Thursday, 3 April 2008

Proud :)

I am proud of myself :)

*FourMe gives herself a pat on the back*

Il7amdilaa il7amdilaa today morning khetamt elQuran for this year. Every year akhtim elQuran twice, once during the year and the second during rmthan. Hopefully this year I will be able to read it 3 times bethin allah.

This is one thing that I always try to maintain, even though I don't understand it very well but I experience an amazing joy when I'm reading it. I feel calm and a feeling of serenity comes over me, it makes me feel secure and I get this feeling that I can't explain of being taken care of by a divine presence.

Alah yahdeny w yahdeekom.


:::ShoSho::: said...

That's very nice mashallah,, we should all get closer to Allah.. especially in these times, I feel we are not doing enough, getting busy with our lives..

Big Pearls said...

mashalla..inshalla hal 3ada ma tenge6e3 o itzeed y rab

Anonymous said...

Mashallaah tabarak alra7maan .. allah etamem 3aleech o ethabtech :)

walla sij qera'at el Qur'an shay 3ajeeb ,, e7sas raheeb :')

allah yahdeech o yahdeena yarab :)

P.S: shrayech feni ;p .. bs 3ashanech anonymous bs eb 6areeqa athrab ;p

AF ;p

Hasan.B said...

Mashala, I can not remember when was the last time I did this. Ala yahdene

FourMe said...

No matter how much we do its never enough thats why we always got to do more whether its reading Quran or tasbee7 or whatever means possible.


big pearls:
Ameen alah yesma3 minich


Anon AF:
Ameeen..wala the3t madri who you are heheheh..
e7sas mo 6abe3y eynaseech ednya w mafeeha w et7seen this life is so small and petty and there is something so much more beautiful at the end of it.

p.s. zadaw zadaw elAnon 7adi the3t.. but I kinda have an inkling to who to is ;)


Alah yahdeek inshalla .. tara reading a page of the Quran will take less thn reading one blog and commenting on it..Just imagine how much you will gain out of reading one page compared to what you get out of reading an insignificant blog.

G and L said...

Barrak Allaho feeke ya fourme! ;)

Glitter said...

Can I brag pls pls pretty PLS ?
I did 5 khatmat last year, and i'm already on my second one for 2008 :D

FourMe said...

g and l:
Jazaky allaho khair :)


hehehhe Yes you can.
Mashala 3alaich alah ytamim 3alaich w ythabtech..

are you a fast reader?
I take my time to read I just learned how to read Arabic back in 2000 :/

Hasan.B said...

Arabic just back in 2000?! You remind me of my younger cousin who used to be in an american school. Long time ago we were all reading the qoran in the living room. And my uncle kept praising his son that he finished reading a lot of the qoran, suddenly my aunt asks my cousin: Mohammed! How are you reading the qoran from left to right?!!? My uncle kept quiet for the remaining of the day:D

A Journal Entry said...

mashallah ,, i awlays say that i want 2 a5timah more than once ('3air ermuthan) bs i don't =(
be this time ENSHALLA i will.. al7een wa9lah il nu9..
allah ehadeena ajma3een =)

Soul said...

allah eythabtech inshallah o yahdeech!
reading Qura'an ne3ma men rab el 3alameen!

u know if u read 4 pages after each prayer ra7 ta5temeena in one month! 4 pages X 5 prayers =20 page a day! 20 pages X 30 days = 600 pages. easy way moo

Shoush said...

Mashala! Good for u wala. :) And ameeeeeen inshala!

eshda3wa said...


FourMe said...

hehehe maskeen..


a journal entry: mashala ma bogalich shay tgdreen etkhal9ena gabil ermthan eb months.


ameeen alah yesma3 minich.. I know that way is so sufficient but I usually read for an hour or so..


Thank you dear :)


Eybarik feech.. inshalla alah elhady

ebrahim said...

Mashallah, zain etsawy, o 3ada zaina o atmana kil 5air..

Amethyst said...

Mashallah, good for you:)

FourMe said...

ebrahim and amethyst:
Thank you :)

TOUCHE' said...

I’m proud of you as well.
What a substantial achievement.

I hope you keep watering this habit and it shall never dries.

FourMe said...

Thank you much appreciated.
With Gods will I will continue with it and hopefully it will blossom for many years.