflaa mo 6abe3yaa :/ wana en gfaaalt agfil 3adil!!

Anonymous said...

al7een a6ale3 ellee feech kella 7awlay hnak ;p

Amethyst said...

I so know how that feels!

Big Pearls said...

oh fourme what is happenning to you?!

FourMe said...



Big pearls:
mood swings pearls lovely mood swings..

Grey said...

I like the pic ! thats some anger !

FourMe said...

indeed it is :/

ZaMaHReeR said...

FourMe didnt you try the kick boxing bag.. its really helps

Vixen said...

*is scared* : p Hope you feel better !

FourMe said...

Not yet been pretty occupied lately, but then I'm so damn fragile I bruise easily and worried I would beat the bag so much that I'll end up all bruised :/


heheh come here dear its ok I won't hurt you :p not really still in the same mood..

Soul said...

P M fucking S needs a 'dam' since the 6 months emotional surge.

Icecreams wont be sufficient.

The nutty will get more nuttier soon..

~ Soul

FourMe said...

hahaha no the Fuck It mood I was in was not sponsored by pms.. it was a passing by mood swing..

Soul said...

My apologies.

~ Soul