Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hammer & Nails

For the past 3 days I've been getting my beloved migraines Non-Stop. I'm taking my medication and it works just enough to let me catch some shut eye, apart from that I'm continuously suffering from it all day and night long. Imagine having a constant nagging pain like someone hammering nails in your head for 72 hours NON-STOP! What would you do??

You know what after 14 years of migraines I am finally fed up!! Estaghfir alaah bs jad enough is enough ya3ni till when exactly am I going to suffer from these headaches, I become sensitive towards light, noise, people talking, everything around me makes the pain escalate and become worse and worse. I snap if anyone talks to me and just scream. Sheno ya3nii every damn doctor says 'migraines are incurable' !! You can permanently cure cancer but you can't cure migraines?! Give me a damn break!

I hate taking this medicine because it sedates me mildly (but I love it because it's the only one that makes the pain more tolerable and sometimes disappear) but not this time, this one is just as stubborn as I am.

I'm fucking drained . . . . .

Note: Again the medicine is called Norgesic for those of you who need it.


Amethyst said...

Ma etshoufeen shar;(

I really don't know how you've been tolerating this!

eshda3wa said...

salaamtich sweetheart :**

Ge6awEe said...

salamaat.. bas y dnt u go see a doc?

Ahmed© said...

i have migraines+asthma+insomnia for 19 years, bs il 7imdillah 3la kil 7al

Anonymous said...

matshofeen shar ;(

i hope they find something soon!

el9ora ebro7ha et3awer ;/

Big Pearls said...

allah ye3enech..migraines are really hard to live with.

..::Amu::.. said...

Mat shoofeen shar!!1 get well soon hun...

FourMe said...

WoHoOOoOOo After 3 days of torture it gave up and went :D el7amdila el7amdilaa el7amdilaa .. I feel normal now :)

FourMe said...

Shar mayeech sweetie thank you.
I guess after living with it for over half my age gha9ban 3alay I get used to it :/


Eysalmich hun thanx :*


thank you dear, I did over and over and over and did multiple MRI scans and checks bs mako fayda they all say its Migraines, and migraines ma lehom 7al.


hey we have stuff in common I'm a semi insomniac as well, and been like that since about 7 years old :) alf el7amdilaa ham shay a7sen min shay .. I don't know what you take for your migraines but try that medicine its really good. Out of curiosity what meds do you take for it?


Shar mayeech my lovely anonymous, I don't think they will they, its one of those things that they can't control.

I swear that's how I felt for three days :/


big pearls:
Ameen, they are horrible simply horrible..


Shar mayeek thanx mate..

OutOfReach said...

allah y3eenech i know how you feel my sister has it and she is just like you so sensitive towards light and noise and even us talking sometimes i dont know what is she taking but i dont think its the same medicine i'll ask her anyway ma tshofeen shar

Anonymous said...

il7emdellah ur feeling better now ;D

FourMe said...

Shar mayeech thanx hun.. alah y3enha its a horrible illness. I know there are so many things that make it worse even the weather affects it if its extra hot or cold it becomes worse.


alf el7amdila :)

shoosha said...

ma itshofeen shar. i have those min wakt lai wakt where 9ij it7eseen inna hammer is on ur head but i found out that it was because my BP dropped faj2a.. try a bit of salt next time

FourMe said...

I eat toooo0o much salt, before tasting food I add salt :/

:::ShoSho::: said...

I used to suffer from alot of headaches.. it's better now but Migranes, no.. Alla ey3eenich..

FourMe said...

Thank you sweety :*
I know they are hell :/

Soul said...

B feeh migraines! yakser el 5a6er e3yoona etdame3 broo7ha o men el 3awar ey6eg rasa bel 6oofaa literaly! and always stays in the dark! allah yashfeekom both i know it's hell :/

my mom uses Norgesic for her knee pains! it makes her feel better.

FourMe said...

meno B? I used to reach that point 6 or 7 years go min elalaam.. I used to go to hospitals to get injections o ham mako fayda.. bs el7amdila I haven't reached that in a long time.

Ya its an analgesic muscle relaxant, releases the tension in muscles all over the body, the doc was shocked that it worked for my migraines he said he never heard it helps and since I told so many people about it and it has helped them a lot.

So basically I found a temporary cure for migraines :P Yaaay for me :D

Once they gave me about 3 types of medications I took them for one day, till this day I don't remember what happened to me or what I did that day :/

Soul said...

allah eyshafeech inshallah :/ o etha mako cure 3al aqal eygel el 3awar ey9eer 9oda3 3adi! :**

ay B? 3an sheno ga3da etekalemain? ;p

G.E&B said...

Have you tried any migraine diets? I have a friend on one and she says its helped tremendously.

FourMe said...

I tend to keep away from all the things that cause a migraine certain smells and food. still I get them :/