Monday, 28 April 2008

RealMe vs FourMe

You know that little voice in your head that you converse with when you're all alone with yourself? Well I think that little voice in my head is FourMe, she's more emotional and delicate than the actual me or the RealMe that I show to people. Maybe FourMe is the real me and the RealMe is just an act that I hide behind. Screw it I don't know, anyway both of them make me the Person and that's that! Yes I think I'm losing it so there is no need to point that out. I tend to question myself and my actions alot: it's like I'm my own mother, always trying to keep myself in order and disciplined. Well anyhows FourMe and RealMe were having a conversation that I thought I should share with you. Wait who is I ?? Is it RealMe or FourMe? Fuck I'm really losing it!! Conversation went as follows:

RealMe: Why are you such a sissy?
FourMe: Am NOT!

R: Yes you ARE! You complain and bitch endlessly

F: Well if you weren't so stubborn and would let people into your life I would probably stop bitching and whining here!


F: don't whatever ME!

R: Get lost FourMe I created you and I can end you! Sissy!!

F: Ohh WHATEVEEEEER!! You need me!

R: How so?!

F: I'm your venting mechanism, without me you would have probably Killed someone with that anger and stubborn head of yours!

R: You're such a girl!!

F: Duhh!!

R:I meant that you're so fragile and girlie that its annoying. Why don't you just act your age!

F: Left the acting your age part to you!

R:I think I'm losing it !

F:hahahaa 9a7 enoom .. so far there are just the 2 of us, but wouldn't be surprised if that screwed up brain starts creating more of us.. Wait does that make sense?

R: Dimwit I'm having a conversation with myself! Do you think that makes SENSE!!

And that Ladies & Gentlemen is called Multiple Personality Disorder!

In conclusion I think I have officially lost my brain!!


eshda3wa said...


oh my god

am i not supposed to laugh
cz its funny!

we all talk to ourselves so i dont think ur losing it

jesterat314 said...

Can't wait for ItsMe, RememberMe and IcantbelieveitsMe to join the conversation :)
It happens to all of us. You should get worried when they stop talking to each lol, Thats when its becomes a multiple personality disorder

A Journal Entry said...

heheh waay i conversation 3ajeeb!

i think it's healthy to have a chat with yourself..

Shoush said...

Lol! Don't worry, it's normal to converse with urself. It's actually healthy, just don't go beyond the 'normal' stage or u will go nuts. :P

FourMe said...

laugh all you want cuz I'm laughing at it :p

loooooooooooooooool seriously I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing hahahahhaha.. so far they're getting along but I doubt they would for much longer lol..

a journal entry:
:) healthy to have a chat bs mo healthy to have a hoshaa lol

p.s. I checked in Virgin its sold out :/ they said they would probably get some in next week..

hehehe define normal? Ain't worried I'm embracing my insanity actually looking forward to it :P

Big Pearls said...

loooool It's ok..I think we've all been there at some point!

Ge6awEe said...


Silver said...

welcome to the club

Amethyst said...

This sounds like an identity crisis to me;p

..::Amu::.. said...


Anonymous said...

fourmeeeeee @@

laish 7a6a 9ooratna bel post haa! tbeen tefthe7eenna!! bwahahahahahahaaa

it doesn't happen to me! i only have one se3lowa inside me, which is the real me! u have 2 se3lowaz! looool :**

meno ana? @@

Oranjina fadidra said...

LMAO real you kick butts!!

FourMe said...

big pearls:
lol.. wana join me :p

lol :)

lovely to have company in it lol, it might be the Taurus thing ;)

hahhaha more like insanity..


halaa.. looooool shaswiii its the best shot of us, remember it was the one featured in Vogue

I think I have more bs they're shy to come out :p hMmmmm wala the3t madri meno min meno but could it be? is it ?? hmmm no it can't .. is it my BBF!! waay galbi is it ??

Oran Fad:
lool ya she kicks ass, she's a tough cookie too ;)

Ge6awEe said...

btw, by blog URL changed, I don't know whats wrong with the other one, faj2a my blog turned into a porn site. anyway this is the new one:

FourMe said...

Ya I noticed tried to check it and it wouldn't open :/

N. said...

lol! 3ady thats not weird... it only gets weird when you have to deny that it is happening :p

:::ShoSho::: said...

it's ok lol.. sometimes I do ask myself i do this or that ..

FourMe said...

hehe no denying here its all out on the table.

I don't know who I'm asking anymore lol!

vogue said...

hahaha that was hilarious :P

FourMe said...

my pleasure ;)

Anonymous said...

la mo lalooo* ya 7atheeee

ana soullllll bas mali 5elg 7ata asawi login he3he3he3

Soul said...

Try another personality along with the other two and put up a conversation.

It would say a little.

I guess you got my point.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

I don't think I follow but then I'm having a lazy day so even my brain is on vaca today..
Don't think I can handle a 3rd at the time being let me stick to nut and nutty for now :p

Soul said...

The nut and nutty are doing a good job for your soul.

I guess theres no need for the nuttiest.

~ Soul

FourMe said...

lol! well they say the more the merrier, between you and I, I think the nuttiest would surface in couple of days and if it does than may the lord be with my bloggers cuz they will bear many many rantings to come!

Soul said...

Other bloggers try to see a reflection of themselves in your rantings.

Bring it on..

~ Soul