Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Baby Me

I am hitting a new high of laziness.. You don't understand how tired and 'energy-less' I feel. I know its caused by the bitching Pmdd but damn its getting worse! I am so tired that literally lifting my pinky requires a massive amount of energy and on top of it I have a million & one things to do in the next couple of days. Waaaaay ta3banaa mani gadra mali khilg to even breathe because that requires energy too!

Now can everyone spare me their psycho analysis bull and just show me some compassion and love!

I need to be babied and hugged :(

Anyone a hug?

note: I haven't replied to the comments on previous posts bs jad mani gadra.. will get to it soon..


Amethyst said...


:::ShoSho::: said...


A Journal Entry said...

salamtich min kil shar dear

ZaMaHReeR said...

it seems to be a psychological problem more than its a physiological loool :P
sorry :)
salaamaaat salmaaat

Soul said...

I wouldnt agree less with zamahreer.

Ok no feeding on the line of bull.


Oh! is that you ??

~ Soul

FourMe said...



*HUGSSSSS* shosho abi 7anaaaan :p I demand your motherly instincts

journal entry:
esalmich dear thank you..

eysalmik.. when you Pmdd for 2 weeks a month ta3aal 7achny than you'll know how it feels and 7azat'ha trust me you won't think its psychological crap..

again I'm guessing you've never pmdd'd from before to know how draining it is and how it literally destroys a person Each month..


nQ said...

you know virtual hugs dont mean anything right?
go rest your head on your mom's lap and have her play with your hair. if she's not around, ta3alay

Illuminated Mind said...

*pat on the head*

btw LOL at nq

Soul said...

Im a guy so i am ignorant about getting destroyed every month.

I guess its rocky way ahead for that kind of destroying attitude.

~ Soul

Hasan.B said...

How many times have I told you that alcohol is a depressing agent!? Get well soon!

FourMe said...

and I thought it meant bloggers will line up outside my house and hug me one at a time:p Mommy is abroad.

illuminated mind:
very kind of you lol!

Exactly! You were exempt from this torture because you're a man meaning you have never suffered from any pain caused by being a woman. Hell some women don't even understand the pain that pmdd puts you through.

Ignorance is the keyword here, its not because you lack the understand but you lack the gender and what comes with it hence you can never judge whether I'm going through psychological or physiological pain.

So if I may be blunt no Man has the right to mock the physical anguish that I'm going through.

lol! Well if you STOP supplying it then maybe I'll stop downing it :p thank you dear.

Big Pearls said...

*big hug*

FourMe said...

big pearls:

Squirreliya said...

*hugs* get well soon ;*