Sunday, 4 May 2008


Remember I told you a while back that I was contemplating getting botoxed because of my beloved migraines and the odd wrinkle here and there (Screw it I'm OLD).

The first time I got botoxed was last year in Beirut. Ironically it was this day last year, and that was my birthday gift to myself. Well today my lovely aunty told me to pay a visit with her to her favourite plastic surgeon. On the way there she told me she's getting Me botoxed as an early birthday present! Bless her heart that was so sweet of her :*

In general I am terrified of injections and have to be dragged by my hair to go in and take one but ironically I went to the doc's with a smile on my face, partially because I knew I will be migraine free for over half a year (inshala). But there was a little part of me that was YaaYing because I will get rid of that annoying 'noona' line. I guess when it comes to getting pretty we do go to the extreme whether it's the odd injections or the torturous act of waxing.

So we get there and the doc does the usual frown/smile technique to see where exactly to poison me and asks me to have a seat on the monstrous white leathered chair. As I was pacing back and forth he saw that I was reluctant and assured me that he would be gentle. So I finally sat my tush down and suck it up like a big girl w samait bil ra7man and told him to go for it (note already numbed the forehead area with the anaesthetic cream). Didn't hurt as much as the anticipated pain but then I never quit this horrible habit of scaring the living daylight crap out of myself when it comes to injections!

This was couple of hours ago and I have to say so far I'm quite pleased with the results.

The irony of it is that its been a year exactly, but the difference is that I'm not as happy as I was back then. It's so weird thinking what have I done for a whole year, what have I achieved, what have I learned, How the hell did a year pass by already!! Man time really flies by!


Hasan.B said...

Habby birzday o kil3am wente eb khair! Botoxy ya bint botoxy!

FourMe said...

lol ya its my BotoxDay .. but I've got X number of days to go till Me is officially old :p

Shoush said...

So wat does one say in an occasion like this? Does na3eeman work? Or 7amdila 3ala ilsalama? But that kinda sounds negative. I like na3eeman better. So na3eeman. ;P

FourMe said...

hahah I'm guessing something along the lines of "Wishing You a wrinkle free year" :p

thanx dear ;)

Ms. D said...

ana 7alfa 3ala 3omre.. bs aser 25 am gettin botoxed!! i hate my frawn wrinkle!and that weird thinking line in the middle of my forehead! and i hate my craw feet and my laugh lines... mmmmm o bs :)

zwena said...

Happy Botox Day ;P

Silver said...

mabrook! and 'appy botoxiversary my fellow taurusian (is that a word? I'm making it a word)

Amethyst said...

Happy Birthday;*

Migrane free;D

Glitter said...

I worry about such things for fear it might "يعارض شرع الله" !
(says the girl who made out with her man before legally getting married!)

Where did u get it done BTW?

Yara said...

Other than the migraines going away (el7amdelah) .. is there any changes in ur face afterwards?

ZaMaHReeR said...

kil botox wintay ebkhair :)

eshda3wa said...

yallah inshallah ull be migraine freeee


FourMe said...

ms d:
25 is the perfect age to get botoxed , starting early will prevent the lines from going in deep as well they will be easiar to smooth out with botox in the future.

hehheheh eshboga? makhalatay shay

hehe thank you darling :)


lool thanx laaaa fashalteena its Taureans :p

still early for the bday :p thanx dear I really hope I'll be totally migraine free inshala..

FourMe said...

hahaha it was in the heat of the moment no one can blame you..I worry too bs I really did need it for my migraines. I get very very sever migraines ely any average person mayegdar eyt7amlhom, wayed wayed at3ab minhom. I hope god will forgive me for doing so.. 3ind doctor in Sha'ab.

today was the first day in couple of months that I wake up without a headache.. it felt so good el7amdila.

Well I won't get full results till 72hours after getting it done but so far 65% of the lines disappeared and it looks much tighter and a nice smooth look of being fresh.. now I officially look like a 17 year old :p

heheh thanx dude.


Inshalla alah yesma3 minich .. cheers darling..

:::ShoSho::: said...

hmm sounds scary walla.. hmmm.. but mabrook!

FourMe said...

not really didn't hurt much.. my migraines are scary, getting botoxed was a treat compared to them..

Soul said...

Hope you are relieved now !

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Very much so.. I feel something is missing! That pounding headache is not there any more I feel all alone :p

shoosha said...

a777 ma e3awer :S ?

FourMe said...

lol la wala not much and that coming from a girlie who's terrified of needles

pocketfullofsunshine said...

I can't wait to get wrinkles and have botox!! :P

FourMe said...

hehhehe its not something to look forward to ...