Thursday, 29 May 2008

Busy Bugger!

Feeeni fagir 7aash! I have so many things that I wanna tell ya about but NO time to write. Honestly I barely stay at home and been so occupied recently. Any hows nothing serious just insignificant tatter.. As well I haven't had much time to read any blogs for the past couple of days. I've commented on one or 2 blogs and that's it. Wala maste7y 3ala weyhy but I cross my heart I promise I'll pay more attention to you lovelies!!

eshda3wa, I don't need a rebound guy when I have all of you guys & gals who are certainly not a rebound of any kind and more of a permanent fixture in my odd life!

3ama eb3ainkom walaaht 3ala sowalifkom..


Anonymous said...

eee walla ma teste7een 3ala wayhech :P

aywaaaaaa .. yalla yallaa ... 7eshaay :P

go for a round between blogs .. o ta3alaay 7eshay :P

chod ana khalast derasa o a7esh ma3ach :P

Anonymous said...

o ba3deen 3amma eb 3een el 3adoo mo e7na ;\

:::ShoSho::: said...

*Big Hug*

Amethyst said...

Lol! Awaiting the 7ash post;p

Hasan.B said...

I have not read the word hug kethir ma I read it in blogs! I have not been blogging as usual as well.

Glitter said...

3ad laish 3ama ib 3ainna, ismilla 3laina?!!!

Soul said...

Busy has become synonymous with phones.

~ Soul

eshda3wa said...

come here n give us a hug !

Eulalia said...
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Silver said...

Im not a rebound?? That must be the sweetest thing a blogger has ever said to me *sniff*

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL @ Hasan.. we don't get enough of that in real life so we do it in blogging ( A note for when you get married inshallah, your wife would expect alot of that :P so learn! ) .. it's amazing how we gals hug each other here looooooool!!


FourMe said...

yakhtich mako waqt 7adi 7osa w loya w busy bee.. 9a7 3ama eb 3ain el3adoo.. my mistake..


hehehe naughty gal :p

lol we're bunch of emotional wrecks ohh no wait thats just me :p

Us women like to show our feeling unlike you disgrace of a gender called men who would prefer to keep your emotions to yourself! okaay chena I should chill the hell out :p

I know and I'm not liking it plus I'm not your muse anymore *One tear trickling down FourMe's right cheek*

waihh shfeech hatha min zood elma7aba wil walaaah..

My phone barely rings anymore :/

*running towards eshda3wa with open arms*


hehehe ohh come here dear let me give you a hug ..

hasan is just jealous that we're not givin him any lovin :p no hugs for him he plays for the wrong team..

*Hugs Hugss Hugsssss* wila agoolich lets make it a blogerettes Group Hug lool!

Soul said...

tadroon 3ad i never been hugged my entire life!!! blieve it or not.. not even my mom and dad. ma7ad hugged me eb 7ayati kelaha. :/ i would like to try that.. bas mo girls plz.. ewwww boobs clash

Soul said...

ana eshga3da agool tali el lail! 7addi day5aaa o el derasa ba66a raseee sorry no offence to ur boobs girls.

bas ham


boobs clash ew ew ew ew

u still wana hug eachother? i don't think so. <--- mean

Soul said...

Whats your number ?

~ Soul

Soul said...

Oh ! Bin Ghandi !

I am sorry for you.

Hugging is love, especially within family.

Forget the clash, think of love.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Soul bint ghandi:
I can't believe you weren't hugged. You must have especially from a loved one. Sometimes a hug from a person that you care for can mean the world and replaces a 1000 words.

*HUGS soul hugat qahaaar* screw the clash lol :p