Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Pack Me Away!

Well I want to be a man again!! Remember my agony when I was packing for my New Years trip to Paris! Well I'm packing again and this time for two trips :( One of them is to Kuwait but still that needs packing and sorting of what to take and what to leave behind..

I am so not bothered, I hate packing.. I pack over the course of 3 days but when your not happy nothing makes a difference even if its time off! I'm tired, I don't have the energy mali khilg nafsy w mali khilg packing w mali khilg to play the role of the happy girl when I'm there. I have so many things to do here, this is so not the time to go anywhere.. don't ask I just have to go there to do some stuff so don't be nosey buggers cuz mali khilgkom ba3ad..

Packing is a Bitch!

Decided to listen to music cuz sometimes it helps change my bitchass mood swings.. I kinda like this song..

Apologize -Timbaland

Its never too late to apologize.. If you ever hurt a person in your life then apologize.. You owe it to the person that you hurt..


Soul said...

ambaih ambaih tawa i was in the garden singing this song, athker sema3t'ha eb N.'s blog and wondering meno ey`3aneeha!! u read my mind girl!!

packing is a bitch! when is ur birthday?

eshda3wa said...

wain elmukan elthani

i pack like 10 minits before i have to leave

i always pack things i have no use for
and forget half the stuff i actually need
so i end up buying everything anyway!

FourMe said...

a7is feech :P
Packing is mega bitch! next month..

hehe why did I have a feelin that someone will ask.. I can't pack on the spot cuz I gotta take all the stuff I need or Mega est3sar will hit and that my dear causes destruction..

Soul said...

weya el wayh ya3ni emjawba 3la so2ali!!! LOL

i know next month bas meta bel ZAB6??? if don't wana say it here send me e-mail ;)

FourMe said...


Anonymous said...

"..You owe it to the person that you hurt.."

i like zis

me like shda3wa ;p kilish kilish if its a short trip .. akheth the last 3 badlat lebsat'hom o voila ;p

etro7een o etredeen bel salama ;D where ever ur going ;p

zwena said...

i like birthdays .. no i only like gifts actualy :P

i miss ayaam awal lama mama packs every thing o we just watch tv :P

Missy said...

Can we exchange places? I really need a get away! you stay wherever you are, i'd go instead. :^) lol

Amethyst said...

It's too late to apologize when you've hurt a person, and they don't give a fuck about you anymore!

G and L said...

i was just listening to the 2 hours ago lol. packing is so definately a bitch so just be a bitch right back! ooo tro7en wtriden bilsalama inshalla:)

G and L said...

amethyst looooooooooool ee walla

FourMe said...

Thank you dear.. la ma yenfa3ny on the spot packing.. damn it what if I forgot my shba9aat tadreen sheno ey9eer !! et9eer azma dowaleyaa if I forget my small shba9at :p

I only like seeing who remembers me on my birthday apart from that I don't care much for them.. but it does put a smile on my face when I see people making a big deal out of my bday..

lool mama never packs for me cuz I'm picky, a9lan I pack for her cuz I'm a master at tdi3is stuff and using all the space available.

Yes we can .. but whos gonna unpack what I packed already ??

Ouch!! catty! I shall refrain from commenting on your comment in fear of my life :P

g and l:
Seems like all were listening to this song..
I am I amm I'm shoving things in the suitcase and slamming it and kicking it I'm being an upright bitch to it..

Oranjina fadidra said...

packing sucks!!

shoosha said...

imbala it is too late to apologize!! i wouldnt want to a7reg galbi 3ashan someone oo then that someone comes after ma en3a9ar galbi oo i forget about it and says im sorry!!

Shoush said...

Ya, packing sucks. I feel ur pain.

Shoush said...

I love this song. Sima3tay the Boyce Avenue version? It's on U-tube. I love it.

Moi said...

i love this song and i love packing my stuffs :p i mean maybe cuz i used to it because i travel a lot.. o 3esht 8 years bara alq8, but anyways a7la men al sofar mako.
btw i just packed my bags, going home inshallah, and bon voyage for u ;)

FourMe said...

Oran Fad:

ethahir elkil mo fahim qasdi .. what I meant is that if YOU hurt a person thn YOU should apologize inshalla ba3ad alf senaa... esh'thanb elbani adademy ely enjra7?

I hate it hate it its back breaking :/.. not yet I'll look for it now..

I know how to choose em :)
True if your travelling for fun its amazing.. but if otherwise it kinda becomes part of the routine..
Its packing season :p you to, have a safe journey :)

FourMe said...

DaaaaMN! They sound better than Timbaland!! I like their version better thn the original.

Shoush said...

Ya, they're amazing!

Shoush said...

They're a group of brothers btw. There's 3 of them. Check out their version of Umberella and Lovestoned. 7abait the lead singer il9ara7a. :P

Soul said...

Expressions beautiful portrayed in the video.

Too late to apologize...

~ Soul

FourMe said...

Its never too late..

Soul said...

Everything mends with time as our memories get filled with new experiences.


~ Soul

FourMe said...

true but that doesn't mean an apology wouldn't make those memories much more tolerable instead of despising them.

Soul said...

I agree.

An apology satiates the inner restlessness than overridden memories trying to surface.

~ Soul