Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Aftermath

Got home 30min before the match started, got my football jersey on, a bottle of water, tv remotes, and removed anything breakable from in front of me. The game starts and my nerves begin to disintegrate and that's when the boy in me comes out, unfortunately every profanity known by an English man starts coming out of my mouth, ma3alaih it was the nerves talking not me, especially by minute 35! My anger was reaching new heights, by half time I was on he verge of collapsing from all the tension I became so upset that even my vision became blurry. Even though I'm supposed to not feel headaches but the back of my head was about to explode!

By the end of the second half I lost all control, I was screaming so much during the game that I had no voice left, instead every time I get pissed at an off target shot I start slamming the table in front of me. I felt my blood pressure go through the roof. Starts the extra time and I start pacing like I'm about to lose my mind. Honestly that was one of the most nerve wrecking moments of my life. Hell breaks loose when the penalty shoot out begun, I was standing by the living room door and covering my face in fears of what I am about to witness. By the second penalty tears start streaming down my face uncontrollably, I jump with joy at each shot and cry at the same time! Yes I love football this much, that's my problem when I love something I love it passionately..

My body is knackered as if I have just been dropped off from a building, my voice is goneeeee and when I attempt to talk its sO painful, my head still hurts.

All in all it was one hell of a nerve wrecking experience!


Hasan.B said...

Did you watch it alone? And would you do the same for England?

Houliee said...

All For football :O ?

Hasan.B said...

Overall man u deserve it. But I felt sorry for terry

Missy said...


Amethyst said...


:::ShoSho::: said...


sorry about the caps I just turned it off.. yeah so I forgot and woke up at 1, with a message from my friend, saying WE WON!!

congrats, they deserve it!

What's wrong with Terry?

Big Pearls said...

finally it's over:p

jesterat314 said...

mabrook, it was a really nice game, testahl to be called a final ! Man U were the better team i think

Shoush said...

Lol! Ya7lailich. Ma agool ila il7imdila that i don't watch football. Watching TV shows and those Turkish soaps operas are emotionally draning bima feeh ilkifaya. Moo nag9a more a39ab tinshad oo dmoo3 oo filim hindi cuz ana 3ala 6raif oo ibsir3a andimij.

Btw, come to my blog. I need u. ;/

Shoush said...


eshda3wa said...


FourMe said...

No mum was with me w 7a6a edha 3ala galbha worried that something will happen to me and my aunts kept calling to check if I'm still ok :/

I love England to but honestly when was the last time they reached a final, man eyfashloon! nadi etathmon yl3boon a7sen min England! and I do love them but I LOVE my team more but yes I'm an England fan too.

Terry 3awar galbi, the man cried like there is no 2mrw! again Man utd played well 1st half, 2nd half Chelski played good ;)

again same with extra time, 1st to Man and 2nd to Chelsea. But overall Man utd played better in the Champions league. while Chelsea were handed the semi final on a silver platter.

couple years ago I almost broke my arm while watching a semi final champions league match :D
So yes all of that for football..

3alamich 9batay e7wlaa?

who said my team won ?

Laish ma sema3tay e9raakh the men in your household? ana yemkin elfreej kila sema3 e9raakhi :/

Terry took a penalty and slipped cuz it was raining hard and missed. and you could say it cost chelsea the cup..

I miss it already :(

I agree was a nice match overall.. but the slapping of Vidic was uncalled for and the mini fights were so unprofessional, but I guess in finals its expected .. apart from that was good match..

7arg a39ab eb shakil mo 6abee3y, during the whole hype while screaming I managed to bite the back of my tongue and today it hurts like hell and I cant speak from it plus I have no voice :/

bs u have no idea how wonderful it is how flipping amazing it is to love a team so much and follow them religiously for 9 months like a damn freak! I LOVE THEM !

hehhehe meno gal I support Man utd?

:::ShoSho::: said...

No hehehe My husband chose to watch the match with his friends.. but my kids were sleeping.. I also do remove breakable stuff looool