Friday, 4 April 2008

Inflation vs Deflation

**Boys Bugger OFF Its Girl Talk!**

-Firstly No childish or perverted comments will be tolerated!
-Secondly I am NOT being controversial I'm just in PAIN!!

I am in sO MUCH PaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiN and I'm quite sure most of you girls suffer from it to, or do you?! During the torment of the Pms/Pmdd weeks "the girls" get so swollen that any movement hurts. For the weeks of hell they Inflate one to two cup sizes and then deflate for a week. It's so painful that I can't even sleep on my stomach (and that's the only way I can fall asleep), it is SO painful I can't wear a bra or take it off! I am in desperate need of a solution.

Plz HELP do any of you ladies out there suffer from the same thing ? If so what do you do to minimise the pain ;(

p.s. Om Lam3a aka glittero: Ya wailich en geltay you don't suffer from this too you freak of nature!

Note: Again some of you ladies might find this subject to be to0 sensitive to discuss so knock yourselves out and comment under the infamous Anonymous!


the tooth.fairy said...


3ala goulat wa7da mn il banat TMI, too much info you have up there my dear ;p

well ok, i don't suffer from those things, and i don't pms, i just crave chocolate, REALLY good chocolate desserts and stuff.

now there is a solution to it, but you would have to do it !

a week before your period you would have to work out, and walk alot, walking helps,and working out a week before your period eases your muscles that cause the cramps lana your arteries eythekhoun huge amounts of blood, and in order to release the cramps you need to excersice them

now, in the week of the period, you have to keep off of greasy food, and drink ALOT of liquids, and WALK alot, yes you heard it WALK alot, this smoothes out the whole process.

and eat lots of fruits.

Good luck with your week missy ;p

Big Pearls said...

emmm I do suffer from PMS but not to your extent..I do nothing about it..sorry I am no use.

Enigma said...

hmm lol! I inflate, but I love it! I can't take off the bra cuz they feel heavy and sore. Sleep on the side and hug a pillow

Glitter said...


7altich sa3ba yawkhayti..

Sadly, my sister does suffer every month, and the doctor told her that once she get married, her hormones will balance and all the pain will go away..

So, my advice to you

G and L said...

i can't wait to hear ur response to glitter.. :D

vogue said...

i DO get pain up there lol.
but not as much as u sound u do.
although i get the WORST.CRAMPS.EVER.
drink milk.
it helps, ALOT.
and salamaatt..

FourMe said...

the thooth.fairy:
ahh I don't care I'm in pain and I'm Pmdd'ing I have every right to put all the info.. you're lucky I didn't add a photo :p

Don't know you but HATE you.. you have to go through the hell of Pms to be a real woman.

Tried the walking but didn't do any good. I'm anti-exercising so that's out of the question.. thank you for the advice :)


big pearls:
oredo 7alaaan :(


they inflate like a hot air balloon! tried sleepin on the side yestreday and I couldn't get any sleep, they were in the way :(


Om Lam3a:

*FourMe runs up to the freak of nature and kicks her in the leg*

7asha kha6aba mo doctor!

Agool mashay 7alich entay wil doctor malich w your advice.. I'd rather be in this pain thn the pain of having an oversized child who says he's a man attached to me for life ..

Viva La Freed0M


g and l:
I tried to reply with a clean version of my original response :D


Eysalmich dear.. for the cramps try Feminax its an English medicine created for period pains mo 6abe3y I can't live without it.

Amethyst said...

I get bloated. I stay up reading all night because I can't sleep. Mako solution I guess;\

Yara said...

B3aaad 3omriiii :( Mo eb kaifhoom those doctors LAZM esawoonlich shay anything that could ease the pain .. its horrible that u go through this monthly...

FourMe said...

Don't get me started on the sleepless nights caused by pms, that's a whole subject by itself.


Thank you hun.. 3ayal sem3ay eshgaly eldoc today:

Me: doc I can't handle this pain any more it's getting out of hand, its disrupting my life!!

Doc: *while prescribing "Painkillers" * I don't know why some girls go through this pain ..

O ras omik meno yadri etha ent matadri ?!?

Yara said...

About ur last post 3an el quraan all i can say is mashallah mashallah Allah ythabtich o yaajrich enshallah :**

Yara said...

Try another doc ... are the painkillers working ?

um-miT3ib said...

ur boobs swell?

that happens???

FourMe said...

Ameen alah yesma3 minich.

I didn't buy them I was too angry that he didn't give me a proper solution so I just came back home.


In my case everything happens.. they Swell - inflate - blow up - bil 3araby I could be easily mistaken for a porn star with their current plumpness !


Hasan.B said...

Do not freak out, not commenting on the subject, but did you get the email? If yes, then your opinion is needed!

FourMe said...

hasan.b: hehehehehe.. yes but I just finished writing my beloved theories.. need time for brain to re-boot.. will deliver opinion soon.

:::ShoSho::: said...

lol I just cannot stop laughing at the 'Oversized child' looooooooooooool

eshda3wa said...

i get immense amount of pain too

warm shower rite before bed
n keep warm

Soul said...

i don't feel pain in that area bas! a9eeeer nesraaa o a39aaaab.

me too ma agdar anam ella on my stomach!

FourMe said...

hehehehe they are s0 oversized kids :p


ham mayfeed :/


I thought you were nesraa by nature :p

Enigma said...

LOL anti-marriage?

Enigma said...

and don't listen to the milk advice, MILK+PMS = HELL

FourMe said...

Anti-marriage, you think ?! loool I need a new word just to describe how I feel about it :p

Not a fan of milk, I see milk drinking as a form of torture.

running.out.of.time said...

exercise or walk around, it eases the pain + always keep your body warm kha9atan ba6nich o your feet( wear socks ) o cuddle up under a blanket + latishribeen ashya' 7amtha o barda + get yourself busy 3ashan matfakreen wayid bil 3awar oo hope ull feel better inshalla ;p

Soul said...

looooool no dear el zeman `3addar! kent barda now law thobana etmor 3end athooni a6ob men el dereesha men el a39aaab.

FourMe said...

Ya I even feel colder during these days..thanx for the tips


lol welcome to my world sweetheart

Missy said...

yuuuuuma! did u see a doc? awal mara asm3 ena e9eer chethee.. I get horrible cramps and I vomit a lot and stay in bed the 1st day bas my boobs stay the same! lol

eat bananas they help tara. aw boil 1 teaspoon cinnamon with tea and drink it.

FourMe said...

Yup many doctors and no solution yet.. don't get me started on the cramps that's totally something else. First 2 days I can't walk.. no kidding 10 steps take me about 5 minutes. ma7ib bananas :/ I'll try the cinnamon thnx dear:)

Anonymous said...

:( e walla ma agdr amb67
w b3d kelshy yt6rg3 feeni :S

p.s shenw y3ni PMS W PMD

FourMe said...


pms= premenstrual syndrome
elsboo3 ely gabil elperiod ely t9eren fy 3a9beya w bas tabeen taklen 7ilo w ashya chethy.

pmdd=premenstrual dysphoric disorder
methil elpms bs ey7osh 8% min el7areem et9eer a3rathaa wayed wayed a93ab min elpms el3ady ..

Ge6awEe said...

LOL ur nut alone :P

i found that cinnamon helps..

FourMe said...

ya I heard will try it .. but does it help to remove the pain in the chest?