Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Question Movement

It started with this lady and her Original idea but came hasan.b the Plagiariser and stole the idea and now FourMe the Copy Cat decided to take over.. Who's next?

Now lets get down to business! In our human nature we are very nosey beings. Even though we don't like to admit it but we ARE! An example would be the growing fascination with Om Lam3a's story.

So here goes: You can ask me any question/questions you want (but nothing over personal i.e. names and weird-ass questions). Oh ohh and you can't ask me which team I support (yes shosho I know that was going to be your 1st Q :p )

Let the questioning Begin . . . . .


:::ShoSho::: said...

*Pissed off*
!!@£%###!??$^&*:><<><<<"!!!!!!! -----> Ya3ni I am swearing ..

I was thinking of doing that question post but I am kinda scared!

What shall I ask ufff, since you took my question aways, Ok

How long have you been in London & when are you gonna inshalla finish your studies?

Glitter said...

*trying to balance herself as head has just grew big time*

Hasan.B said...

Hmmmm lets see. My questions will be very light.

Have you ever been to the restaurant sale e pepe in london? What is your favourite shawerma place in london?

Hasan.B said...

My answers are out btw!

Shoush said...

Why do u believe in soulmates? I don't so am just curious.

Shoush said...

Shosho: U shud do this post cuz i mentioned that u wud on my blog. ;P

Soul said...

1- what is ur favourite restaurant in kuwait?

2- how many brothers and sisters u have? cuz shaklech wa7daneya lol ;p

3- if ur lost soulmate came back and ask u to marry him! otherwise mayabi relationship! sheno el jawab?

4- when was the last time u cut ur toe nails bwahahahahahahahaha ;p

eshda3wa said...

whats the question ur dreading the most

N. said...

O kel eshway i'm going to post the same questions? you've seen this lady's post, just imagine I'm asking you the same questions :P

..::Amu::.. said...

I don't know what to ask :/

mmm your favorite color?

Leo. said...

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

ps.thnx for the comment c:

Hamitaf La B. said...

What's ur star sign...?!

Big Pearls said...

what is the worst thing u've ever done?

zwena said...

1. whats ur biggest fear
2. shay tbeen etsawena gabel latmoteen ( b3d 3omren 6weel enshalah :P )
mo shar6 big or good :P

Ms. D said...

my 1st time here ;D

walla ow 6ala3ty mash`hora ow nas min bara blogs e3rfoonich.. ish ish ish isshhhh... ;p

so my question to u is...

Q. How are you handling ur new found "shuhra"? ;p

Glitter said...

e7im e7im,
allow me to answer:

*clearing her throat, and holding the microphone firmly*

Wallah my new found shuhra is not that new, mind you, i've been pouring my heart out for 5 weeks now as a way of therapy.

I did receive some disapproving comments on my frankness and openness on talking abt my life..

But, with the encouragemnet and support of my many loyal fans, I was able to continue and will continue for as long as God's wishes me to.

A big thank you to all my wonderful wonderful readers, whom without their love I wouldn't have lasted a week!

*blows kisses in the air*


Glitter said...

Killish ma dashait 3arth ana..


Anonymous said...

My dear Gorgeous Green-eyed Genius:

Missing you,
Keep ur chin up.

ur BBF ***

Anonymous said...

I see Crazy Glitter is still up and doing her tricks,

tsk tsk tsk

matyo0z hl bint, matyo0z!!


Anonymous said...

ana shakeet for a second hatha blog Fourme wal Glitter :| :| :|

hmmm i still dont have a Q ;p

FourMe said...

hehhehhe 7ayaaty entay :** I think you will eventually find out my team or if you can't wait I'll tell you but only you ;)


you disappoint me I thought you would be more creative :p btw your presences has been missed here :)


3asa your bighead elba6aa :p

Shagool shakhalyyy tawni ga3da w mesta3siraa fa a6li3 el araf ely feeny kila feech wlaa shawii feech al7een?!

*Grabs om Lam3a min afahaa w et7i6ha bil corner* G3day ehny o la et7chain mabi asma3 7isich..


My Dear sweet and gentle hearted BBF I missssssssssssssssssssssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;( come back :*

shefteeha emnashbatny just cause ppl like me more :p


Sheftay eshloon she wants to take over my blog bas 7aremat'haa mako its MY BLOG damn it :p
Its ok she's just Stalking ME :D

Oh lord seems like I'm gona get a shocker from you .. go gentle on me :)

FourMe said...

7ayach oboy elblog blogich
Wow am I that famous :p tell me telll mee what do they say hehehe

Amethyst said...

Madry what to ask;\

Ee, you can ditch this question if you want.

Does the satisfaction of doing the right thing by ditching your "soulmate" overcome the hurt?

Shoush said...

Mita il answers? Am looking forward to reading my answer so it better be good oo yibarid ilchabd.

FourMe said...

Coming Soon..

emm madri etha bybarid chabdich I just called it as I saw it.

..::Amu::.. said...

I am too lost these days and nothing comes to my mind!!

G and L said...

When are u gonna move back to q8 permanently? (U are soo ashkara a MAN U fan) ;p;p

Ms. D said...

3ad shdarany.. ask shoosha ;p yalla latsadgeen 3omrech ;p

Ms. D said...

glitterooooo... ya om lam3a ya maghrooora..! my Question kan mowajah 7ag fourme ;p

girl fa6asteeeeeeeeeny thee77iikkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oranjina fadidra said...

1.have you ever loved someone, min 6araf wa7id?
2.have you ever wear a wig?
3.whats the devilish thing you ever done?