Monday, 7 April 2008

Nosey Buggers

*Shosho - How long have you been in London & when are you gonna inshalla finish your studies?
= I'll skip 1st part of Q because of the anonymity thing(or what's left of it).
=Inshala Inshala bethin alah within the next 2 weeks.

*hasan.b - Have you ever been to the restaurant sale e pepe in london? What is your favourite shawerma place in london?
= No haven't been to it, checked their site and sounds good. Its on my next to go to places (I'm a Mr.Chow girl).
=No doubt Ranoush (but I dislike how much meat they put in their wraps).

*Shoush - Why do u believe in soulmates?
= I never did before I met him, but after meeting him I did because we are identical down to the migraines, back pains, support the same football club, to the comic books we used to read as children to anything else you can imagine. We are exactly the same apart from food because I'm a picky eater. Apart from that its like making an identical copy of me but in a male version. Even without talking we would understand each other. And when I was with him I felt something was right. I can't explain it but its a feeling that I got.

*Soul - 1- what is ur favourite restaurant in kuwait? 2- how many brothers and sisters u have? cuz shaklech wa7daneya lol ;p 3- if ur lost soulmate came back and ask u to marry him! otherwise mayabi relationship! sheno el jawab? 4- when was the last time u cut ur toe nails bwahahahahahahahaha ;p
= I hate restaurants in Kuwait because of the quality of the food but I would have to say Burger Boutique and sometimes Lorenzo.
= I'm an only child.
=If I get some questions answered first, I will probably say yes depending on the answers.
= You're SO freaking me out with your foot/toe-nails fetish hehehe

*Eshda3wa - whats the question ur dreading the most?
= You made me think about this one but really there isn't anything that I was dreading. Seeing I gave you boys and girls the permission to ask so it makes any questions to come expected.

*N. - Ever wanted to be a guy? if yes, then for what reason? - Do you consider yourself normal?

= Not nice of you to make me go look for the question but nevertheless I will answer them.
=No and Yes, No because I'm very proud of my womanhood. Yes only when I'm Pmdd'ing severely.
= What is normal? Each person may define it in their own point of view. But No I don't see myself as 'normal'.

*Amu - your favourite colour?
= Black

*Leo - When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

= Yup lazy plus I can't be bothered to move and stretch my arm and reach for the noisy bugger.

*Hamitaf La B - What's ur star sign...?!

= Taurus baaaaby .. We are the best ;) *high fives g and l, and hasan.b :p

*Big Pearls - what is the worst thing u've ever done?

= It has to do with girls dispute, won't go into details.

*Zwena - 1. whats ur biggest fear ... 2. shay tbeen etsawena gabel latmoteen? ( b3d 3omren 6weel enshalah :P )

=Death and 3athab elgabir.
=Go to Haj. Get a Phd. and own a BIG ass diamond ring from Graff :D

*Ms.D - How are you handling ur new found "shuhra"? ;p

= lol well I'll tell you I'm handling it better than Glitter :p No seriously I kinda resent it, because I created this blog to just let it all out and now I have to watch what I say so some people don't find out who I am and that is just Crap :/

*Amethyst - Does the satisfaction of doing the right thing by ditching your "soulmate" overcome the hurt?
=No the pain is even worse but at least I did the right thing even if it meant stepping on my heart.

*G and l - When are u gonna move back to q8 permanently?
= Not in the near future.
=There are 20 teams in the Premiership and I do NoT support Arsenal so 19 to go..

*Oranjina Fadidra - 1.have you ever loved someone, min 6araf wa7id? 2.have you ever wear a wig? 3.whats the devilish thing you ever done?
=Nope but had a handful who loved me but I didn't feel the same about them.
=Nope I'm very squeamish, wigs and extension make me feel eeeeek.
=hehhehehehee I sO want to answer this but its TOO much information, lets say I have a little devil in me ;)

Damn you're a nosey bunch!!


Glitter said...


Anonymous said...

haw 3alamech ma9doma ..

i didnt get to ask ;/

o i cant view hasan.b blog laaish;'(!

Hamitaf La B. said...

oooh taures.... you guys totally click with us librans... :)

..::Amu::.. said...

we are too nosey to know bits and bobs about you :P

Ms. D said...

atleast wer nosy bloggers.. not nosey outsiders

Ms. D said...

LIBRA???!!! @@

Missy said...

good morning sunshine haha ;p I just woke up I love mondays! and hey! I didnt get to ask toooo! =.=

:::ShoSho::: said...

Glad to see the answers.. and I am GLAD you don't support arsenal lool! and yeah do email me and let me know who do you support ;) If you want, no pressure!

Fayoora said...

Shino burjech oo burj ur soulmate ;p

Big Pearls said...

You got some good questions there.

Amethyst said...


FourMe said...

laish elgafaa? You didn't even ask a question so eshmala elface ?!


Ask hun and I'll answer.. madri 7ata ana I can't view it..


hamitaf la b:
really? I don't tend to get along with Libra gals, haven't met any Libra boys..


Am I that special here ?


ee wala 9dgtay.. at least you ppl bother to comment unlike the OUTSIDERS who read and not comment


Evenin sunflower :p ask away dear..


hehehehhe dam ethroosy Arsenal.. inshalaa min 3yoony bs mo t3almeen a7ad :p


I'm Taurus and he's Virgo or shall I say was Virgo..


big pearls:
ee la7aatht .. now I feel naked :p


what's with the ouch did Glitter hit you ?? tell me I swear I'll beat her up for you just tell me :p

Oranjina fadidra said...

don't we all the little devil in you ;)

Glitter said...

u're such a meanie >:(

Yara said...

3ashaaw tauruuuuuuuuuus :)))

:::ShoSho::: said...

sure I won't ;)

I have another question.. Do you have siblings?

FourMe said...

Oran fad:


I'm a meanie?! 3ayal entay sheno etha ana meanie? Queen meanie *FourMe runs crying to ShoSho* shofeeeehay omLam3a being mean to me aaaaaaaaahh


3aaaash mn gaal :)


Soul asked the same Q. and nope I'm an only child.

This Lady said...

hey i missed the questions :(

Anyway, the guys/girls did a good job :Pp

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL I didn't notice hehehe because she is so obsessed with toenails lol I thought it was all about that so didn't read all LoL

FourMe said...

this lady:
Guru we have followed in your footsteps, your presence honers us :P

ya they did they tore me apart..



hehehe adri 7ada toenail fetish eeewwww :p

boredq80 said...

My cousin lives in london and she is a taurus too! Coincidence!?!?!

Chirp said...

boredq80 is me .. madry laish ma yi6la3 chirp!

FourMe said...

hehhehe I would love to say I'm her to take the limelight away from me.. but sadly I'm not your cousin.. My cousins are so not into blogging thank the lord for that :)