Tuesday, 8 April 2008


See I know that my anger is a result of Pmdd but I can't control myself the mother bitch of it is I'm EXTREMELY ANGRY at the moment to the extant I'll bitchslap anyone that comes near me!!

Trying to calm myself down but it ain't bitchin WORKIN..

So Fucking fuck this fuckin bitchin annoyin motherbitchin piece of crap pathetic loser of a fucked up screwed up fucking fuck of a pissing screwed twisted ass of a fuckin fucked ANGER OF MINE!!!


Amethyst said...


Anonymous said...

salee 3ala el nebee ;/

zwena said...

*runs away in horror*


Ms. D said...

u got me worried with ur sever pre-menstrual syndrom "attakcs"... excuse me for asking this, but, how many days does ur period last?

and u know what u should do too feel better and at ease.. read sorat alra7man and sorat eljathya and alqare3a and some others lil asaf i cant seem to recall at the moment.. read them ow allah yhady serich 7abeebti :**

FourMe said...

I need a hug :(


3alaih e9alat w salam


la khalas I calmed down, you can come out of hiding now..


2 weeks of pmdd and 9days of p, leaving one week to be 'normal'

I do read bs not those specifically.. read Quran gabil eshway and it calmed me down el7amdila :)thank you dear..

Big Pearls said...

ooooooh..eshway eshway..haday...o it3awethay mn il iblees!!

Missy said...

*big fat hug*

Ge6awEe said...

Does that mean i should stay away and not comment?

FourMe said...

big pearls:
I'm better now.




Its safe now but couple hours ago I would of punched anyone for commenting :)

Soul said...

fourmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7almanaaa feeeeeech @@ OMG tawnee g3da

FourMe said...

ghal6anaaaaaaaaa taw enas!! chan ga3adtay 3ogob bacher :p

9a7 enom ya 3asal ..

khair alahoma ej3ala khair esh7almana feeny @@

Soul said...

9a7 ebdenech o 9a7 PMDDeyyech isnallah!

7almana 5air inshallah! kent ray7a play chan etyeeni bent 9`3eera 7elllwaaaa etgooli hathi e5tee fourme! o asherat 3alaich!

then u came, salamtay 3alay o besteeni and i said it's nice to meet u! o re7na el soog! i though it was real!

eshtabeen 6al3atli haaaaaaaaa!!! ;p

FourMe said...

7asabt ana el7ilwaa damn :/

hehehhe that means you should take me shopping in SL :P

btw etha shftay bnaya young w 7ilw in dream that means your coming days will be good because a young girl represent life and how the way she appears represent whether it will be good or bad.

Soul said...

lol i didn't see ur face 3adel!

bas the girl said she is ur sister and u don't have sisters in real life! i guess good will be in your way inshallah :)

i can't join SL now, 3endi emte7an bacher! bas gelt agoolech 3an el dream cuz kan chenna 9ej ana e5tara3t!

FourMe said...

Inshala in both of our ways.. Good luck with your exam, I gotta study too :/

Soul said...

thanx, good luck to u too sugar crumb ;**

Shoush said...

I hope its gone by now. :P

FourMe said...

It went away but came back now.