Friday, 2 May 2008

The Abbaya & I

I have a new found respect for those ladies who wear an abbaya and shaila in the summer! Honestly they deserve a medal. Yesterday I went to the cemetery to visit my granny and obviously I had to cover up.

Now it was around 3pm and the lovely temperature was 40c so honestly asking me to cover up that much is a crime in itself! Anyhows I wore a black t-shirt and navy knee length jogging bottoms (Its was TOO hot I couldn't wear long bottoms) obviously with abbaya and shaila. Now what is the correct attire for one to wear under an abbaya??

6ab3aan attempting to wear the shailaa is one of the things that I can never master, its just one of those things that I can't get right! It keeps slipping of my hair even though my hair was tied back and had the shaila tigthened bs mako fayda tazlig :/

On the other hand walking in abbaya is so confusing, with the heat and avoiding walking into the graves (I tend to walk into things so watching where I go in an abbaya was No Comment). So what does FourMe do she pulls the sleeves of the abbaya up to the elbow and lift a bit of the side of the abbaya up so I can WALK! Ok ok I checked that there was no one around first so I'm not being disrespectful or anything like that I simply couldn't walk! Elmohim stayed with my granny for a bit and read Sorat Yasin for her and left. I absolutely and completely melted in the heat! But it was worth every minute of it.

For the ladies who wear such attire day and night jad jad alah y3eenkom and you have my utter and complete Respect!!


Hasan.B said...

Lol, I would have made any excuse just to post this hilarious picture! Where did you find it?! It reminded me, I have to watch Iron man just after the exams! So many movies to watch and no time!!

FourMe said...

lol.. Googled abbaya and this came up. Had a choice between the traditional looking abbaya and this so I .. :D

There are movies from 2 years ago that I just had time to start watching them :/

ZaMaHReeR said...

Oh yeah, now that you pointed that out.. its really impressive how the women handle wearing abbaya in the summer its so damn hot..
Men, we are lucky :P
our summers are shorts and T-shirts oo qar3a :D

Hasan.B said...

Congrats on the new london mayor! I would have voted for him! He is weird ha?

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOL 3al picture he3 he3 he3 he3 tha7achteeni.. allah yer7am ur granny inshallah!

wainech egre9atneee buggaaaaaa foog 7alcheeee come and kill the bitch, shabait 1000000 sham3a mako fayda :/

Anonymous said...

me soul, still mali 5elg asawee login

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooL i didn't really notice the picture until Hasan pointed it.. I loved Wonder woman back then loool!!

I don't wear 3abaya expect when I have to, like going to 3aza, hussainiya and also going to the cemetery..

YOu know? I forgot how HOT it is in Kuwait.. I usually go only in DEC/JAN and sometimes OCT.. and when it's hot at that time, I am like WOAH and then I remember I used to take summer courses and wonder HOW I did that!

Big Pearls said...

loool the pic is so funny..I am like shosho..don't wear the abbaya unless I have to.

Amethyst said...

It's a hassle;\

My memories of wearing the abbaya aren't very pleasant..

eshda3wa said...

ako a7ad yro7 elmagbara hal 7aza!

zain u didnt get tharbat shams!

next time u wana go 9alay elfayer n leave ! save urself from the sun!

oo allah yr7am your grandma oo jamee3 amwatna ya rab

jesterat314 said...

aah Wonderwoman (relives the geekness phase in his life)

Squirreliya said...

yeah sejj Allah y3eenhum, somehow i feel ena Allah ybarid 3allaihum ..i don't wear it unless i have too, just as the others but i do feel comfy ...were u wearing ur own 3abaya? or it was kbeera 3alaich? :p

Ge6awEe said...

I broke my leg frm wearing a 3abaya.

nyxxie said...

thank you for your respect :)

Hamitaf La B. said...

I barely wear abbaya and shayla... only for 3aza's and stuff... and it frustrates me when I do... so I respect the women who wear it too.... and I think the black color attracts the heat wela no?

Btw... its true... the pic is awesome-ness!!

FourMe said...

You men are lucky in general you got so much going for you but you just don't know it... I'm in a hating men phase because of their advantages.. I suggest you step back before I kick box you instead of the bag :p

Nothing looks better on a man than a gar3a but the shorts Spare me I'm fed up of seeing your hairy legs.. Mate it ain't a pretty site!

He's an eccentric buffoon and on top of it he's a conservative so it couldn't go any worse! On the other hand Livengstone's policies and taxing frenzy is shameful.. I say screw'em both..

(Woke up on the wrong side of the bed so excuse the attitude)

Bent ghandi:
lol entay mo 3arfa esalfa wara elpic :p I'll tell you ba3dain lol

w7yatich mayfeed ma3ahom ela etlsib ebgoo6y elkleenix la sham3aa wla ba6eekh.

Me too used to love her actually i still do!

I tend not to go to 3aza's alot I feel horrible when I do plus usually I'm not around..

I know as long as you're away you can't remember how HOT it is.. I remember when I worked for a while it was during may or july and the heat used to easily pass 50c and I used to put up with it but now NO WAY at night its hot and I can't stand it!!

FourMe said...

big pearls:
lol its cool isn't it.. ya me too only cemetery and bet elzakat.

indeed it is.. neither are mine.


3ayal meta aroo7? ghal6anaa 3ogob salat elfayir, what you wanna scare me to death?!

ahh don't remind me of sun strokes! I got it once it was horrible I wasn't even allowed to fly for couple of days :/


I'm still in my superman phase no need to be ashamed :p

ya I think so too cuz its unbelievably claustrophobic. No no I am the proud owner of a abbaya la w its one of the nice ones :p

Damn! How did it happen?

wala jad alah ekon bil 3oon 3ala hal 7ar :/

Aren't you met7ajba? don't you wear the shaila all the time?

Yup black attracts the heat, imagine a white abbaya or yellow lol it would look funny..

I know it rocks :p

Shoush said...

Ya, black absorbs heat. They shud hav chosen a lighter color for 3abayaz.. :P Especially since all countries who actually use 3abayaz are the hottest countries around.

FourMe said...

So true!! good point.

vogue said...

haha the picture!!:P classic:p

FourMe said...

hehe the picture is a hit..

Fastidious Babe said...

lol well get one of those closed 3abayas and wear shorts and a tube top ta7atha..

Ms. D said...

i wish i can wear 3abat all the time :(

a7es ro7ey PRINCESS <3

FourMe said...

fastidious babe:
Mine was the closed one I think that's why it was so difficult to walk in.. eww would never wear a boob tube its such a fashion faux pas..

ms. d:
they are nice bs ma3a el7ar kilish no nice.. plus hard to tame.

G.E&B said...

okay since I'm apparently the resident expert on abaya wearing around here...(3ishtaw) a few tips:
1) get a decent closed shoulder abaya that fits!

2) u wear something light, preferably not pants under it..if its completely closed then a short dress or something...its MUCH cooler. if pants then like wide big huge linen pants or something as cool.

abayas are very elegant and we go to cemeteries in the morning.

FourMe said...

thanx that actually helps.. still am not of an abbaya gal.. its just for the cemetery. My abbaya is a decent one but that's not the problem.. the problem is in me I'm the moron who can't walk in it :/

I'm not a morning person at alllllll..

Soul said...

We know the rant of the nutty.

What has nut got to say ?

Some nuts are harder to crack in Abbaya.

~ Soul

Ge6awEe said...

kent nazla mn edaray, it was too long, so i tripped and broke my leg.. 9ij kan y3awer!

No3iK said...

i know ... i stopped going in the summer .. coz after every visit ..
id get sick!

the sun is just unbelievable ..
and i wanted to mention one interesting thing ..

ayam al rasool pbuh .. women wore only light colors! like white .. beige !! so i dont know when or how .. it changed into black?!

i think black is cruel .. specially with our heat!

FourMe said...

Ouch! that must of hurt like hell.. if I was you 7adi at3qad min elabbaya.

In winter its much better bs I really wanted to visit so I didn't care about the heat :/

I didn't know that! who ever changed it to black must of been a man cuz a woman would never do it cuz she knows how hot it is in black..

Anonymous said...

wow u guys are lucky whenever u want to remove it like in the UAE it not mandotry to wear it but other countries like in saudi arabia it manadotry