Saturday, 12 April 2008

I Wonder..

By now you have gathered that I love my grandmother dearly Alah yer7amha. The thing is she passed away in 1991 and since then every night before I go to sleep agralaha elfat7a. I began khatmat elQuran for her (or however you say it) 2 weeks ago and so far reached the 4th part, as well in my prayers I ask God for her forgiveness. As well I visit her (in the cemetery) when ever I can.

What makes me wonder is that will I have someone that remembers me when I'm gone ? Sooner or later we are all leaving this world. She had sons and daughters and grandchildren that all love her very dearly and most of them do what I'm doing for her.

To be honest I don't think I will get married any time soon so having children who will do this for me is kinda out of the question. So will I be remembered as much as she is ?? Will I have someone eytr7am 3alay when I'm gone? I will never know all I ask from God is that to let anyone to remember me and pray for my forgiveness..

Alah yer7amha w yer7am mawatna ajm3een w yer7mana eb ra7meta..


Big Pearls said...

allah yer7amha..even people who don't have children are remembered..I believe it all depends on what you've done and how good you were to other ppl.

jesterat314 said...

Allh yer7amha inshala...
a very touching post...

Grey said...

May God rest Her in peace,

If you are good while you are here, defenetly people will remember you. So the key is " be good , do good '

FourMe said...

big pearls:
I believe that to be true but still they wouldn't remember you like your own family would.


Thank you.


If I do more good than I'm doing now then I would have to be dubbed as a saint :/

:::ShoSho::: said...

It's strange i get these feelings sometimes.. like will anyone care about my funeral.. or will they visit me in bilmagbra? madri..
Yeah people do remember people depending on what they do but also true that it's not like family..

Very touching post allah yir7amha.. I get days when I start crying about a couple of people in my family who died,, sometimes I feel OMG are they really gone? SOmetimes I REALLY want them here :(

:::ShoSho::: said...

crying for I meant..

Ms. D said...

allah yer7m eljmee3 eb ra7meta elwas3a

ana ham afaker nafs eltafker.. and i kinda know that i wont get married la bilsoon waalaa near future.. fa madre min elly besawe ley mn flosy waqf.. and who will pray ib janazty :< i dont wanna b lonely denya wakhra.. :<

Soul said...

heeeeeeey ya om raaaas! don't talk like that plz! :/

Missy said...

Allah yer7mha inshallah. Methil matsween leha, enshallah eswoonlich. *b3d 3umrn 6weeel inshallah*

I stopped reading elfat7a 3ala my grandpa. Cuz whenever I do, I see him sitting on my couch!! It's freaky. Wallah!! lol

Shoush said...

Ba3ad 3omor 6weel inshala, am sure there will be ppl who'll do the same to u. And Allah yr7am jamee3 mawtana inshala.

FourMe said...

I dunno why I tend to think about stuff like this. I guess I'm afraid from the unknown.

ahh the crying bit is the hardest, I remember my granny in the oddest times and start tearing up without noticing .


Ameen.. Inshala btakhtheen n9eebich and you won't be lonely don't worry about that.


Why? It will happen one day whether we like it or not and I just wonder about things like that :/


Inshala I hope so.
Wow now that is weird bs 7araam continue reading it for him. and t3wthay min eblees sometimes our imagination plays tricks on us.


Ameen.. inshalaa alah yesma3 minich.

Anonymous said...

Allay yer7am ur granny o omat mu7amad ajam3een

you never know (: ... maybe u're in someone's prayer or heart without you knowing .

i have alot of ppl i pray for, remember, or do good stuff for them without them knowing ..

ppl i used to know, ppl i knew for a very short period of time but they really touched my life, old friends that im not in contact with anymore .. whether they were relatives or no

i dont know whether they're still alive or allah khatha amanta .

but they're always in my mind .. and if i knew they passed away .. i would go read qur'an on their grave!

and i always pray ena allah yejma3na bel janna etha majtema3na bel denya :)

Amethyst said...

Allah yer7amha, and inshallah you will have a person who does for you exactly what you're doing for her:)

..::Amu::.. said...

Allah yer7ama

FourMe said...

Ameeen.. maybe everything is possible.

I do the same, there is this one girl specifically agralaha elfat7a everyday, I didn't know her she was a friend of a friend (died at 23) and we never even spoke but I used to always see her around and she used to always give me bad looks bs when I heard she passed away, from 2 years ago till now I remember her every day.


I really hope so.