Sunday, 13 April 2008


I have managed to self inflict a migraine onto myself :/

In the heat of the moment I managed to smack myself on the head. The smack was so hard that I managed to make my own head spin !! Seriously OUCH!!


Glitter said...

Haha :P

Amethyst said...

7ada ouch;\

Bs it's kinda funny;p


Big Pearls said...

ouch!! 7addah!!

Hamtiaf La b. said...

spin like that girl from The Exorcist.....?!!!

Haha.... next time if you want to give yourself a migrane... ram your head into a wall... OUCH!!

G and L said...

lol maskeena;p ur gonna have to take ur trusty migraine medicine again;p

FourMe said...

Om Lam3aaaa:
walaht 3alech yal de3la :*

Big ouchy OUCH!
heheh adrii I laughed at myself.


big pearls:
I think I might of knocked a tooth out during the process :}


hamitaf la b:
shmalaa wall agolich I seriously hurt myself , lol was even worse then ramming into a wall :/

FourMe said...

g and l:
*Running to G and giving her a BIG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG* Missed you girlie :*

Ee shakla mako fakaa :/

Anonymous said...

haw 3alamech yanetay :|


FourMe said...

heheheeheh madri mo af9il min achoof koraa ma7iss ana shga3da aswii :/

Anonymous said...

heheeh be carefull never time ;*

Soul said...

ya om raaaas naq9ech entay balaweee hehehehe :**

FourMe said...

shaswii 3obaa :/ wala rasi lal7en ey3awirny ..

eshda3wa said...

akhaiiih :*

FourMe said...


N. said...

now why would you do that...

*takes two steps away..*

FourMe said...

Football and temper, that's all I'll say.