Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Stop Whining and Grow UP!

I am sick and tired of hearing people living in Kuwait complain about how expensive life is! They complain about how much supermarkets, restaurants, cars, expenses, and life in general is expensive. How about you sit back and really appreciate the country and how much it is giving you. Life is expensive how about you take the cheap road instead of slamming yourself with a KD40,000 + Loan just so you can buy your dream car or have a summer holiday just for the sake of showing oFF! True some people need those loans for meaningful things and to those may god be with you but to the morons who take a loan for a car or holiday or to buy materialistic things all I have to say is you're a bunch of DIMWITS!

This the average cost that any English person or any person living in London has to pay:

-Council Tax: £2000+ (Taxing your property annually, owned or rented)
-Tax: £900 (Tax on YOU because you're alive, annually)
-Tax of 17% and Above of YOUR SALARY MONTHLY
-Gas/Electricity Bills: £300-£500+ (Quarterly, i.e. every 3 months)
-Water: £300 + (annually)
-BT(Land line): £30+ (monthly and that's if you don't use the phone ela cham youm)
-TV License: £170(annually for each TV in the House- You need to purchase this license to be able to own a TV in your house,)
-TV-Satellite Subscription Charges: £45+ (Depending on package of channels/or you can watch only BBC 1 and 2 for free- amoot a7senly)
-Petrol: £70 + (to fill a regular size car) (ghair el Insurance/Tax charges of couple of hundred just to own a car)
-Congestion Charge: £10 (daily charge to enter Central London in your car- if you live outside the zone)
-Supermarket: £80 (weekly)

and if you're renting like I was long ago, add:
-Rent: £2000 (Monthly)

*Not including personal expenditures- Eating Out /Cinema/Shopping/Taking Alternative Transport/Mobile Bills/Etc.

So please people ENOUGH with the WHINING w 7emdaw rabkom 3ala elne3ma ely entaw feha!!


Shoush said...

I know wat u mean! ;/ il7imdila 3ala ilni3ma, seriously! The thing is is that u never really appreciate wat u've got till it's gone, like when ur living abroad in worse circumstances.

FourMe said...

I guess its human nature, but people in Kuwait are REALLY pushing it with all the whining they never realise how lucky they are compared to other countries and that annoys me.. I know what you mean :/

Soul said...

I 100% agree with u!

mo bas chethee! they complain about everything!

bel 9aif offf 7ar!
bel sheta offf bard!
`3bar we3! er6ooba we3!
weeee 6a3 showare3naa! weee 6aa3 madri sheno!!

seriously ppl!

e7naaa eb ne3maaaaaaa ne3maaaaaa!

etha 3ayesh mafeek marath, takel o teshrab, mo madyoon, bas 5alaa9 esjed senkelyoan sajdat sheker.

Soul said...


what is your shoe size?

FourMe said...

looooooooool laish?
btshtrely Jimmy Choo

Soul said...

a5eeeeh em9eeba 9abeta hal maleezy designata 3ajeeba!

no mara7 ashtereelich bas abi a3arf el average bel q8 ;p

entay elli yebteeh 7ag 3omrech yallah spill it ;E

FourMe said...

hehehe just say its you're foot fetish :p I couldn't ask any Q so gelt asal 3an sizes lol.

I have freakishly small feet :/


Soul said...


nafs e5ti she's 36 bas ana 3 sizes bigger :S la etgoleen 7ag a7ad ok?

Hamitaf La B. said...

I don't mind the raise in prices really (except the cinema because the movies are crappy)... I just really feel bad for the workers with really low-pay..... cuz they ain't gettin' no raises.... fa imagine their feelings when bread has been raised from 100 fils to 250 fils or something... it doesn't make a big difference with us.. but to them it does...

ALSO... back in 1960's kids could buy kitkat for 20fils... not anymore... why... its called the circle of life... this is how things go around the world...

P.S. small feet wayid a7san mn my size 40/41 feet!!!!

Vixen said...

waaay el petrol ythba7ni eb London!!!

offmyhead said...

super market in london £80? do you shop at tescos or cost cutters? anyway congestion charge is £10 and you dont pay on sundays. there arent that many kuwaitis IN london (not around) which makes me go hmmm...

Ms. D said...

i tell u why people whine about "no money"... elreyayel misaken yasrefon 3al 7arem.. and 7arem ma esadgon 3abalhom lazim eseron kilhom WOW kashkha o yalbison chloe ow valentino ow ellie sa3ab! y3ny elly joteha mo la`boutein maskena mafrooth tg3ad eb bet`hom ow tandeb 7ath`ha!!
OW LAZIM chena u change athath elbeit kil sina! HUUFAAAY! kho sawoh classic ow u never have to change it unless +/- shwayat ekseswarat! welsafrat LAZIM LAZIM SWESRA LANDAN BARES! mo intaw mo wayh halnob tabon tsafron! malaaat!! plus lesh lesh lesh lazim kilhom BOTOX LASER MESOTHERAPY ow liposuction ow microdermabrassion ow tri-active laser ow ow owww.... (7aftha the lists malat my dermatologist ;p)

waay 7arreeeeny elkuwaityeeen!!!!
ana 7emdila i dont have financial problems as far as i know.. i just need to save..

Ms. D said...

b3deen haaaiww.. HAAAAAAAAIWW!! ana 6oolich ow maqas rely 38! shtabeeeen 36!!!!!!!!! mayseeer!!!! ur a freak of nature!

greyshorts said...

london is not an oil rich country

Amethyst said...

Ma ya3jebhum el3ajab;\

Big Pearls said...

Kuwaitis do complain a lot..all at the samt time..about the same stuff..ok so life is more expensive but a lot of kuwaitis bring money problems to themselves by taking unnecessary loans and stuff.

FourMe said...

may3jibhom el3ajab


hamitaf la b:
Thats why I said that the ppl who take loans because they need them sej allah eykon eb 3onhom.. I'm talking about the ppl who complain while they can live a life without those silly debts..

p.s. I know but everyone makes fun of my size cuz it's so tiny compared to my height :/

It is s0 expensive, wala yaksroon kha6ry elenglish alah y3enhom


Sainsbury's, the last I remember was 5 but thnx for the update, the thing is ppl need to get into the city during the week not weekends, its so not fair on the ppl.

I'm not talking about Kuwaitis in London I'm talking about English ppl and any other person from any other nationality that lives in London, as I already have stated in the post.


Tara mo kil erayayeel ya9rfoon 3al 7areem. ako reyayel yakh'thon ma3ashat 7aremhom.. Hathel minority ely ya9rfon 3ala 7areemhom. You're so right kilihom yaboon designer labels while they can't afford the paper bag that these goods come in!

lool galbich matroosa 3alaihom :p ya rait elkil eyfakir methlich, ely ma3inda la y7awil ey9er methil ely 3inda. Not everything in life is about travels and purchases and showing off.

Mo 3ashan chethy I said I have freakishly small feet :/ adri 7adhom dasheen 3arth, bs I like them they are tenny wenny 7araa:p


Kuwait is and ppl are bitching non stop, while like you said England is not an oil rich country and the government is taxing even the air that they inhale and the people don't even moan as much as Kuwait.


Kilish! may7mdon rabhom


big pearls:
Thaaank YOU! that's what I'm saying they are bringing it onto themselves.. live modestly and you won't have back-breaking loans taking well over half of your paycheck.

Ge6awEe said...

el 7emdilah 3al ne3ma.

eshda3wa said...


9ij awadem ma ta7med elne3ma ele ohma feeha!

bs tara a lot of ppl complain ena prices are getting higher
ina ur paying a lot more than what the actual thing is worth

i dont like ppl ripping me off no matter how much i make!

Anonymous said...

waaay albaby zoqaaa

..::Amu::.. said...

petrol is the most expensive thing you have in london!!

F. said...

FINALLY someone who agrees with me!

I feel that we are a spoon fed population...

We spend like crazy and we still complain...

Yara said...

we should publish this in the newspapers for ppl eli ma yqadroon

FourMe said...

Alf el7amdila.


Same here.. To those I'm not complaining I'm actually with the complaints against the raising of prices. I don't think anyone likes being taken for a fool.


hehehe Ya it is kinda cute.


god help the people who drive here its so expensive imagine filling your car up for KD 40. man people would kill the government if that happens!


f. :
That's the thing they spend spend speeend and thn complain that its expensive. Hold back on the spending and spend wisely maybe thn you would have enough money around.


Glad you found it convincing. I just thought of writing it so people can see what other countries go through with all the taxing and regulations, while Kuwait true is getting more pricey But there are no taxes that a person had to pay gha9ban 3alaih.

..::Amu::.. said...

I can imagine that and KD40 for a full tank so you need 4 full tanks in a month :s

G.E&B said...

Yes! Thank you! great post :)

The problem is we all want to appear rich. being middleclass is okay people. really it's actually good.

ZaMaHReeR said...

I totally agree with u!!
crazy ppl!
they have to live abroad a while to appreciate KUWAIT.

Oranjina fadidra said...

shfeha omhoom "whiners", hathool yabilhoom 6ag o tasfeer

nQ said...

i know! tell me about it! i dont know if someone already commented about it; but life in the states is pretty shitty as well. perhaps does not compare to the high costs of the uk but its still shitty. they want money money money for every breath we take. everything has a fee. every fee as its own fee.

kuwait is a blessing!

FourMe said...

No good :/


Thank you dear :)

Who's middle class?!? the whole of Kuwait is made up of aristocratic class.. there is no such thing as middle class or working class, shame on you g.e :p


They're taking Kuwait for advantage and not appreciating certain things about it!


Oran Fad:
yabeelhom tshwit ba3ad :p


"Ain't no sunshine when you're gone" where have you been girlie :P

Talk about high costs, London is going sky high expensive they charge everything even if you blink they charge you!
Damn! they really like their bread?! shda3wa $4.. don't get me started on how expensive food is here, its not right!