Tuesday, 22 April 2008


**The past couple of days have been hectic and so so busy. I'm back here for couple of weeks and damn the weather is horrible! I suffer from sever hay fever so the weather has been killing me: constant sneezing :/ Apart from that my (so called) sleeping pattern is beyond screwed plus there is just isn't enough hours in the day for all the things that I have to do, from spending time with family, to seeing friends, to just relaxing..

**Just a question. What is it with men and breasts? Its like they have never seen a pair of breasts in their lives!! Like H E L L O I have a face up here why are you staring at my chest ?! And no I wasn't wearing anything revealing I was on my way back here so definitely no tight clothes.

**On another note I've never been fond of books, I only read when I have to for research or so. Anyhows a while back Journal Entries wrote this post (Click Here) about a couple of books by Sophie Kinsella. I thought I should start reading 'for fun' at some point in my life, so I got The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic from the airport. I was early and had an hour to kill so I headed to the Lounge and sat down and started reading. Damn! I was hooked I couldn't put the book down, read 100 pages on the plane. It is the perfect book for those fashionista's around. I was actually shocked that I was interested in reading something that had nothing to do with politics or flipping theories! Got on the plane and started reading. Its been couple of days now and I'm almost done with the book got couple of chapters to go and I don't want it to end :( Considering my first attempt to read 'for fun' was back in the 90's and I only read 20 pages of the novel and still haven't finished it! I have finally made friends with a non-educational book!!

Note to Journal Entries: Where did you buy the books from here? and thank you for the lovely review that made me kick start my reading habit, much appreciated :)


Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

I usually get my books online via amazon/barnes&nobles. Muthanna basement has a decent book store and Al Manara bookshop in salmiya (next to video-club and the big sports store) has a decent book selection too.

: O

Soul said...

men are pigs.. and pigs have short nicks, they can't look up hohoho mo kelhom ok!

i want that book!!!!!!! i asked journal about it!


i can smell ur green smokes from here yeeeeeeew ;p

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

since my nick is not short, im not a pig :whew:

soul, babchi :(

Soul said...

LOOOL 7elwa salfat ur nick e3jebatni ;p

la tabcheee mamati kelena benmoot someday

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

what does that have to do with anything!

Soul said...

oh! sorry it is called non-sense!!

and it is used when u r feeling sleepy or malek 5elg etfaker! or elli jedamek kel sa3a cries

Crazed said...

im sensitive ok? dont make fun of me ! :cries some more:

what say we go to jam3iyat yarmouk and get high on some red-bull?

: O

Soul said...

mabi red-bull :/ agoolek yo3ana bamoooot yal je39 ee ar5a9 men el steak.

see! lel7een ma tezawajna o mashakel! effffff

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...

if offering a drink causes all that trouble, then yeah we're in trouble ! LOL

Soul said...

yes! u can't handle me.. i'm so nesraaaaa ;E

Crazed Man in Tattered Robes and Straw Sandals said...


jesterat314 said...

I've got a question: Whats up with women always asking whats up with men and breasts! You know.. we are incomplete in so many other ways ! kidding
Seriously, welcome back and hope you feel better :)

Shoush said...

I never read Shopaholic. Hmm, i dunno it doesnt strike me as something that will interest me. But who knows, i just mite check it out someday, altho like u, am not very into reading for pleasure. I avoid reading my academic books too. i love the idea of reading tho and i've got so many books just sitting there begging me to read them. Youm min il ayam..

um-miT3ib said...

men and boobs is an unanswered phenomena:P

A Journal Entry said...
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A Journal Entry said...

omg omg!
i've been mentioned in one of my fave blogs heeya! (kashrity min ehnee lai ehnee!!)

i got them while travelling =/

i've been wanting to search for a place that selles it here coz soul asked me once but i've been too lazy i know.. sorry!

but i took some actions:
i called Jareer bookstore and they only have shopaholicand baby which is the last in the series.. but the guy told me he'll put an order for them and they'll arrive after a couple of weeks..
and the one in muthanna doesn't have it..

i'll check virgin later on oo let u know.. =)
(my longest comment ever!)

Amethyst said...

OMF! THE MEN AND BREASTS THING! I actually pointed to my face and told a guy that the "show" was up here;\

Ge6awEe said...

guys are into anythin round or spherical.. thats why they like sports, cuz theres always a ball involved (a ball is spherical).

Vixen said...

Seems like a nice read, will certainly add it to my amazon cart :D

FourMe said...

Crazed Mate:
thnx for the info :)

lol shenoooo hathaaa galbtaw my comments section into msn!!

hala halaa bil ghalyaa :* yes dear they certinaly turn into pigs when they see boobs :/
ey6oofich soul 7ada ywanis and amazingly written!

We wouldn't ask if the so called 'gentlemen' stop staring. thank you very sweet of you :) and il7amdila feeling much better..

take my word for it, its very good. It was actually fun to read!! and that's like me saying its fun to have blood drawn from me.. so trust me on this one and give it a go..

I Agree!! mo chena it was their first source of food!

a journal entry:
hehehh thank you dear, I enjoy yours too :) ohh I thought so :/ they had them all in the airport but I didn't get them cuz I didn't know I would actually finish reading it in 4 days!!

thank you for the info cuz I was askin ppl randomly where can I get books here, you saved me the trip of going there thnx :* ee plz do.. enzain sell me your copies :P heheh I'm hooked and its all your fault yala supply the goods :P

I do that all the time :/ inconsidered pricks! I hate it hate it when they do that :(

hehehheh true true..I have so many replies to that comment but I'll stay quite :D

really is and keeps you on your tip toes wanting to know what happens next.

A Journal Entry said...

hahah 3ad the thought of auctioning them actually crossed my mind! ;P

glad to be of help =)

FourMe said...

J E:
I think there would be a bidding war on them :)

Soul said...

journaaaal u r sooooo sweeeeeet thanks for asking jareer.. i should 've asked them bas i guess i'm a lazy ass. b3ad shabzi

Shoush said...

Will do, thanks!

Fa6ma said...

I love that series, very light and very amusing read. I think I read them all! =)

Soul said...

Which men are you talking about ?

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Ohh lucky you :/ I wanna read the rest I can't wait to get my hands on them..

Most men, the second they see a pair of breasts their attention zooms straight away onto them.

Soul said...

Those children never grow up. (their egos included..)

~ Soul

FourMe said...

I couldn't agree more..